You guys want to give us a terrible weekend with lower prices. Well, take it because i have my stress balls, so all the nerves can go away. I know were at an old time in extreme fear at six youre gon na see it right now and well. What is the important support that we just got through twenty thousand bitcoin and one thousand ethereum in this video im gon na go over the price as a prediction as far as what the local bottom can be for these two and, of course, what to do in This times, in my experience, let it burn let it continue bleeding, because to my knowledge, i dont seem to find a stop anytime soon and we can get to the 300 moving average, which for bitcoin, is going to be at around 16 000, go ahead and smash, Like button everybody consider subscribing to the channel and turn on those notification bells for more updates. Just woke up not that long ago, expecting some more consolidation. I knew that this weekend was gon na, be pretty shaky, and i mean, although were not seeing two digit drops right, like 10 15 in the last 24 hours. I think its still significant im gon na go ahead and show you really quick. This is it so. The market cap for bitcoin is under 400 billion at i mean thats what it is earlier today i mean were waking up here in central texas or so, and it is 19 000.

It was dollars, 18 fourteen. It was nine hundred dollars and, as we continue speaking youre gon na see, the prices fluctuate. A lot now weve been talking a lot about the 200 checked 200 moving average for bitcoin checked. What does that mean simple? We can go lower. How how low can we go perfect? That is a great question. Thank you for asking, first and foremost fibonacci retracement and were going to be using. I think 2020 is very healthy right after the pandemic, so this is going to be im going to go ahead and squeeze right about here, so youre seeing this right. This represents the time when bitcoin reached the 300 moving average, which i believe this is going to be an amazing support, low level for bitcoin and im going to go all the way to 68 000, which was at the end of 2021.. Oh, what a beautiful day right! So what does that mean? It means that we just reach in the fibonacci retracement, which i believe adds a really compact and solid uh knowledge. The 78 retracement right about here, which is roughly at 18 000 19 000, which is 19 000 right, so its approaching the 18 000. Now we have a couple of different glass to break through right now, which is 18 to 78 percent and, of course, reaching the 300, because history oftentimes repeats itself in crypto you, as an investor, can forecast lower prices. Now, im not gon na hear satan.

Tell you that were gon na go from here down 77 to the 4 300. I think that is going to be terrible for everybody right, i know, were not gon na be selling its gon na, be awesome for people who never bought a bitcoin and will be awesome to buy a bitcoin under five thousand dollars, but i dont think were gon Na get to that low, but the low that im expecting im gon na go ahead from the week just wanted to show you the different averages, im gon na go to the four hours here. It is look at how close we are from that retracement and look at right about here. Sixteen thousand dollars, so we are during the upcoming days and weeks. We could be reaching these levels no problem right. It is something that we have to be aware of what to do. First and foremost, dont panic sell second of all continue diversifying third of all, if you consider this process could happen. Well, of course, waiting for those lows is not a bad idea. Ive been waiting for all the 30, thousands all the 20. Thousands on bitcoin i mean come on. We are already wait. Wait, oh wow. We just dropped even further class at bitcoin right. So let me go ahead and open this up for us, uh were were actually going to be very close to the now 18 000 right now. What an amazing story for etherium everybody here! It is less than a thousand dollars.

This is mind bending because i bought my first bitcoin sorry ethereum at a thousand january 2021. This is june. 2022 welcome bear market. This is exactly what you wan na have to be aware of, and ready dont miss this opportunity oscar ramos, so youre calling the bottom. Not ready not yet, but this is probably this could be not the lowest price for these two, but it is an amazing entry for these two. Let me put it that way. It is an amazing entry right, theres other different outcomes that are crashing, but i mean that will be for later right now, 844. Can we get to 700 billion in market cap global market come down its going to be incredible, just realized that this was bitcoin alone. Bitcoin alone that was bitcoin and that now encompasses the entire global market cap right now june 2022. That speaks massive ways because bam 6 extreme fear the first time ever. I see that, and i mean it kind of makes sense when youre doing a bear market. It kind of makes sense a lot so dont lease dont, let this as a mature investor scare. You were going through this together, its fine go to twitter talk to me whatever ill help you out now. One of the things that im seeing is that were really dropping pretty quickly, but you see take a look at this drop. Take a look at this drop. Take a look at this drop.

Take a look at this is like a more nice and sustainable drop, but the i mean since 2018. Weve had pretty much drops that come down really quickly and they pick up so got ta stay alert once according to the bitcoin rainbow chart and history, they come down very rapidly, but they also come up very rapidly and of course, you dont want to miss that Bottom, you want to miss somewhere near to the bottom, to make the most profits bitcoin under twenty thousand dollars: el salvador, michael saylor, binance and many other billionaires and rich people yeah theyre down billions of dollars. How much are you down couple thousands couple hundred dollars its fine, i know makes uh that comparison is probably out the window, but what im saying is, if you want to compare your paint to other people, theres always going to be a bigger fish out there in The sea so no worries its fine, just calm down. Do this, you know stay put. One of the things that michael celia recommends is to take a look at the simple moving average over the last four years, and you can take a look at here. How we already broke that average and we did it back in 2015, back in 2015, back in 2820 and with the drop right when we reach 300 moving average and right now were really breaking that. So what an amazing time, everybody! What an amazing time because were going to be looking at red dots later on bitcoin above 100, 000 or so what my words is going to happen so beautiful times for us, a recommendation to all of you guys and if you wanted to see a clear representation Of what the market looks like because oftentimes coin market cup here doesnt show you everything well welcome to the crypto bubbles, my friend right when you can exactly see how the week and even the month looks like everybody pretty much down with 72s 50s 40s.

I see sometimes 80s bitcoin 3 in the weak beacon. 33 still, it is pain, it is awesome and it is the time for you who are just starting in crypto to get on board and dont be fearful. Everybody thank you for watching were crashing dont.