You know im looking at the board here, trying to find the best value in case we get a major sell off and look things may recover. We make make it through this situation. Right now, but there are so many ticking time bombs all around us. The collapse could be biblical in proportion here and i want to make sure im ready. We see right here, maker, dow cutting off aves die supply. The maker dow decided to cut off ave from direct deposit module as a safeguard in light of the possibility that celsius, folds and crashes, the price of ste – and i got ta, be honest with you – i dont know if its a possibility at this point, i think Its just a foregone conclusion: we see the following. The reason we believe this is risky is because out of 200 million die borrowed on ave, ethereum version, 2, 100 million dies being borrowed by celsius and collateralized by st. You know highly eliquid, i dont know what theyre going to do with this, and this is the issue theyre balancing their problems here you know: are they going to get attacked on the bitcoin side and have cascading sell offs and have that position liquidated or will st Eth d peg, and are we going to get nailed over on this side of things or well? Both essentially go under? It is scary times out here, and we see its. You know affecting two major d5 protocols here maker down aves.

They try to position themselves to minimize the fallout here. We still have three arrows capital out there, apparently just ghosting investors. We have learned that they were highly leveraged longs everywhere, were getting margin called instead of answering the margin, calls they just ghosted everyone. The platform had no choice but to liquidate their positions, causing the market to further dump, and so this is a crypto hedge fund of sorts, three euros capital. You know major uh investor funds that they are just gambling with at this time. I believe its the same thing over here with celsius, so many people support uh this this system that they think alex has the answers to the future. I think they are going to be rudely awakened here in short order and another one out here. I keep an eye on micro strategies. We see michael saylor, claiming that uh their 115 bitcoin, that they can pay the 410 million collateral down to the uh bitcoin price of 3562.. Supposedly the price can, you know, go all the way down to 3500 bucks and theyre still not liquidated, and if it goes even farther, they have this mysterious other collateral that could back them up. This is ridiculous. We know their entry point here. There is no way that the price of bitcoin could hit 3500 and michael saylor stays afloat. Hes got to be getting close to liquidation, this stuff, this mathematics, people, it doesnt, add up uh. This stuff was celsius, it dont add up three arrows capital, it dont add up and guess what theres more out there.

This is going to be a cascading effect and people arent going to sell these prices because they want to. They think its a good idea. Theyre not going to have a choice, theyre going to get margin called into oblivion. Here again, i dont know if micro strategies does or not, but i can tell you with almost absolute certainty, theres no way that their point of no return is thirty. Five hundred dollars its just not sensible. Do the math tell me where all this mysterious value to back up their bitcoin holdings and their loans, where it comes from, are lenders just gon na? Let them yolo their money away. It aint gon na happen its just, not possible. You have to call it out when you see it, and this is silly, and so we see celsius, hiring citigroup as advisors to find a solution. Theyre, probably out looking for cash, who the heck is going to give them cash at this point in time they lock down, accounts theyre, taking investor value. You know, making some wild last second bets trying to make a comeback here. It aint going to happen, and especially in this environment, no ones going to ride in and save the day. Would you even want to be involved in this situation? I think not again, itll be best for all of us. If uh, somehow they do, is find a solution here, you know not just for the people that are invested and we want them to be taken care of, and we hope they are, but all crypto currencies its going to be a nuclear explosion here, market cap and So im preparing for that – and i dont even know what this will look like, because who knows uh, you know how many people will get liquidated here and how low we really may go.

Uh looking at the board here, uh ada may be interesting to me. I think xrp already suppressed a lot of value if you start getting down into those historically low levels. You know if we saw a 50 drop down in the 15 or even 10 cent range. I think you got to scoop it up. Polka dot were sitting at seven dollars right now i mean you want to talk about a deal and a half love chain link um i like near, and i like uh. Where did it go ill, go around it somewhere with 30 cents. I mean come on now. If we see a big sell off here and theyre all going to sell off and im not going to buy all of those coins, i just named out, but im going to get some of them im going to scoop them up. And you know what, if it doesnt happen? Well, all the better fine, then my core holdings will recover and thats great, so thats the nice thing about sitting on your crypto that youve acquired over time. If we get a recovery youre covered, if we have a massive sell off, you know jump in there and buy some youre protected either way you dont have to sit here. Sweating just make sure you are built for bear that you are not lovered up here. You may think you have a lot of uh cushion and that could erode in a real hurry with the way all this is set up here.

This is absolutely awful um its temporary, though this is necessary to wipe out all the bozos wipe out all the scams, and you know the best will survive and continue to build and grow and thats what its all about. You know this is temporary. We will get through this pain and even if somehow and i dont see how, if celsius survives and this three arrow situation, doesnt get worse and micro strategies really does have magical sources of income to keep afloat. If all that happens, we still have to deal with the general overall macro of the global financial system out there, uh tightening of interest rates, and not just here in the united states, were seeing europe follow suit. Uh were hearing problems out of china and uh. This is just gon na continue, at least here for the short term, and it may not be this. You know multi year issue, but it could be so nasty, so quick, its not even funny. We have to work through it better days are on the horizon. Understand why we are seeing as much pain as we are and uh just know what to expect sit back and watch this thing develop people it could be absolutely epic, were gon na, find out, whos telling us the truth and who isnt and how many of these Players out there are going to go bust because i have a feeling. A lot of them are, and some big ones and guess what, as they continue to tighten and raise the interest rate and make things more difficult were probably going to see.

People go under over into traditional markets, some big players, we dont expect and thats going to be absolutely pandemonium. On top of all this magical internet money stuff its going to be epic, hang in there watch this thing develop and make good sound decisions. Let me know what you think down below: if we get a big cascading sell off and we get, you know a fall of biblical proportions. What are you going to jump in here and buy? What are your main targets again? I like xrp a lot from this point, because i think we can get down to historically low numbers uh but also ill hit some other stuff, because you know im just trying to add diversity to my portfolio. I already got a whole lot of xrp, but i wont be able to turn down those type of major uh. You know price action there. I think you just got to find the value understand the long term potential here and uh. You know pick it up. If we get it, i think we just may we may get the buying opportunity of our lifetime. Let me know what you think and, as always, please like please subscribe.