Yesterday, as we followed, the crash on bitcoin and cryptos lets take a look at the aftermath of what has happened over the last 18 to 24 hours for cryptocurrencies. Now in this video i want to have a look at the bottoms. Where were looking for the bottoms? How much further do we have to go and answer that question with some maths so make sure youve smashed up the like button new all time high? Thank you for your support on the channel and, of course, subscribing to the channel uh, so you can be updated with the cryptocurrency news and charts and not getting screwed by the hopium out there. This is your opium free, crypto and real estate cycles. Channel. Do that right now, okay, lets crack on with the video fear and greed. Obviously, at some of the lowest levels in history of this index, the lowest reading was five back in august of 2019. If we throw on the max here, we can see just where that came in so its back here on this date, and we are now sitting at sixes, so we havent had sixes in some time. This is pretty much the lowest area that the markets ever been in for the fear and greed index and, of course, the best times to be buying are when the markets are extremely fearful. And, of course, that doesnt mean that you were going to get the exact bottom, but it is far far far better than buying when everyone is in a greed zone, extreme greed or even in a neutral feeling.

These extreme times are the best. And yes, there can be further downside because were looking at mega multiples to the upside, so we have to be ready to to stomach a 50 loss from some of these prices, because the upside can be five times eight times 12 times what were purchasing the price. Now and like we saw with the previous cycle for bitcoin, that was just over a 20 x from the extreme fear that happened in 2018 2020 and then we got those multiples up to the 69 000 high. Now a quick shout out to todays video sponsor, yes, its, a great sponsor of the channel. This is buy bit if you guys want to get a new exchange and spread your risk across different exchanges. If you plan to be trading, crypto currencies then check out buybit. You get up to 4 100 of sign up bonuses using that link down below and if you do want to trade on leverage make sure you are experienced trader have some stops in play, have a plan that you have tested and that you are confident in now. You can trade spots, so this is open to anyone that is trading buying and investing in cryptocurrencies links in the video description will give you those sign up bonuses, so check those out now over to stable coins, because we have quite a lot of numbers to do Here, im going to get through all of this, looking at a 30 loss on the total cryptocurrency market caps and were taking into account here, bitcoin, eth, stables and, of course, altcoin.

So, looking at the entire market cap, stable coins are sitting at about 155 billion. They really havent dropped in terms of a total market cap. While the market has been falling, you know were sitting around 180 and then its slowly falling while people have been taking profits out into fiat. You know these things occur, im sure youve been taking some some money out into fiat. At least i hope uh, because you just dont know whats going to happen with stable coins. We dont know whats going to happen with these lending platforms and, of course, your exchange as well, which is why i like to spread my risk across different exchanges. Exchanges that have been around through bear markets are usually a good sign as well total market cap about 100 850 billion. But if we take a look at the chart, the current price is 804, so coin gecko gives us just a slightly different figure here, but im going to use my charts use the 800 and 4 billion over here total market caps now were doing all this. To figure out the bottom, the bottom zone for bitcoin eth altcoins bitcoin, is about 353 billion so for the round numbers ill use about a 360 billion each about 116. So about 120 and youll see that in just a moment, why? Just to make some numbers easier to give us that that bottom, that were looking for here, an interesting fact about the total market caps, half of the total crypto market cap, excluding bitcoin and ethereum, is in stable coins.

So we know that the total market cap three is about 330 odd billion. At the moment we saw the low in at 320 and if we take this reading for all the stable coins about 155 thats about half the amount is in stables while the other half is in altcoins, and so as this market continues to fall in value. So the total three, which is all of the altcoins, including the stables but not including bitcoin and eth. Then we will probably expect that the majority of the money is going to flow out of old coins, which is why we talk here on the channel. Regular viewers know that we dont like old coins in bear markets. I dont think there are any chosen ones in the altcoin market, not cardano, not solana, not avax, nothing, none of them are chosen ones and if youre looking for something to be the next big greatest thing, id probably go with something that is proven and stable and Makes profits and is boring, like binance in terms of the coin im not saying that you have to go and trade on there, but in terms of the coin, its actually holding up and doing relatively well against its btc value, its eth value. I mean, of course the us dollar is down, but in terms of those its holding up relatively well, and that would then be one of the major alt coins that would then hold up this particular reading here, which is at a total of 320 billion.

So the overall market caps, 800 billion total three uh 330 billion bitcoin – is down now, so the aftermath were now sitting at about 18, 000 or so dollars. If i take this off here, we can see were at 18, 500 call it 600 and the low came in at 17, 567, so basically, 17 and a half thousand is the current low for the bitcoin price and on the weekly chart, its not looking too bad. Weve got extreme volume here. Obviously we had extreme volume in in may as well, and the market has broken down from that point because we did not get any bounce thats the confirming factor here. The bounce was terribly weak and thats that weekly bounce just there. That was a tiny, green bar up with a very low close. The confirmation was not there for a strong, long position to break to take us to 34k and break above 34k just wasnt there, and you can see that in the chart thats what we talked about, but now were getting some good volume again come through. We need to see a low in place and then obviously a good bounce to hold us above some resistance levels so to the downside, some of these bottom areas that im looking at, which then go in to the cryptocurrency market caps to look for these lows were Going to add this all together, looking at about 16 lets, move this over 16 200 and 12 500.

These are just some levels. Looking back on the chart, looking back in history where the market has found some support or some resistance, and now we potentially look for the support at those levels, so percentage wise from our current price to that next level, at about 16k, 13 percent. To that next low is about 33 percent. So if we look somewhere in the middle about that 25, im looking at about that 14k, which are those previous highs so anywhere in this, this sort of zone here between the 12 and the 16 gives us a nice move down of about 25. As for eth its sitting at 970, after last night, it went to 880 dollars eth to the downside, can take on probably somewhere as low as the 400s maybe lower, but lets just leave it at the 400s before people really start to themselves and we go between 500 and this level here of about 800, now ive got this little zone picked out and ive talked about that many many times. The reason being is this was the zone here in november and for bitcoin it was october. Uh altcoins had it just a little bit later, its basically the zone after the market broke out of the accumulation. You had the little breakout here, the retest of the highs, and then it really didnt come back and test any more price ranges from this zone. So thats, why im eyeing that zone off as a potential support for eth for bitcoin uh for altcoins coming back to those prices prior to the breakouts to to test those price zones? We need to test that structure to see if there is support at those prices.

Weve broken down past the 200 weekly moving average, and we know in the past eth has done that plenty of times. I just did a rough guide here of the breakdown and i suspect, its probably from this bar here or november 2018. We dont have the 200 weeks of data there to do it, but you can sort of see thats where the market would have probably tracked and uh the time frame for the market to come out and break past. It was 87 weeks, so it stayed under this zone with a couple of minor breakouts lasting anywhere from about seven or so weeks to a couple of weeks above that 200 week overall about 87 weeks, so just short of two years under this 200 week, moving average. So if eth does it and stays under here, its probably not going to come above the 200 weekly moving average for for a period of time, and we have to wait for bitcoin to also break above that so for eth. I think theres plenty of time to be dollar cost averaging into this. A 90 drop would take it down to about that 500 level. So this is our green zone, uh the measuring tool right here and then into this zone about that 560 bucks or you know, half price from where we currently are about the 500 550. You know thats going to be your roughly 87 or 86 percent from the all time high, so these are some of the numbers that were trying to bring into play here for a low, which is why im not buying all of my ether, all of my bitcoin At these levels, but i am chipping away at it because i think that they are, i think the value is here for adding to my longer term, portfolios were under some significant levels, with some volume coming in and of course, i can always be wrong, and these Levels dont come in because a lot of people are looking at these levels, so that doesnt necessarily mean they have to be there, which is why we start to chip away at it and if they get to those levels, then we go in a lot heavier.

So eth to those lower prices, potentially we need to have some targets here, and these targets start to also come together on the total cryptocurrency market cap. If we measure down from this level down to the top. So this is that zone again around the december, because the altcoins took off a little later thats only about 40 down. So if we go to the top of this little zone here, thats about 52 down, so throw it on log, so you can see a little better thats where it is there. So now that we have all of these prices, where the bitcoin ethe altcoins are currently sitting, how much is in stable coins? How much comes off stable coins, which weve seen in the past hasnt been that much and how much further down can each of these cryptos go? We can go back to our figures here, which you saw earlier in the video and just understand what it is that im doing here, rather than just sort of take this at face value and see where the maths is coming from here. So bitcoin down about that 25 percent, the current market cap we saw was about 360. im im rounding it up uh, so 20 25. A quarter of 360 is 90 billion 270 thats, where bitcoins going. If we break down about 25 percent – and that would then give us a price of roughly which we can see here – uh in at about the 13 or 14 000 13 and a half to 14 thousand dollars, okay, so thats, why we have this price here? Eth? Could easily do another 50 off? It unfortunately, is just much weaker.

The market cap is uh, 120 billion, so half of that 60 stables probably going to sit somewhere similar about that 150. weve been tracking them. We saw there at 160 a few weeks ago and now theyre only at 155, so not much is coming out of stables at the moment that can change so the total for all of these, if ive done my maths right, 330 and 150 is 480. current alt Market cap is at 160 billion because were minusing, the uh stable coins, so roughly speaking, we are total 3 330 take give or take a little. There were looking at 150 of that im, giving a round number here about 160 and then taking 50 off that so thats about 80 billion, and i think all coins could probably do a lot more. But lets go with this for 50 off. That gives us a alt of 80 billion. So if we add these two together 480 and the 80 billion left in alt coins not including stable coins, because weve already included stable coins here, alts stable coins 560 is about thirty percent. Down from where we currently are. So thats how we get to that and its not thirty percent on bitcoin thirty percent. On e thirty percent on alts, you can see that its more heavily weighted to a bigger drop on eth, a bigger drop on alts and a smaller drop on bitcoin. But bitcoin is, of course, the larger of the market caps, so we lose 30 percent right there down to 560.

. How does that line up with our support and resistance zones, because thats the most important weve seen that work time and time again, 30 down brings us out to about the 550 560 zone, which is this little zone right here? That im waiting for because i think its a great area as well doesnt mean it has to happen, but a lot of people will be looking at these tops here. You can see this top here at about ‘0 billion. Call it 400 billion as a round number for the total market cap, and maybe it just doesnt get to 400 billion, and people start buying up just that little bit sooner for the total market caps, its the bitcoin the eats, and then my music money going to. Maybe binance and into the stable coins, so that starts to hold the market up just that little bit higher, but either way were never going to buy. The bottom were never going to sell the exact top. If we can start to chip away heavier into those zones, then that sets us up for the next bull market. This is where the cryptocurrency millionaires are made, like they say at the lower prices, not at the high prices theyre made further down here for the mages and then for altcoins thats. Another game on its own ill. Look to be playing that on the momentum trades out of the loads, because we just do not know for all coins and you could almost throw ethan bitcoin into that basket as well.

What happens if they dont? We have to have the the outlook that bitcoin and eth will make it if you are to take on this particular theory and look to buy cryptos as they start to enter these lower oversold zones. So thats the aftermath of the crash last night and as im filming this, this market is coming down to test that 800 billion level again the lows at 760 billion and, of course, the further we go down the closer we get towards this little target zone. Here of of november, back between around the 400 and 600 billion dollar total market cap, make sure you guys have liked and subscribed to the channel stay up to date with the crypto information here on the channel and, of course, check out the links to buy bit 4, 100 of sign up bonuses spread your risk out when it comes to your trading and investing dont hold everything on exchanges, dont hold everything on those interest, earning apps and, of course, join us tomorrow morning, monday live streaming with our members t i a light and Premium links are in the video description, 100 bucks off tia premium. That special is going on with the bitcoin crash 100 coupon code check them out ill, see you guys at the next video or potentially on another mega marathon live stream. Like we had last night. Nearly six hours there so make sure you have subscribed and hit that notification bell icon check out the videos that are popping up now and ill see you guys at the next video.