My name is carl and im going to bring you this cryptocurrency video um bitcoin is right now trading down at 18 700 as im. Recording this video ethereum is below one thousand dollars. We are seeing the crypto armageddon happen in front of our eyes and um. I wan na tell you right now uh without any doubt. In my mind, this is a fantastic opportunity to buy bitcoin and buy ethereum for cheap im. Very convinced and um. Am i worried about the bitcoin price? No, not at all, not even a single percent of my body is worried about the bitcoin price um. I really do believe that bitcoin is just in a natural correction. Weve seen that many times before so dont. You worry about that and dont forget guys. If you go below this video and click this buy bit link you get four thousand dollars in bonus, click right there and also look at this. You get zero percent maker fees for 30 days. If you click my buy with link – and you can also join my trading competition link down below uh but yeah lets go into the charts, because what we can see right now is that bitcoin is falling way below the previous all time high. So that is very interesting. If you zoom out here, you can see that the previous all time high is basically this big red line here. Uh back in uh, 2017 18, so were breaking below that first time that ever happened crazy times, guys crazy times um.

Let me go out on the weekly, because we can also, of course, uh see now pretty clearly that bitcoin is um going to potentially have an incredibly uh bearish weekly candle. Look at this. This weekly candle is one of the largest weekly candles we have ever seen before. Bitcoin has gone from 27, almost 26.4, all the way down to right now. 18.4. So, like you know its almost soon its almost a 10 000 candle, which is absolutely insane not many times in the bitcoin history, have we seen that before uh volatility is, of course, a great opportunity to make money on by bit. For example, if you put in a short trade um, you make money when bitcoin goes down and on the bounce we will see bounce very, very soon, um. I believe that we are likely to get a bounce um, maybe even before monday. That is very tradable. Personally, i will put in a massive trade on bivets to make that reversal bounce and make some money on the way up and uh what else comes here. What we can definitely see is that this, let me go off the log scale. Remember this uh this bearish temper, this uh bear flag. Remember here, and i told you guys: if we break 38k, then we are likely to go all the way down to potentially 20 000. But the the target is actually down here at um, 13, 000 approximately, but ive said that 13 is maybe not so likely.

What is more, likely is probably just 20 000 and well. We just met 20 thousand dollars, so we met that bearish target and thats. Why? I went in so heavily on ethereum a couple of days ago and in the next two three days, im gon na deploy another two three million dollars into bitcoin and ethereum um, so im buying the dip. I think this is a fantastic opportunity to scoop up some cheap bitcoin, cheap, ethereum, uh and all the usdt that has been laying around now for me will be deployed into into these cryptocurrencies and um. You tell me guys: what do you think are we going to get a bounce or no? Let me also take a look at this chart. This is the cme futures chart and obviously, today is saturday so its the weekend, which means that were going to see a massive um gap here. So, basically, now the the cme futures cl uh closed at 20k point four: we are now down at um 18, so theres gon na be a gap. You guys know the deal these gaps. They tend to fill sooner rather than later, and we also do have a gap up here at 28.8. So i think, personally, that we are very likely to get a huge bounce very soon and im gon na trade that bounce definitely and by the way im currently in sweden. Look how beautiful sweden is. I love sweden. I think sweden is um, mind blowing really uh during summer, its so beautiful, uh the nature and everything leave a thumbs up guys if you enjoy these quick videos when im talking about the bit comprise and if i were you, i would go and sign up to Buy a bit now to get that four thousand dollar bonus, because its going to be over in in not long from now uh, you can also um sign up to primexpt.

They also have a huge bonus right now. If you want to try that and if you havent seen my buy bits tutorial, make sure to go and watch it right now and let me know in the comments. What do you want to see in my next video because im going to make another video, maybe later today or tomorrow, and i want to know what you guys want to see all coin analysis – bitcoin dominance, um whatever it is. You want me to talk about. Let me know right now: maybe you want me to make a live stream in that case, tell me that um but yeah. Thank you. So much go and watch my bible tutorial its over on my channel.