So as we are in a pretty wild market situation, with the current bear trend, thats going on what ive been talking about is using this time to research new projects and to develop our skills. So in the idea of researching new projects today, i have a very exciting opportunity. This is within a game that already has over a million downloads by a game developer that is well known in the mobile gaming industry, and they have recently started to integrate cryptocurrency into their games to create a play to earn environment. Now, with that said, before we jump into the video, if you dont know me already my names connor and i am not a financial advisor im, just a guy sitting in his room talking about cryptocurrency. So if you do like that sort of thing smash, the like button hit the subscribe button and just before we jump into this video, i want to give a huge shout out to netmarble for sponsoring this video and lets not waste any more time and jump straight Into it, so a3 still alive is an mmorpg that have recently integrated their own cryptocurrency, giving players the opportunity to earn while playing the game developed by netmarble, one of the largest gaming publishers. A3 still alive has over a million downloads already now within the game. It is already estimated that you can make between 40 and 180 per day just by simply playing this game and you earn their in game.

Currency. Interior now interim is a utility token on mbx and will be introduced into many more of net marbles games. So you can imagine this game alone has over a million downloads and this token will be used in a bunch of different games. Now lets jump over to the marblex website, so we can learn a little bit more about this mbx token. So what is marblex rbex is a playground filled with great games that everyone can enjoy from casual titles to expansive rpgs. The perfect game is waiting for you and you can come join them using the links down there. In my description, what we do love to see with a project like this is an in depth white paper and thats very much what they have here. If you guys want to learn in depth exactly what this token is about. Obviously, these videos should be taken as your very first step in your research process, now to break down some of the most important things from the white paper. First of all, we have their overall plan here and how the blockchain and game are mutually complementary. So if we head down to this paragraph here, we can see the mbx provides users with the opportunity to experience optimal blockchain based game ecosystem by connecting a private chain created for each game to a bridge chain. Users can experience high transactions per second and low fees in a privately created, blockchain ecosystem and feel excitement, while conveniently using various game genres within an integrated ecosystem.

So one ecosystem with different chains within the ecosystem for each individual games so think the mbx ecosystem and for the example of a3 still alive. We have the interim token, which will be based on the chain within the game, keeping them separate, but also making it easy and fast to transact between the two. So you can take in game currency and convert that into real world money. Now another interesting part of the mbx ecosystem is the fee structure, so the great distinction of the mbx ecosystem with other ecosystems is the burning fees by burning 50 percent of the fees generated from the blockchain services. The token value is preserved, the remaining 50 of the fees is generated from transactions are reserved in the growth fund. Every use of the gross fund will be presumed to vitalize ecosystems for the long term and expected use includes offering incentives to strategic partners and ecosystem participants for activating ecosystems. So theyre going to be using the fees that are generated by transactions within the mdx ecosystem. To further promote and generate more income in the future for the ecosystem, so its a self preservation mechanism and these transaction fees are the same as what you see on ethereum, b and v chain and all the other ecosystems out there. So, like i said there is a lot of information here on the white paper. So what i suggest you do, is you head down to the description you download the white paper itself? You read it cover to cover and see whether or not this is the kind of thing that you want to get involved in yourself from there.

You can head back to the website, which is exactly what were going to do now. Scrolling down. We can. We can see here the games that mvx is currently used in, which is a3 still alive, which were talking about now. They have another title, thats already live and a few other titles that are going live soon and if we do scroll down further, we can see the nbx road map here. First of all, we had the launch of the mbx token, the mbx token, with the clay swap service going, live on a3 still alive, going live on their second game and then looking further into the future. They want the mbx explorer service, so you can see whats happening within the mbx ecosystem. Weve got the nft and staking we got monster arena, which is another game. They got an updated launch of their decentralized exchange and a bunch more games coming very soon and we can check out their partners here with a long list of different people involved within this platform. And you also have the marblex wallet which we will be going through. Later on in this video, but here you can play and store your crypto directly in your own wallet and the future of marvel x. Of course, they will be integrating nfts as well and if you do want to go and join the community, all of the links are going to be down there. In my description now, recently, nbx was actually listed on a korean centralized exchange and after this news the coin itself rose over 150.

So if netmarble continues to integrate mbx into their games, it is highly likely that this coin could potentially be listed on some more centralized exchange in the future. So its definitely a coin that you want to put onto your radars. So if all of that said, lets jump in and learn a little bit more about a3 still alive, which is the game that now has the play to earn aspect. So, first of all, you can download this app on your pc, your iphone or any android, and you can start playing to earn, which is obviously what we all want, especially in these market conditions. Right now, so, while a3 still alive is an immersive fantasy world of swords and sorcery is now connected to the real world. With its blockchain update, you can earn from adventuring through the game and collecting the interior or now, as we said earlier, interim is the utility token on netmarbles own cryptocurrency mbx. So, by heading into the interim dungeon available at level 190, you can collect the interior or that you can exchange or in game items or features which allow you to cash out in real life. This is coming soon, so this is the exact process on how you earn within a3 still alive. So you enter the interim dungeon. You collect the interior all by killing the interior monsters, so the more monsters you kill, the more all you can collect. You can then refine that all into interior, which is a gold like substance, then you can swap that interior through the mbx wallet to cash out of the game and make yourself some real cold hard cash.

So lets now go through the process of making an mbx wallet so were gon na head over to the app store here were gon na type in marblex wallet. Well, get that now press open! Here we have the marblex wallet. You can see its very nicely designed here then were going to go through and make ourselves an account and, as you can see here, you have yourself a nickname and your marblex wallet address, and here you can see your different assets that you hold marvel x. Marbex, link and clayton remember marvel x is built on the clayton network and, as you can see here at the bottom under game tokens we can see interim. So you can send your interim tokens directly from a3 still alive to your wallet and then you can trade in this app directly for the mbx token, which you can then send to your centralized exchange and you can trade into any stablecoin or any other cryptocurrency that You like so, if you do want to start playing a3 still alive right now and start earning some of that cash. There is an expected return of around 500 on the money invested into this game. So as we speak right now, they have a discount on their interim express and that will cost you just 8.99 with a normal price of 27. So thats a 70 discount happening right now, and they also have events where you can win yourself. Some clay tokens so thats the overarching ecosystem where mbx is built on, so you can win yourself some tokens and you can get an express pass, so you can start earning a thousand percent faster than if you were just playing the game from scratch.

So now i hope you do understand a little bit more about a3 still alive and the marblex ecosystem. If you do want to learn more, i do highly suggest that you head down there to my description and you follow all of the links you can join their social medias check them out on discord for their recent announcements and if you do have any questions that You want me to directly ask the team: let me know down in the comment section, and maybe i can get one of the team members on this channel in the future. Now i do hope that i provide you with some value today.