App lets be absolutely clear in a bear market like this, you need to have your eye on how the institutions are playing the stock market. Are they buying calls? Are they buying put options? What are they doing? What are they spending millions of dollars on on quick bets? For example, tesla? You can see three puts in a row. They spent one million dollars – 1.2 million dollars, 2.3 million dollars crazy amounts of bets against tesla in the short term. You have to have access to this information and, if you connect your brokerage to it, youll see the same information with the stocks that you already own custom to your own brokerage account. This app is free, and usually information like this is 40 a month. So again, if you want to support the channel and be up on information like this, for free im telling you it will help you out in the bear market to be able to see it, the android version is coming soon. This is what they told me. The ios version is out now, if you want android get on a watch list basically hit the link in the top comment. But if you have ios, you could get it literally right now ill see you over there now lets talk about whats going on in the crypto space family. We got fud fear, uncertainty and doubt, however, we understand where its coming from, but lets look at all of the different outlets that are putting out the foot.

Oh before we even get to the outlets lets talk about one particular person who is coming out with the flood, and you tell me if this person is credible to you or not. Tell me in the comments what you think. So we got cnn. They just posted bill gates and hes, been saying this for the last few days. He said that crypto and nfts non fungible tokens are a sham hes saying that theyre a fake straight up scam. Do you agree with bill gates, or do you find him to be credible in this kind of arena because lets think about it? He was one of the people who popularized im talking just microsoft in general, but im talking about the technology age, he kind of helped to build it. How do you feel his credibility is in terms of things like this hes been a controversial figure in the background, but let me know what you think in the comments im not gon na. Even give you my opinion on it. I want to see yours lets chop. It up in the comments, but he is on cnbc, said this bill gates says crypto and nfts are 100 based on the greater full theory. We got to talk about bitcoin. We got to talk about ethereum, they basically broke under support levels, support levels being where they usually bounce off im talking coming down to the 20 000, and then it would bounce or ethereum coming down to the 1000.

Then you would expect it to bounce, but lets talk about what bill gates is saying now that its helping to add to that flood that fear, uncertainty and doubt now. The greater full theory means this theyre saying that its not worth anything. But if you go and buy it, you think somebody else. You know that is a bad idea according to him, but you think somebody else is gon na be an even bigger fool and then theyre gon na buy it from you. For example, lets say that i got this pen this pencil right here and then you come and you say: hmm, you know what ill buy that pencil for a dollar you gon na buy for me for a dollar. I know i didnt spend a dollar on this pencil, but you want to buy for a dollar, because you think that somebody else will buy it for two dollars. You know that its not worth that, but you think someone will be a greater fool and then hes using terminology like this and its throwing a lot of people in for a loop, because hes one of the richest people alive now bitcoin at the time of this Recording is down like eight percent on a day right, its just hit under the eighteen thousand. I talked about this with stock mo stocks with josh. I talked about this with larry jones. We were talking on the live stream and saying look once bitcoin falls under the 20 000 and ethereum falls under the 1000 youre going to see a lot of articles coming out, im, talking, fear, uncertainty and doubt spreading the flood.

All of this lets start it off. We got new york times, bitcoin plummets below the 20 000. For the first time since the late 2020s, you got cnbc bitcoin sinks below 20 000 as crypto meltdown intensifies. This is what all of the mainstream media things are just blasting you with different kind of articles telling you whats going on in crypto space and ill. Tell you what im going to do in a second and then you got other ones saying: bitcoin fell below 20 000 as crypto sell off. Bitcoin is down 70 from its peak right. This is talking about this in london, even family, all over the world. Now we got to go back to coinbase because again, all of the fudd articles are going to come by and all of the mainstream media youre just going to keep seeing it. This is what it is its how the game goes, but we anticipated this. We prepared not surprised proper preparation prevents poor performance. I want to show you coinbase and i looked up their metrics because i wanted to see. Were they on point or were they a bit behind the eight ball and lacking a little bit? And it says this: their trading activity is 87.2 buying on bitcoin versus 12.8 selling. Now, in my personal opinion, this has to be inaccurate. Maybe it is maybe it isnt, allegedly supposedly hypothetically, but we see the sell offs of bitcoin coming down like crazy. How can something like that be accurate now, other things are saying that there are major three major components to be exact, about whats, going on with crypto.

Take a look at this. It says right here. First one is bitcoins halving cycle. They said that bitcoin is kind of in a halving cycle where it would cut in half from its price lets. Lets read through it. It said it reached the bottom sometime near 2022s end or will reach the bottom sometimes near the end, and its at the beginning of 2023 is also another opportunity for bitcoin, so theyre saying that we have not reached the bottom. Yet this is one component. The halving cycle – and then they said, based off previous performances of other halving cycles every now and again, bitcoin – is going to lose half of its value right straight up now check this out. They said another one is the implied volatility on wednesday reached the highest level since march 2020., before it was going up now its coming down, and they said this metric. It doesnt really reflect the direction which we know, but the implied volatility is telling you how crazy and violent the swings are going to be, and then they said its swinging towards the downside and they think the implied volatility on bitcoin implies that its going to swing Even further down doesnt mean that it will but were just going through what the mainstream media is putting in front of everybody. However, since we broke that 20 support level, you got to understand. You got to believe that hey anything can happen. Its crypto right.

So now lets see this. It says the bitcoin crash look at the numbers, the amount of long term bitcoin holders. According to market watch, they said that the holders are selling at a loss for the largest amount since 2019, so theyre saying that people are selling out of it. Now personally, how am i playing this? How am i rocking with this? Since bitcoin fell under the 20 000 range and ethereum fell under the or bitcoin lets lets, keep it real lets. Keep it raw lets back up for a second bitcoin fell under the 20 000 range ethereum fell under the 1 000 range, since this is the case im looking for bitcoin to see what it does at the 18 000.. This is the support the 18 or 17 000 range. This is a support. However, it is a weak level of support. It hardly has any confirmations. It has basically one confirmation, meaning it touched it and then bounced back up, but the next level of support the real level of support on bitcoin is about ten thousand or eleven thousand dollars. It doesnt mean that it will reach there, but this is what the charts are telling us now, when we look and see just whats going on with ethereum 2 family its possible that aetherium in a crypto winter. If things really hit the fan, it could come down to the mid to lower hundred dollars each im talking 400 dollars a coin doesnt mean that it will now, if you have a long term outlook on these things, im talking about 10 years right, its okay to Buy it now, in my opinion, not financial advice.

However, if you are not trying to dca dollar cost average in this thing for 10 years, then its totally okay and what i recommend is honestly to just be patient and let it bottom out. Let it hit the floor before you start putting your money in there. Thats what i personally think now thats exactly what im going to do. I currently am not buying any bitcoin, because i already have my bitcoin position built out, but since i see it coming down in price, its making me more interested in wanting bitcoin, but i dont want to catch that falling knife baby. I love yall. I appreciate yall. I want to let bitcoin and ethereum drop it low to the flow before i buy some mo and if you cant head through the heat of these hot stocks at crypto, then stay out of the kitchen and consider investing in index funds. I love yall, be ready for more fun on the crypto space, but get in the discord with us. If youre not already in there, you got to be in a wolf pack. Like i told you, you got to have the people who support you in this crazy.