Thats happened with celsius that i can share publicly and if you have not already subscribed hit that little subscribe button because im going to be going into a lot more depth about exactly what happened. With this attack and starting out right here, alameda researchs recent alleged staked eth sell off, puts celsius network in trouble. So there are a couple big players that basically got shafted when celsius took their ust off of anchor. You remember that celsius did not incur large losses when the luna crash happened because they took their ust off now. This is just what ive been hearing, so i cannot confirm this to be absolutely true, but there were talks that other larger companies, possibly alameda again just alleged they said hey celsius – were all going to not take our ust off. Some of these players had staked luna. They literally could not take their luna or ust off, but apparently they are now maybe attacking celsius. So if you head on over to the curve pool right here, you can see there is 114 000 eth in this pool, and this is celsiuss wallet. What we see here is celsius has 409 000 staked eath, so its a lot more than the eath in this pool thats. Why? Right now they cannot provide the liquidity, theres, literally, not enough eath in the pool here to do so, but heres the thing you have to know about staked ether. It says here until 6 to 12 months after ethereum, successfully completes the upgrade to proof of stake network.

Often referred to as the merge, then these tokens are no longer locked up and then all of celsiuss staked east is 409 000. They can be redeemed one to one to ethereum, so thats, one of the major issues right now now again, just allegedly a couple different players. They basically said celsius screwed us. We all were bag holders of ust. We know that three arrows capital and a lot of these other big players were holding the bag and lost hundreds of millions of dollars when ust, tanked and one lunatanked and celsius did not that pissed some people off. So they decided to sell their steak teeth, which made it impossible for celsius to become fully liquid with their positions like i just covered and then possibly allegedly it would make sense that then they would create this social media, twitter, youtube fudd campaign, saying how a liquid Celsius is causing this bank run and literally creating what they wanted to create. But again this is probably not true, so dont take anything im saying as truth, so taking a sidetrack to their vault on a maker, they have a new liquidation price of thirteen thousand. Six hundred and two dollars now this is actually very important for the health and safety of celsius. We want them to keep increasing their collateral, keep lowering their liquidation price. So yesterday they paid 6.65 million die to the vault, thus lowering their liquidation price, and this is a few days old.

But if you havent seen it there is a community faq that celsius put out. I will include the link to this inside of the description. So now i want to talk about the ama well, ama that alex had today it wasnt an ama, but it was friday and hes had an ama for the last three years or so every single friday. So this was what we got here. We go hi everybody. While we navigate some very difficult challenges. We will be pausing emas for now so celsius can focus on this very important work for the community, so the entire community was obviously wanting more than this. Everybody was wanting more information than this, but this is what we got. We got an alex who was clearly reading from a teleprompter or reading from you know, a piece of paper hes looking down hes, not looking at the camera very unusual. He is looking tired, more tired than ive ever seen him, which makes a lot of sense. I can only imagine the amount of stress he has been under. I wish there was more information. You know i wish there was more coming from corporate but heres where ill end the video and what ive said since sunday, when this happened celsius has put together an incredible team. Now. Did they do things that obviously led them to this position, where they cant become fully liquid right now yeah, and do they make mistakes that they probably deeply regret, of course? But what i know is that they have a brilliant people working for them and i personally know people that invested in the ico im talking to people all the time.

Every single day, who know alex, know the team and are talking with high level up people inside of celsius, and they have a lot of faith in whats going to happen. It may take some time for celsius to make everybody liquid again again. The whole staked e thing will become a non issue after the merge happens, but that could be months or possibly a year from now. So is that the worlds worst thing i mean its, not great. If that were to happen, i wish they would talk about these types of things publicly saying hey, you know what we cant pay everybody right now, but we are not going to just lock you out of your funds. Now again, i dont know whats going to happen, but thats what i can imagine happening, especially if they just cant, sell all of their staked eath. For all the reasons i touched on earlier in the video so guys thats, basically it. I am still very, very hopeful with whats going on. I do think there were definitely nefarious actors, dr julian, like in the video i posted yesterday, basically says the same thing he was biting his tongue and didnt want to drop any names, but some of these names are coming out with other peoples. Research. A lot on twitter going around there and just to cover my ass assume that everything that i said on this video regarding any other corporation, any other company, is completely false.

Im just making it up sharing what i am hearing from other people and what im seeing on the internet, seeing on twitter and basically just sharing what im observing so guys thats it im in this with you stay strong.