I know what the prices are. Looking for the two of them, tara, luna, classic and terra luna 2.0 is not really what everybody was expecting right now, when we look at the two of them, terra luna classic is holding a little bit better than terra luna 2.0, and in this video im going To tell you the latest news, because guess what ceo of terra, luna 2.0 duquan just responded couple hours ago today, june 18, basically saying everythings gon na, be fine, no worries, while hes still private, on twitter classic, duke one and also the proposal. Four four six forty luna 2.0 has passed a couple days ago, which were going to be talking about and theres another article. That is, you know, kind of giving another explanation as far as why terra luna usd crashed and collapsed and guess what guess? Who is who tweeted something in response to that favorably for terra, luna, cece, bain and ceo, and guess what terra luna the community twitter said? Or did they retweet it so theres a bunch of different things getting hit? As always, the drama continues, but the sad reality is that people are still losing money on the other side. Lets go ahead and flip things have you seen the price of bitcoin its at the 2017? All time high, like these are times that people are mad, that people are frustrated that theyre living quitting, crypto and heres, where all the whales come in most of them right, we can see lower prices coming later on.

We dont know the future im, not a psychist, but i can tell you is that yes, the floor may seem to be lower, so lets go ahead and talk about it go ahead and smash the like button. Everybody for me subscribe to the channel if you like these updates and turn on those notification bells happy to see you once again and of course i have my other stress ball here – to cope with this situation. So everybody lets go ahead and take a look at the news and were gon na leave the elephant for of the room. The price at the end proposal 446 to establish the emergency allocation distribution method of luna to eligible teams. Building ontario 2.0 has officially passed. So this is good because its right here, so basically the gold is, as we see it, there are three cohorts eligible to receive this emergency fund projects, projects who have launched ontario classic and achieve product market fit and tbl total value locked and also who have not Measured the tbl projects pre and post launch, who have not yet received achieved product market feed, so this is going to go for projects and title in a classic, not bad at all. I really like that so its money, its luna 2.0, that is being allocated to different communities and different groups of people really good on that. One second cc mine and saying, based on our analysis, this report is wrong. What report is he referring to? I think thats a great question.

Thank you for asking this. One from coindesk right just happened yesterday june 17, wallet that helped trigger usd implosion linked by an analysis firm to terra developers. So they basically are saying that the popular decentralized stablecoin lost its dollar pack to fell to panties in may, and a south korean blockchain analysis. Firm suggests that the dead spiral was sparked by transactions from a wall link to a terra, luna developer, good im, going to go ahead and give other explanation, because guess what zz vine and ceo says not defending luna? I have criticized him heavily and he has you know i was at consensus 2022. I saw him live, not personally, you know, but he was doing a web call and he addressed terra luna for all of us for all the consensus. 2022 attendees. He basically said. Well, we have, i mean he was pretty much taking care of the binance users at that point, but he gave some important opinions on teleluna. He doesnt want to see that again, but one thing destructive that struck me was. Innovation also could and has to bring out some failures from time to time. Definitely it is not what we want, but failures do occur when youre trying to you know get to the next billion users through innovations and technologies, so just pointing out a mistake and the law, the address in the article does not seem to belong to terror. Pretty interesting right, i mean at a time where a lot of people kind of like are throwing a title right now in duke one.

It does make a little bit better for terra luna and they replied they retweeted this, which is not bad at all. And now you can actually talk, of course, if you ask the community theyre going to have a more stronger opinion on this now, duke one reply tweeting a couple hours ago, this is exciting. All i mean so lets go ahead and what he said only whole beliefs that will stay con, constant at five digits or one digit, so hes referring to bitcoin five digits, forty thousand sixty thousand one digit luna, oh baby, one dollar, i what thats what ive said. I said luna is going to a dollar, but not this one yeah, not this one right its not going to happen with that trillions of circulation this one and it happened. It occurred. I mean a couple of the times im right. So look at this im, not the ones that i want to be right right, be the change you want to see the last month for crypto has lessons that will power the rise of the next generation of builders to great heights, decentralized, finance and decentralized. Monies protest against the state sponsored violence versus financial sovereignty by volatility in the price believers believes paid to achieve this liquidation should not invalidate those beliefs create systems that are stronger and more resilient to those attacks rise to the challenge. Well, i think you need to address this one for yourself. First uh because i dont think terra luna, its really gon na, come back any stronger um, because the trust factor is gone from a lot of holders or capitulate, but be honest, whether youre fighting for a cause or not or just for high numbers.

Krypto wins when there are more in the form cam down later everybody its going to be a long time, since we have some positive feedback on duke 1, its a lot of people, of course, that still dont trust him and, of course, the markets at this time. Under 1 trillion tough to see but heres the reality, everybody right how? Even though for l unc yeah youre, not classic, we have a million, but sorry more than a billion burnt. Uh is not making a dent in the price, because, according to this is 0.01 percent of the total supply, its nothing its just a little poke to the birds. Nothing is not moving anything but, in my opinion previously ive said its progress. At the end of the day, its progress that i like so finally, the price for terra luna and terrarium classic luna classic, is holding, as you can tell a descending wedge coming down, not bad the lowest price. Some i mean you can clearly see how its holding from the lowest in june 8 right its right here when we come to luna classic im, sorry to luna 2.0. We are seeing how the price in on june 8 has been reached once again, so we are under two dollars, one dollar: what to do well, you already know buy what you can afford losing hold on tight uh sailor michael sailor is doing that with bitcoin. You got ta, do it with the cryptocurrencies that you believe, even though this one can we get lower than one dollar thats gon na be tough for a lot of people.

It started at 24. 20. I mean okay did not start, but it reached 24. Something price here: it is everybody, this is luna 2.0, 25 and one dollar.