Well, you probably wouldnt believe me and if you do you shouldnt such a stupid, claim benji crazy, crazy claim or is it well? This idea is deeply inspired by none other than max fosh, a man who became the richest man on earth for seven whole minutes well, at least according to his thumbnail on youtube, i mean max seems like a fantastic guy, a good time to hang around with im Sure but the audacity he has to put out a click bait thumbnail like that is pretty crazy, but clickbait works and i couldnt not click. I had to check out and uncover this silly roost that he was playing with and im certainly glad. I did because, technically it wasnt a ruse at all, it was a very, very clever loophole. He actually did it and that got me thinking benji what happens if you apply this in the crypto world and better than making myself millions? What? If i could make somebody who really needs the money, a millionaire – and so i had to find somebody, i looked online for people in need of a million and it was super duper hard trying to figure out whose life we were gon na change today and then I came across the perfect guy this guy here it looks like hes fallen on some hard times recently. He looks super depressed super anxious in all of his photos, which really cant be good for his cortisol levels.

Apparently, he can only afford coffees that cost 10 cents and hes even about to get married to the love of his life. We cant. Let him do this broke, he needs our help and he needs it fast. Hashtag philanthropy now max fosh used a legitimate business to make his billion. We dont have time for that. Graeme stefan needs us right now. Today, we need to use the amazing technologies of web 3 and crypto to speed up these processes, but if only there was a step by step playbook that we could follow, then with nothing. But sheer luck. I stumbled across this. This brilliant reddit, post by a user called oddlabso a viral post on reddit, which title i probably stole for the title of this video, where he used this exact strategy that max foss used in the business world in the crypto world to make himself a millionaire in Just 10 minutes his post was so virally successful that he actually created his own subreddit for the token that he created what was the name of this token butcoin and now buttcoin subreddit has over a hundred, and sixteen thousand members wow so sure were not the pioneers Of this strategy, in any sense of it, but odd lavso, left step by step instructions on how we can get graeme, stefan out of poverty and affording a starbucks coffee today and best. Yet this entire process takes just 10 minutes and costs just five dollars.

So we have no choice but to follow in his footsteps with honor. Thank you, id love so and thank you, but coin awesome lets get into step. One were going to be using algorand blockchain for ease of use and low fee. Al grand is, of course, a layer, 1 permissionless blockchain, but if youre playing along at home you can use whatever blockchain you prefer bsc is always a popular choice, but you have to promise me no scamming, thats, not good for the world or your heart. So come on, stop scanding! Now, of course, we need a wallet for grain to hold his millions of dollars. Inside of so i downloaded the para wallet set graham up with a brand spanking new account and called it the graham stefan foundation. This is because, when he finally accesses this wallet, hes gon na know exactly whats going on now. Lavso says we need to put about 15 al goran or elgo into his wallet, but we want to go above and beyond. So i stuffed graham stocking with a 106 algo or about 33 us dollars. Think of this as the seed that well be watering into a giant bean store, so whats step two we now head over to elgodesk dot io. This is essentially a dashboard that allows us to connect our graham stefan foundation wallet onto the platform from here. We can click the create asset button to start generating wealth for grain. Now this is where things get super duper technical, but dont worry im here to walk.

You through it, we need to enter inputs like the token name, the token ticker, and exactly how many of these tokens we want now, and in this token, the graham stefan foundation, as well with a token ticker of gsf for obvious reasons, thats. What the first letter, in the words are, and for this philanthropic project, we want 10 billion individual tokens, so we entered the number 10 billion now think of this as creating our very own cryptocurrency in second, and apparently it took vitalik 20 years before he created ethereum. What a slowpoke he obviously didnt know about this hack. The final step is to get the graham stefan foundation signature on the dotted line to give her permission to create this altcoin and boom awesome cinellogram, stefan foundation, token, probably shouldnt have called the wallet. On the token. The same thing a little confusing, but the token has 10 billion individual coins alive and on the blockchain, and all of these tokens right now are in graham stefan foundations wallet. But how much are these tokens worth each? Well, absolutely nothing, but this is where the real magic starts to happen: the magic of market cap. Now this is the magic a lot of people in the real world use to mask their insecurity, the classic paper millionaires who could not sell their stock for 10 bucks. But walk around town telling everybody that theyre actual millionaire and technically they are they just cant access it, and this little loophole is exactly what were gon na use to make graeme.

Stefan a millionaire today and finally get him a nice warm starbucks, latte, graham youre gon na be a millionaire, or at least a paper million, now to explain this concept a little further. Are you familiar with aiden ross hes, a controversial streamer with a large audience who promoted this scam token called milf coin? Why did he do this well for a six figure paycheck and after all, the dust settled and people started, calling him out on promoting a scam coin. He basically washed his hands of this sin by saying his shout out had no impact on the price of the token after he recommended it, and therefore none of his fans lost money, and this is where he wasnt aware of this loophole and in fact, a lot Of his fans lost a lot of money, coffeezilla actually dug into these numbers for us and showed us exactly how much he lost and over the 48 hours after his announcement on his live stream, 25 million dollars entered into milf coin. Now. The only reason milk coins, token price didnt go through the roof with this extra capital is because there was also 25 million dollars of sell orders over the 48 hour period, meaning there were big whales with a lot of these tokens sitting in their wallets. Just like the 10 billion dollar sitting in the graham stefan foundation, wallet right now, who was waiting for liquidity and as soon as people had demand into this token, they sold their tokens and exited into 25 million dollars of usd a much more stable coin than milf Token now long story short were not scanning people.

With this token, of course, dont scam remember, but we do need to add liquidity to add value into each of these individual tokens for grain now, im adding equal parts algorand and equal parts graeme, stefan foundation, token. These go into a pool on a website called tiny man. Now this gives them a ratio of one to one, meaning one algorand or one algo equals one gsf and exactly how much is one algo well at the moment about 29, meaning one gsf. Graham, stefan foundation, token is worth 29 cents each, and there was one more thing to do. Of course you cant just put a lamborghini and a crawl in a basket together and say: theyre worth the exact same amount. Someone had to swap a corolla for a lamborghini who was gon na. Do something like that me. So i made a swap, and if we go back to our graham stefan foundation wallet, we can enter step four counting the profit so lets do some quick math in our graham stefan foundation wallet. We have 9 billion, 999 million, 999. 990 gsf token wheres, the other 10. They went into the liquidity pool now we know each token now has a value of 29, meaning graeme. Stefan is finally a millionaire: oh wait, a billionaire whoops with his wallet now having 2.9 billion dollars and hes. Now a paper billionaire youre welcome graeme. I hope you have a hell of a wedding now. The last step, of course, is getting these funds into grahams hands because right now, im a billionaire and this graeme, stefan foundation wallet needs to be safely ported into the trustworthy hands of graham now, if we knew his algorithm address, wed, send it straight on over to Him but we dont, so the next best option is to email him, the secret passphrase.

So here i go emailing him. The keys to this new billion dollar kingdom and the rest is in his hands. In fact, if this video gets a thousand likes just a measly thousand likes, i will personally ask him if he had received the fun and, of course record his response, and if this video doesnt get a thousand likes ill, pretend i never made this video and ill Work even harder on my next one.