My name is carl and im gon na bring you this cryptocurrency video im gon na go straight into the bitcoin chart, because right now in the bitcoin price, we are seeing a small little bounce here, after some pretty heavy volume. Coming in and thats the reason why i put in a trade just right now over on buy bit. Let me show you here: you can see my trade, a 100 000 trade uh just like 10 minutes ago. I opened it up already right now, 14 in profit. I am counting on a bounce here until monday, because um because of the cme gap etc. The question is: will it play out if you want to join me on this trade? Just go down below this video into the pinned, comment and click. This link here right there takes 20 seconds to sign up. You get 4 000 bonus. This is only only for experienced traders. Alright. So i put in this trade right now because of the fact that we are getting a a bounce. It seems. Obviously, we dont have a bullish divergence right here. This trade is definitely a very risky trade uh and i am probably going to take profits quite quickly. At some point here, im going to show you my major major resistance im watching right here is a big resistance. Twenty thousand three hundred dollars was previous big support right there. We also have some resistance right here at the 19.

3, which im watching currently very very closely. Obviously um so bitcoin is clearly in the downtrend but um. Let me show you the weekly timeframe, because on the weekly timeframe it is very, very spectacular. Currently, we can see this massive weekly candle from the top of this weekly down to the bottom of this weekly is a 34 drop, which is absolutely mind blowing to see if 34 drop in one week uh there just has to be a bounce at some point And let me remind you that from the all time high to where we are right now, which is essentially in only 30 weeks, bitcoin has gone down 75 percent. That is massive, and actually it is pretty close to what bitcoin tend to do in the bear market. Look at this from the 20k drop there down to the bottom right. There was approximately 84, so pretty close to the performance were seeing right now going over to ethereum real quick. We can see that ethereum is also right now experiencing a big drop. Um ive been accumulating, i put in a million dollars two days ago in the next two three days. I am putting in another one two million dollars into ethereum over on buybit, so um again, if you havent, signed up to buy bit, do it right now link down below at the top of the description. Let me show you this. This is the bitcoin see me futures chart and obviously it is the weekend right now and we also do have a a gap all the way up here at 28.

9 k so yeah because of the weekend right now we might see a bounce but um. I think that on monday i want to see bitcoin come back and close 20.3k that would be um. Essentially, what would be great for our trading strategies right now and in the next week, if we can also go up and close this gap at 28k? That will be a fantastic, fantastic trade that we can make money off of right now, um, so yeah. Let me know in the comments: do you trade this currently? Did you put in a trade just like me, and are you also racking in some profits? Actually, as i am recording this, the bitcoin price is pumping even more here, so my trade is getting uh more and more in profits right now, 30, as the bitcoin price is back above 19, 000 and actually look at this pumping and pumping as i am recording. This so looks like this was a perfectly timed trade currently, but i might actually increase this trade if we can continue to see some bullish volume here and, like i said before, uh. If we can break above big resistance like 20k, then i think im going to put in a lot of money into this trade, because i think that um, while were really pumping right now, a huge pump so 44 right now. So this is almost like a live trade 48 wow bitcoin is really pumping very interesting okay, so this means that um ill be watching right.

Now the resistance up here at twenty thousand two hundred twenty thousand three hundred as my trade continues to pump here and, like i said before, this is by bit guys over on by bit. You can trade like this and obviously you can make some quick money on these trades. You can also lose money, so its, of course only for experienced traders uh. But if you want to follow me on this trade, go down below this video click, the link at the top of the description and, like i said you can get four thousand dollar bonus right now over on buybit. If you click the link down below – and you can also um join my team in the bibit trading competition link down below as well um, okay, so as im recording, this bitcoin is pumping a little bit 19.3 approximately. But now i want to talk about something completely different. I have created a new youtube channel called karl vernonfeld and in just four months i just reached 50 000 subscribers. That is absolutely insane. A link will be down below to this video welcome to my yacht. In monaco im gon na play you a clip from this video because um, basically you get an insight into my life but without any further ado. Here comes a clip from my latest monaco vlog on my cardrenfield channel. Here you go a yacht in monaco during grand prix on the best location possible, and i have my own formula two car on the track.

I dont think it gets more iconic and legendary and crazy than that, hey guys and welcome to yet another vlog. My name is carl runefield, and this is the french riviera. We are right now rolling into monaco for the monaco grand prix. My yacht is waiting for me were gon na, take a uh small little taxi vote to go to the yacht and then were gon na sit down drink some coffee and start this amazing monaco vlog keep watching Music all right guys. We just arrived in monaco and um its just such an incredible place here. Uh all the roads are closed. You can actually hear the uh. You can hear the car you can yeah so thats over the mountain here so were actually going to take a taxi boat. Here over to the yacht, which is in the main port, because this is the old port and were going to the main area where their grand prix track is, this will be crazy, bye, bye, this season, yeah see you tomorrow now were going to see monaco from This is nice. This is going to be insane. I can tell you, because i did this before wow look at this guy. This is crazy and up here is the royal palace, the prince up there yeah. What if you climb up there, but actually its very possible to do you can just im actually a climber. I i climbed before you are a climber.

Yes, i could easily do that. I think if i have the equipment, i can do it yes, so thank you for this little detail very nice. I never! I never go here first time as well, for you guys. Yes, well guys. You guys know that i love to do things that no one ever did before. Alright guys. So up here is the uh, the palace, the prince of monaco, and this estate down here is also his thats, his boat. So he has his own little harbor for his yacht, thats crazy and actually up there. Its just spectacular, spectacular, guys now im going to tell you something crazy. There is the jail, essentially the monaco um prisoners. They are sitting with sea view. Thats, the monte carlo monaco touch and now were rolling into monaco and actually the tallest building you see there. There lies the most expensive apartments in the world at 400 million euros no way, yes at the top of the odeon, or something like that, all right guys. Now were entering the port of monaco. Here is skyfall ive. Actually i had a yacht view of this one. A tour on the monaco yacht show i didnt buy, but i saw it and i like it. A lot millionaires are not allowed only billionaires in here. I am definitely getting one of these very very soon. Now, okay, guys, we finally arrived its very loud yeah. Thank you so much here, its less loud lets go down and check the master where i will be sleeping, wow, guys, nice.

This is a vibe guys. This is a5. Let me let me show you the view thats quite nice. That is a pretty good view from the master cabin here and um wow, so nice whoa yeah. This is amazing guys. I am super super happy about it. Uh lets also take a look at this area here: Music, thats, a nice shower yeah, guys its amazing stuff and everything, of course, um beautiful materials, white marble, look the whole everything white marble. I i really do appreciate high quality uh, and also this is my favorite uh. When it comes to wood. I love this polished dark wood against the white marble, so everything about this yard is exactly what i like, and its very modern, very beautiful im. So happy about this uh about this experience, guys and uh. There are more cabins here. Actually so my family will be staying here and a very good friend of mine will be staying right here in the vip cabin, which is also a very decent cabin. To be honest, this looks amazing, right, yeah um, but yeah. The master is occupied by me and my friend will stay here and then uh, family and friends and everything so uh good stuff, guys lets go back up and drink a coffee and drink some water. What do you think philly, yes lets? Do it right lets? Go hello, hey nice, to meet you very good yeah. Thank you, yeah. Thank you guys.

Look at this. This is actually a very nice view. We are literally like two minutes from the yacht now, and here is the race track with like one of the most fun places of the track, because people usually like crash here they overtake here its like. Are you excited to see a crash, or everyone always wants to see that no but its nice, because we get this like insane spot, literally with with the yard incredible and its exclusive, because no one can can be here super premium. We have all the access. We can ask for the yacht is perfect right there. There are a few party boats close to us, so we can walk literally like five seconds to the craziest parties in monaco and then go back and sleep on the altar. All right guys so now were watching the practice as the formula two is happening, and now the caviar arrives, what its gon na feel like to drive and then very nice and were gon na enjoy some caviar now watch the race, as you guys know already. I have my own car on the track, actually so pictures on the screen. Here you can see uh ralph boshron with the moon mobile, with my face on it im the sponsor of this big multi million dollar crypto sponsorship. I basically provide ralph with what he needs to go win and in return i put my face on the car and uh yeah me and ralph are good friends, so uh i really root for him, no matter what lets make sure that we go to the top And go to the moon right now, looking like hes in the mix yeah, with experience of course, and experienced absolutely everything around here.

So this is the first bite of caviar. Look at that guys thats a lot of caviar right there, its like its like, like 30 grams 80 euros in one bite, 80 euros way more nah, sometimes its all cetera, and i also have some beluga waiting there beluga. I will eat when, when we see the actual race, this is the practice. This is such a crate, its so crazy. We have the yacht right here and see this like one of the best. This is luxury on a whole new level, all right guys. If you want to see the rest of this vlog, the link will be down below um. You can also click the the card coming up here. Um and, of course, you can also just search my name carl during the field vlogs or carter in the field yacht carldrenfeld monaco, and you will find this specific video. I really hope that you enjoyed that vlog and um go and subscribe to that channel. 50. 000. Subscribers crazy right, crazy and again. This is the trade im currently in um its a 12x leverage, and this was the entry price uh. This is the current price and the current profits approximately 40 um yeah. So again, if you want to follow me on this trade, you have the links down below. If you want a short long, ethereum or any other coin linked down below and go and watch my bibit tutorial, which is over on my channel but yeah, if you want to go and watch my monaco vlog that i uploaded, the full video will be available.