This is daryl from daily crypto trade. Students coming to you live live from vietnam, guys when were seeing the markets are not doing too good overall for when it comes to crypto, but right now we can see that the u.s markets are actually positive. Slightly positive right now and you know we can see that nasdaq is up about one percent and i guess you know i had no choice but to go up after yesterdays slaughter in the household slaughter time for the uh, broader markets just say: the stonks tackity tank Tank and uh, you know, but were seeing that you know the dow jones s. P 500 is basically flat right now, so its anybodys guess anybodys guess where this can go right now and were going to talk about. We got another another huge crypto finance company. That is having liquidity problems and have also stopped all withdrawals guys. So this is not good news, guys actually not good news. We got three arrows capital who have gone out of business, basically theyre out of there, and we got another crypto lender, crypto finance company. That also has gone down. Dddd down also were going to talk about. The sec looks like sec is going after celsius. Theyve been called to talk to the man out there. So you know gary geisler is like once it wants to know what the heck is going on and its you know its a big kicking nuts for crypto world and whats, going on with all these uh lenders are going bankrupt because they just were unable to manage Their risk guys so shame on them, shame on them, but the people who getting hurt the most out there.

Is you and me joe nancy public and you know, and were just getting getting hammered by these big companies that uh you know when when times are good, its okay uh, but when times go down, they just didnt, implement any risk management and were seeing ourselves getting Getting you know, kind of screwed and screwed right now by these big companies guys. So you know its a big big bushman a day for the average joe out there and were seeing the btc right now is down one point: seven, eight percent at time of recording guys at time of recording were seeing. Ethereum is down as well still, but we could get a reversal were seeing b and b and xrp and uh event is up so hopefully by the time youre watching this, hopefully, hopefully, by the time youre watching this, we are going to see a huge reversal coming In guys, so right now for the fear and greed, if youre in greece still is at nine guys nah, i need 89 and we havent seen a nine nine uh in such a very long time, but at least were not at seven guys. So you know i mean: could this go negative? Could this number go negative? Who knows guys its a crazy, crazy time and crypto is absolutely crappy lulu out there, so crypto lender heard this. The big big news in house crypto, lender babel finance, holds withdrawals due to liquidity pressures, guys so basically the same old story as a celsius out there i mean come on come on, come on, come on.

What are you guys doing out there? Why you dont have risk management out there, and why are you doing this guys? We all know that uh crypto is cyclical, it goes up, it goes down and if you had half a brain cell you would know that and you would, you know, make sure that you have enough liquidity to cover everybodys, uh coinage out there. So you know theyre having liquidity issues, so you know basically babel finance, officially announced june 17th, a temporary suspension of redemptions withdrawals of its products, citing unusually unusual liquidy pressures. So that is why i keep telling you peeps peeps: wake up out there, wake up, stop being idiots out there and remember you do not own your crypto unless you own the private keys, so wake up guys, absolutely wake up guys, and you know if youre holding Bitcoin dose coin other crypto get it on a software wallet. I mean theres tons of software wallets out there, theres metamask theres a trust wallet, theres exodus. Mycelium. You know exodus is really good because you can have a um exodus on your mobile phone and on your pc and their link. Guys, if you do not own the the recovery keys, the you know 12 or 24. Like a phrase key, then you dont control your cryptos guys so its so easy. You dont even have to buy a hardware wallet. You absolutely dont have to do that. You can use exodus.

You can use trust you can use any of these software wallets and its free guys free free, free free. But if you you know, if you guys want to be extremely safe out there, what you can do is get a hardware wallet. You know i use tracer. I also lose use ledger. I like tracer its a little bit easier. Uh ledger can be a little bit hokey bulky, funky funky out there, so guys stop it stop and stop it because you know this is not gon na. This is just the beginning. This is just the beginning, and you know you know lets just wait guys remember. These are being big lender platforms like a babel uh, you know celsius, but you know it. You know we could be getting close to a huge uh. Crypto exchange centralized exchange going down down down and when they go down like the titanic, theyre taking your crypto with a guy so secure your crypto cryptos a jungle out there. You guys know that ive been ive been ive, been saying that for over a year arent you listening, are you not listening? Do you need to have your hearing checked or what out there guys come on come on? You know – and you only have yourself to blame because im telling you what you should do and how you can protect your crypto author. So we can see here that uh bitmex, durbin and ftx liquidate three arrows capital, guys so three hours capital is out of there.

They got liquidated, you know all their positions are fdx. Derby and bitmex have liquidated three hours capitals, positions sources, tell the block three arrows, always bit mex around six million dollars, ouch ouch i mean and and and you know its just insane guys. So you know, like i said earlier, you know they put like half a bill: half a billion with a b with a boo boo b out there and they bought luna just before it collapsed. And then you know uh the the huge criminal dont going out there. He taggety tank tank luna and basically, what they did is like i said in previous video, then uh. You know three, you know three arrows capital uh. They had to go and do revenge trading which didnt work out for them because they started revenge, training and guess what the market turned down. The market turned down guys, so they went all nuts and leveraged the crap out of this and that and guess what happened. Theyre out of there guys theyre out of there, so you know a lot of companies that i had invested in them, theyre also holding a whole bag of nothing pooh, bushman time out there guys. So you know what thats all about so it looks like celsius is in talk with sec about withdrawal freeze as investigations get underway, guys wow. So it looks like gary gensler in the house is asking the questions. What the heck is going on celsius networks in communication with uh, you know sec.

You know not gary gargassel in the house and the four states: a joint texas investigation into companies following its decision to suspender, suspend customer redemption and thats your money, guys uh, and you know we could be losing it all guys. We could be losing it all, and you know this is the whole infamous the infamous uh. You know tweet from the june 13th that they say uh celsius, network pausing, oh withdrawal, swaps, guys this is not good. This is not good, so weve got weve got uh. Three three arrows capital. We got celsius, we got babel. What is going on out there guys it is a nutsoid nut. Zoe, not sorry can i say that thats right out there and guys you got ta secure your crypto, guys, im telling you right now guys and gals secure your crypto do with now. If you dont do it and you and you know, an exchange that you have your crypto and goes down, you only have yourself to blame, because you know software wallets that have you know your private keys are free, free, free, free cost to zero? I mean check out exodus, its really cool check out. Uh trust, uh, trustworthy exodus is cool because its easy guys, its really good for beginners. You can install it on your mobile phone and install it on your um pc, and these bad boys are sync guys. So its easy, easy, peasy drop it easy guys so get it hey some good new good positive news looks like sheep doge btc, now accepted by major european low cost airline guys so thats pretty good, and this is in in conjunction with the bitpay out there.

So it looks like crypto payments implementation by a major low cost, uh airline called ruling, which is uh. I believe this is out of uh. Let me see its out of spain guys its uh, basically out of spain guys, so that is. That is a pretty good news for crypto, but you know everything is being overshadowed because everythings going down hey, looks like edward snowden uh. It looks like the uk has decided to extradite edward snowden back to the us and he could be facing like 175 to five years behind the bars guys wow. This guy must be in zoho out there guys whoa uh. So this is not good news for the snowden out there, so it looks like dogecoin founder out there. Dogecoin co, founder, billy marcus, has urged the crypto community to collectively learn from the mistakes of celsius uh and the three hours capital and luna and guys hes right. You guys have to learn one dont leverage, trade. If youre a newbie and youre leveraged trade, you deserve to lose your money, dont cry, uh and because you know even experienced traders, you know only like five to ten percent of people who are leveraging actually make money in this business guys, you know just buy the Coins hold dollar cost average and wait for life challenging wealth, and you remember you know: youre gon na have diversification, you know 50 bitcoin, 25, ethereum and 25 and in the big caps and mid caps, now right now with the markets.

The way they are. You know what ill be saying is like you know, you know load up on bitcoin. You know 50, 60, 75, bitcoin, 25 ethereum, because theres no telling you know all coins are getting getting hammered hammered. I mean a lot of these old coins. Theyre not going to be around much longer theyre going to be disappearing, guys so thats. Why you want to stay in the top projects. Guys remember. The dojo wars has been around since 2013, so its not gon na disappear so guys and what what he said is assuming we have a new bull run after this crypto winter, crypto winter uh could be good. Could we all collectively learn from the failings of these things, so you guys have to learn guys uh. You know dont, invest in algorithmic poo poo coins out there. You know its its. You know its proven beyond a shadow of a doubting down that uh. You know. Algorithmic, stable coins are crap out there, so dont do that to big kick in the balls guys. So it looks like a breaking news. 75 of all u.s retailers will accept bitcoin and crypto in two years says deloitte guys. So that puts us in that puts us in 2025 guys. So that is that is some. You know fantastic, so thats. Why? What youre going to be doing is not, you should be panicking, just be holding guys so thats why you should never invest more than youre willing to lose, because if you do that, youre going to be crying like a baby, so right now were seeing that you Know bitcoin is just kind of going sideways right now, its at 20 830.

I believe that the support level is at twenty one thousand and thirty uh, but you know you know in fact uh. You know this could be also a support level. Its so gingerly close, and you know worst case scenario for me in terms of bitcoins – could be like 19 632.. So if the, if this level does not hold hold hold hold, then we could drop down to 19632 ive told you that many times uh, you can see that the bitcoin needs to get above the 200 week moving average. If he doesnt do that uh. You know its not going to be good for uh bitcoin, but weve seen every time that bitcoin does drop below the 200 week moving average. We often have a reversal to the uppity upside, so we saw that with the coronado here we saw that way back uh in 2015., so guys its not not too bad of a place. We saw in 2019 as well. So you know this could be. The reversal. Are we going to reverse the upside? I mean history has told us. Yes, we do. If we drop down below the 200 week, moving average were often going to see a reversal coming to the upside. Could it be a v shape recovery? Well, this looks like a pretty much a v shaped recovery at the coronado, so guys and gauss. It is what it is. We could see a little bit more bleeding out.

I mean from my perspective. We could see ourselves going as low as 14 000 loads in the house, guys so buckle up, buckle up hey. If we go down at 5 000.. I dont care because im holding 2025 im going to load up like a madman, guys so thats. What im going to be doing thats what you should be doing? This is not financial advice. Guys, it looks like ada is. Holding strong 80 is holding like a darling right now, its at almost that its at 49 cents, and we could be seeing that 88 is very strong and at 45 cents support level is holding like crazy guys right now, for the price of nose going were seeing Dose coins at uh, you know five and a half cents right now: five and a half so five zero five seven zero in case youre asking were seeing a little bit of green is greenish out there, so that is pretty good out there. Bitcoin diamonds is uh. Coming down so thats what thats a good positive sign, thats going to be definitely uh, get some more liquidity, moving out of a bitcoin moving into the altcoins so youre. Seeing that a lot of the liquidity is moving out of the old the bitcoin into the old coins, but only only in the top 10 20 projects guys so people have given up on. Like the you know, one thousand two thousand published amount of coin out there.

So just be careful like that guys and guys dont dont be investing in anything. That is, is a high risk. I stay out of high risk stay in the top 10 20 of the cryptocurrencies right now, its a good buying opportunity and were seeing the diy xy is too strong for my liking and thats, not helping with the cryptocurrency thats, not helping with bitcoin. Let me give this a minty refresh, because this is a hokey pokey, hokey pokey guys so were seeing that the you know its friday, so were gon na see a little bit of uh. You know options expiration, so we could see some volatility but looks like the leverage. Apes are kind of like quiet right now and were seeing 168 a million uh been wrecked. Thats 65 000 traders out there and if you take a look at the 24 hour, time frame were seeing mainly uh. Basically uh, bitcoin and ethereum are taking the center stage and uh. If you take a look at on the hourly its its kind of 50 50 guys, so hopefully, hopefully we get bitcoin well. Take some reversal lets take a look at the heat map, so you know bitcoin could come back. Good. Good reverse back depends on the us markets. U.S markets, i mean the nasdaq is coming up. Uh, pretty good uh. The dow jones is still iffy iffy right now. So from that perspective, so hopefully, by the time you watch this – that well see some more greenish uh.

For crypto, some more greenish overall guys, so from that perspective, yeah, brother and sisters and uh were seeing that uh, you know, ethereum is at ten thousand and ten thousand hello g, one thousand and ninety two out there. So hopefully, hopefully uh, you know we can get a reversal uh. You know worst case. I think that my bottom is about eight hundred dollars. Eight hundred and nineteen dollars so keep an eye on that guys. Absolutely keep an eye on that lets. Take a look at total market cap cap and the total market cap kept cap is at 913 billion and thats uh about 53.99 uh billion worth of uh volume, so the volume is kind of like guys and were seeing. The bitcoin dollars is coming down. Ddt down down so right now, if we take a look at the uh, let me show you a refresher im gon na reverse: it no reverse right yeah! So let me refresh it there we go so it looks like you know, bitties at down 1.36, and we could. We could flip green guys because we are seeing some of the other old coins, starting to flip green were seeing that bitty is down as well. Right now, but b and b is flipping. Green were seeing uh xrp is up three point: five. I talk about xrp, which ada is uh slightly in the green uh solanas uh in the green a little bit and uh. The dojos are slightly in the green as well, so its anybodys guess.

You know, i would say 50 50 green, 50, 50 red lets see how the broader markets play out guys so thats going to bring this a video to a close. You was you what oh uh guys and guys dont forget to go down there. Boop the likes smash, the likes of humans and aliens out there, subscribing dont forget to get super chat super stickers. I would appreciate it and guys and gals uh. You know if you dont want to smash the likes dont. Do it if you dont, want to subscribe dont. Do it short choice? Do you do you? Do you out there you do you want to and dont forget, to go down and check out the links guys and i would appreciate it. Dont forget to get the merch guys gear up with the goji og gear, guys bye, the monk the mug bite.