This is daryl from daily crypto chase signals coming to you live from vietnam. What the wtf is going on with crypto what the wtf is going on with bitcoin, and why did bitcoin just suddenly have this huge dump guys. So i was sitting at home in the afternoon with the family and suddenly bam wham bam. Thank you. Man. We saw a big coin. Tankity tank tank like crazy out there, so were gon na talk about that and much much more and uh. You know some people have been saying that you know itty bitty baby could be going down to ten thousand dollars right now. Well, with the way that things are looking right now, we could actually see uh ten thousand dollars incoming im, still confident, confident that uh 14 000 is gon na, be the absolute worst case scenario for bitcoin guys so lets jump into it. Remember: im not a licensed financial advisor im, just og expressing my opinions, and this is only for educational purposes only in house guys so lets get into it lets get into it. So if you can see the bitcoin uh bitcoin chart right now, you can see that bitcoin is trading at that 19. 361. Right now at time of recording – and you know you – we can see right here – that bitcoin dumped almost six percent – and you know one of the reasons that we saw bitcoin dumb six percent was there was a huge whale uh that uh either got liquidated or sold 20, there was a basically 29 000 bitcoin that were sold like that uh.

You know on on within, like a one minute time frame. So that is what caused this huge cascading cell pressure and that put pushed uh bitcoin down daily down down. So right now were seeing the bitcoin is recovering a little bit. I mean it went as it went as low uh as uh 18 690.. So its come up its almost its up right now from where it is at the low and right now we can measure that out so from where the low was to where we are right now, uh were up again about 3.6 percent, so uh do i think That were gon na get back up to our previous height of around about uh. You know 20, four to eighty seven dollars. I think that we could we we we might. We might see a recovery around about to the nineteen thousand six hundred and thirty two dollars. I mean i might be wrong. I mean i still im still forecasting that we could be seeing a bitcoin going as low as 14, 0 and 77. I still think it is possible that we could be going down to 14 000 dollars an hour guys. So, from my perspective, uh, you know what you should be doing uh and what im going to be doing uh is im going to be waiting im going to be picking up some more bitcoin, because this is a really good. From my perspective, you know anything anything below 19 000.

In my perspective is a very good entry point, so im going to be putting some buy orders in at 18, 000 at 14, 000 at 13, 000 at 10, 000., and hopefully, that you know these orders will get filled because you know this is going to be Life changing wealth, i mean some people are saying that you know bitcoin could go down to 5 000.. I i im, not i i dont think so i mean for me my absolute bare bottom price for bitcoin right now is going to be about ten thousand dollars. So that is all what im uh thinking about uh you guys smash the likes and subscribe. Tell me what you think: what do you think you know what is going to be the low? What is going to be all time low for bitcoin right now and guys tell me what the wtf is going on. All i got ta say is beep beep the crypto markets right now, and you know why is things happening the way it is well its? You know recession rate hikes. We have all this contagion thats going on. We have uh, you know babel finance. Yesterday the celsius garbage out there, and then we have three arrows capital guys and basically, as i said earlier in my previous video, its basically knuckleheads running crypto companies that you know its its like. The wild wild west theyre like cowboys out there with your money, and you know when things are going good.

Nobody cares because things just keep going up forever, but you know when things start to go down. This is when you know the true, the true colors of these crypto companies start to unveil, and you were seeing that these crypto companies are just unraveling and unraveling before their eyes, because they didnt have proper. They absolutely did not have proper risk management and we can see that and so were seeing. This whole crippled contagion happening, and you know the retail investors are scared out of their pants right now. They think this is like crypto armageddon and that things are going to be going down. I mean you know. The debbie donna bear is loving this kind of thing because he hes just loving it. Hes loving hes out of it. So i kind of tired of debbie downer bear and you know the alien hes hes been tuning up his rocket ship because of my brother, the alien, and no, no, what yeah hes going to mars guys hes, also fed up with planet earth and the stupidity thats Going on uh, you know the geopolitical stuff, we got the madman putin in ukraine, we got, you know we got uh, you know price of gas price and beef everythings insane guys were definitely going to be heading into one of the res worst recessions. Uh out there guys so im gon na grab some coca cola. I mean thank god, im in vietnam, where you know i can buy, i can buy a can of coke.

You know the coca cola right there in vietnamese. I can buy a can of coke coca cola for like uh, you know like 50 cents. So you know from that perspective. Im glad im here because it looks like you know: whats going on in the u.s is complete craziness out there. So once again um, you know for me im targeting. I really believe personally speaking, that 14 000 is is my low, my low my my forecast, my prediction for bitcoin will bitcoin suddenly reverse today and go back up to you know 20. 000. I dont know we have to see uh but, like i said, theres still, a lot of selling still a lot of liquidation, uh pressure on and theres going to be more and more failures, uh, because a lot of these crypto companies having a lot of liquidity issues And guys the contagion is, the contagion is going to continue going on. The crypto contagion is going to continue and i guys and guys guys and gals and gals and aliens just have to buckle up, and i know a lot of you guys are depressed because a lot of get you guys bought at the tops. And you know a lot of you: dont have the dry powder to go on a dollar cost average, and i i know that i always keep saying you know what you should be doing should be dollar car, starvation, well, yeah, sure, og, thats, fine and dandy.

If you got dry powder, but a lot of you dont have dry powder and i feel sorry for you – and you know i wish things were better for you, and i know that some of you who are watching you know, use some critical uh resources, aka money That you otherwise were going to use to buy food or pay rent or you know, do do something more important because some of you ate in and thought that ah geez bitcoin hit the law already and uh. We hit the bottom and were going to go up. So, im, sorry to say that it looks like were still going to see some volatility uh, you know so were still seeing that basically bitcoin is pretty much an unknown entity right now, uh im. I think that 14 000 is the low uh worst case scenario. Absolute worst case scenario, ten thousand guys. Ten thousand i mean i mean, like i said previously. If we go down to ten thousand im going to, i, i think im going to take like half a million bucks and just just go nuts uh in into bitcoin im. Just gon na go, you know, load up a truckload because you know like im, sitting on a ton of dry powder and im, not making im not making smack in the bank. I saw yeah so you know, but i got ta squeeze this one past. The wife im just gon na have to load up a bitcoin in secret guys and not tell the wii feed wifey and hopefully she doesnt notice, uh.

The bank account has been georgia trained out there. So if you see, if, if you see og with a black guy in the next couple days, you know yeah my my wife, wasnt happy so lets see what happens. Im gon na be loading up because i i know i know that in 2025, that bitcoin is just going to go to the moon, guys. You know, and some people you know were still seeing a lot of hedge fund managers and still a lot of uh people in the industry are still saying that you know. Bitcoin can hit a hundred thousand this year and i think thats a little bit of hyperbole out there a little bit hybrid hype. You know sure we may get back to 50 000. Maybe i dont know uh, but right now, im just gon na load up and thats. All i can recommend you guys doing its, not financial advice out there, definitely not financial advice. We can still see that you know. Bitcoin is tankity tanking below the 200 weekly moving average and i still think this is huge, buy some a huge buying opportunity out there i mean im, not telling you what to do. I remember never invest more than youre willing to lose uh thats so important. So you know this is also coming in guys were seeing that the daily on chain exchange flow. We still are seeing that the net flow of bitcoin is still wasting more and more bitcoin flowing off exchanges, guys its just its happening its happening, and this is kind of weird and wacky right now, you know were seeing that you know a lot of this dumpage Of bitcoin right now or things that are going on, i believe it is uh.

You know all of these crypto institutions who you know poorly managed, their risk and thats. Why were seeing the dump? You know – and you know the smart money – the smart whales are still buying up the storm guys. You know, like you, can see here that the third, the third largest whale, the third largest whale hes, still buying guys – i mean he bought. He bought another 266 bitcoin. Today, its like five mil today guys so from that perspective, i still think the smart money is buying. Uh were seeing the fear and greed is disgusting out there at six, like i mean tomorrows gon na, be its gon na, be like zero. What happens when it gets zero and weve never ever seen? Six six is the absolute lowest guys like omg what the w2f bbb is going on with crypto big kick in the nuts. For me, i mean ive, never seen six before guys so were were seeing a theorem were seeing more ethereum flowing off exchanges and uh its just kind of a weird wacky time out there uh. So from i. I thought this was kind of fun and interesting. Let me just find it: there was a big uh there here. I thought this is guys uh, you know, mcdonalds is hiring guys. So this is. This is a billboard that was put up by mcdonalds and i said: hey crypto brothers were hiring so they put this up theyre, taking the crap out of all of us out there.

So yeah, you know maybe uh. Maybe the next uh best thing is uh sign up for mcdonalds. Everyone thats lost your shirt in uh in crypto uh sign up for mcdonalds, so this is coming in from rec capital, yeah rec capital yeah. Where all i got wrecked and hes saying that currently btc sell side bomb has eclipsed 2018 uh bear market seller volume levels at 200, weekly moving average, so it looks like the 2018 levels. Weve every eclipsed that uh. You know this was the whole coventy dump dump. So were seeing that you know the levels that that bitcoin has gone down is even worse, uh, you know than the 2018, but uh still much lower than but still lower than march 2020. So this is a huge, huge, huge deviation from the weekly to the weekly 200 week moving average. Am i saying that right its a huge deviation from the 200 week moving average? I got my words backwards. I dont know whats going im, just not happy guys, im, not happy im. Just seeing my my my crypto portfolio just go. You know its like, like im, flushing turds down the tire flash flash flush can i say: turrets turrets turn to turrets uh. So im not happy with whats going on uh. You know this is also from red capital again in the house, and what hes saying is that uh, you know btc is uh down 15 below the 200 week.

Moving average and historically uh bitcoin tends to wick between 14 to 28 below the 200 a week moving average. So if you just go back to bitcoin and uh, we lets lets lets do that, so we assume that were below the 200 week moving average 14. So im going to add another 14 there, and that will absolutely tell us what kind of uh get out of there charts. That will absolutely tell us where were going to go so from here. If we go drop down another 14, that is going to take us uh around about here. You know so that is going to take us down to the depths of around about 16 000 guys. So if we, if we do follow what the red capital is saying uh, we could be seeing that we could be going down another 14 from where we are now and that would take us a lovely jubilee down to uh 16.5 guys. So it is what it is. I still think that we could. I still think that we could be hitting uh 14k in the house guys. I mean im hoping that the 1906 were going to recover from that. It looks like where he could be recovering from that and, of course, you know its just poo bush, my life guys at some point, theres got to be a green candle right somewhere somewhere theres going to be a green candle, its just a matter of time time.

So things are not looking pretty good if you take a look at the douche coin, right now, nose coin, even though bitcoin had that dump dose coin is not doing too bad at uh, you know: five cents is still holding at five cents, crabby walk time and Uh, you know were taking a look at the bitcoin dollars is dropping so thats good. The dxy is also too high. Its insane uh were seeing. Lets. Take a look. The leverage a person now celebrity apes are about 287 million about 81 000 uh traders got wrecked out there, and you know we just got stuck. We got to stop, stop, stop were seeing it in the the hourly were seeing some Music were seeing some shorts guys. So that could be good, interesting news. Maybe we get a bit of a reversal happening so right now were seeing that uh, you know, bitcoin is you know the whole the whole glare city out there from the heat map is happening. I got to protect the eyes from the glare guys on the crypto. Come the crypto clerk gregor out there, so its not looking pretty good out there, so yeah its a its a crap date, its a crap crypto day, its a cc day, grab crypto day lets. Take a little theorem lets see a theorem getting uh slaughtered out there. So ethereum. You know it did go as low on this candle right here. It did go as low as 974 dollars, so yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, so that was not good its gone, but i still think that 18 18 819 is about my bottom for uh, a theorem so thats it you know, ada is still holding it uh for 47 cents, so thats, pretty much of a darling, were seeing the total market cap cap is uh, 862 is going down.

A volume is light, though bitcoin dollars is, like 42 weve, seen a lot of carnage out there, guys its just its just, not looking good its a gnarly gnarly nasty out there theres nothing worth looking at its just like out there, so guys and gals uh. So basically, we had the 29 000 bitcoin that was dumped on the spot exchange and thats what caused uh bitcoin to dump. That was the reason that was a whole reason, so this crypto contagion continues, go down there, boop the likes or don. If you dont want to book the likes, thats, fine, it doesnt bother me one way or the other subscribe or not whatever do you do you out there and uh? You know im just trying to bring you what i see and what i hear out there on the streets, so theres not a lot of real news out there, its like saturday here in vietnam, its uh. You know early morning early morning saturday for some of you in the u.s. So it is a weird, weird and wacky time why bitcoin dumped well someone sold 29 000 on the spot guys, so that is whats going on uh be so kind as to check out the merch guys get the merch check out all the links below you want To get it guys – and i just want to say god bless you i love you guys were in it together and crypto is, is a big turd right now and its not looking good uh but im going to keep on keeping on you know, even if only One person is watching my videos im still going to continue im not going to stop im going to not stop bringing the news bringing you updates its okay guys.

I love you guys ill see you in the next one. God bless. You be well guys. Dont freak out dont panic. It could be better. Remember, you know coca cola in coca cola in vietnam, its only like uh, its its, not even 50 cents, guys so get on over here.