In fact, some cryptos crashed 99 in 2017 and right now, some of the smaller caps are already there. So can bitcoin ethereum salon and all these other ones get to that 95 down. That would put us at 3 450 for bitcoin and if we crash only about 85 to 90 percent that put us to about 9 dollars very real possibilities, as the sell off is intensifying. So well talk about that again. If you need your portfolio reviewed, if you want to talk to me, if youre gon na get my live, buy and sell alerts, if you wan na get my patreon and just join that 10, kid to 100k challenge to see how we took ten thousand to a Hundred thousand dollars last year, you can do all of that with patreon thats that very first link in my description. Just make sure you have the patreon and discord applications downloaded to your phone, so you can follow along and again at the end of this, video were going with my top five stocks and top five cryptos stay tuned and im still giving out free bitcoins, and i Am moving that playstation 5 giveaway to tuesday, not monday, because monday is a holiday juneteenth right and dont forget to smash that like button and also follow me on twitter, all right lets talk about why even right now at the massive sell off levels where we are, We still have a possibility of another 50 down, so should you be holding? Should you be selling and re buying at lowes lets discuss that lets talk about five things to avoid in a market crash market sell off, and this is really really the way to properly invest into stocks and cryptocurrencies lets talk about using projections when this free fall And sell off will end.

We can probably time it close to we know. Maybe we did a month or two, which is pretty fantastic. Now lets talk about why bitcoin fell to 17 800 now its slightly rebounded, which doesnt mean anything because thats just usually the weekend effect and lets also talk about, will crypto crash 99 like in 2017? Is this just a four year cycle pump up crash bump up crash again, if youre brand new to this channel consider hitting that subscribe button as long as youre subscribed and you have that bell notification icon turn on youll get daily updates seven days a week on A stocking crypto market, if you want to get my live, buy and sellers in real time. The second i buy or sell. If you want to talk to me, if you dont, make sure stock or crypto portfolio is reviewed, you can do all of that on patreon. Its that very first link down below in my description, all right lets get into it all right lets, take a look at what happened in the last 24 hours, bitcoin was twenty thousand five hundred, and eleven hundred dollar ethereum were now down to nineteen thousand in a 978 ethereum, but this and this doesnt even tell us the whole story, because we actually went down a whole lot more. We slightly rebounded so well talk about that in a second here, but deutsche coins at 5.3 cents again, if we dump from here theres, really no support of any kind under five cents.

This is kind of that key mark. We have a weak support line at three cents and then a pretty id say: okay, support line at one cent, so you know, hopefully we hang on to five cents here were holding on for dear life, so twenty thousand six hundred down to nineteen thousand were down. Sixteen hundred dollars for bitcoin, but we actually dumped as low as seventeen thousand four hundred dollars. Okay, this is a little bit of a weekend effect. I expect us to be in the eighteen thousand dollar range in the next probably two hours, and i expect the selling off to continue to about fourteen thousand three hundred dollars. I am going to call that most likely. The bottom for bitcoin do not think. Well, reverse back to 9800, like we did in 2020., so bitcoin does, for some reason have a little bit of a buy alert, and this is basically just a weekend pump. I would ignore that ethereum does have a cell alert. We broke through a thousand, so this bad boy is going straight to about. Ah, i said to about 620, so this is probably our good. Strong support line is going to be around 620. ripple is now basically holding on for dear life. For the 30 cent mark and cardano cardanos, still a little bit overpriced, like i said, im holding out im gon na buy cardano at that 37 cent range, so i want to see cardano fall at least another eight nine cents before i start adding on to it.

Although i do love cardano long term, regardless of the price polka dot, is now trying to break down to six bucks holding out to seven again, if you want to get 75 75 of free bitcoin and collect 10 interest rate on your cryptocurrencies, like polka dot use The second link in my description for voyager or you can use the referral code youll get that 75 000 bitcoin and youll get 10 interest year over year on pokedown. Another cryptos amazing offer there and again i left coinbase and i switched to voyager because i love the interest rates and i love that free money free btc. You know that btc goes up 10x. That 75 bucks became 750 dollars of free money, polygonic ‘ cents. Yesterday, down to 34., what a huge huge, 13 dump and lets take a look at solana: okay, barely holding on to 30. Again, when will i buy solana, i said i would buy solana at 20 or 21 dollars. I am a patient man and we will get there. Okay, because the fundamentals right now do not make sense in a massive recession and now, basically, a huge fed hate, uh rate hike. So the stock markets nightmare scenario is fulfilling itself as a 50 drop is now more likely than ever, actually more likely than ever in the last 40 years after the stubborn feds biggest rate hike in decades, so were talking about like four decades uh a hedge fund, Strategist says so, i think theyre finally realizing that they have to stop inflation.

They have to take ridiculous measures. They may not have taken in the last 40, 50 even 60 years. So you know, can you see a three or nine thousand dollar bitcoin yeah sure its possible? Can you see a hundred twenty dollar ethereum yeah? Why not? It was one hundred twenty dollars in twenty twenty and youre. Seeing stocks like teledoc arc invest major companies. Etfs are going back to 2020 lows, 2019 and 2018.. If cryptocurrency follows and remember its a technology, it goes into the tech sector. Okay, if it follows in tech sector footsteps, you could see them revert right back to where they came from and im talking about. You know some ridiculously low pricing, just you know just take solana, for example, here sol, okay dash usd, and you go back to 2020 and youre. Looking at solana being okay, look at that 60 cents. Okay, so were 31 right now were down from 300. If we revert back to 2020 lows, which is whats, everything seems to be doing, you know we followed kind of russell 2000. Small cap stocks mid cap stocks. Now large cap stocks are following along and also oil is now beginning to crash. If everything reverts back as it has now begun to do – and we have something like 20 30 percent of the market thats already done, it could see a 60 cent solana lets take a look at ethereum. Where was ethereum in 2020. Okay, that was just two years ago.

Okay, we were at 125 bucks, so you know its absolutely possible to see it. Okay, so dont be surprised again. Where do i expect ethereum? I think right before this massive pump right here and i cant see it on this chart id have to switch to trading view. But right here we had support at 6 21., so its probably a good point to buy or if youre, just very skeptical negative. You think we might dump lower. You can wait for that. Magic 125. Bucks right here so just remember, think about right. So five things you should avoid: never do in a falling market. Heres number one selling stocks in panic order, says stocks or cryptos whatevers dont sell in panic. If you did your homework and you know what you bought, you didnt just randomly buy it because its a good project or because you think fundamentals make sense without actually knowing what the fundamentals are, and you know what the competition is. Youll probably do very well long term with that asset building an average averaging concept which is dca, should your dca, which means dollar cost average, no okay. This is what people that have generally two or three years in the market do because they have no clue what theyre doing seasoned investors with five to ten years in the market wont ever do this. It just doesnt make sense and let me explain that you dollar cost average after you answer many many questions.

Okay, once those questions are all answered with a thumbs up and you give those questions a thumbs up, then you can dollar cost average. So lets go through those questions number one. Why did i buy this in the first place? Okay and if you bought it because it was pumping because it was popular or because some cool rapper movie star elon, musk actor or somebody on television talked about it or maybe you saw it on twitter thats, probably not a good investment number two. Do you know who the competition is and will it catch up and beat this investment, whether its a stock or crypto? The same applies? Have you done your fundamental and your technical analysis on it? If you have not done either of those and you dont know what those even mean thats, probably going to be a bad purchase, okay, another reason is what amount of money do they have in their reserves to survive a crash in a recession? Okay, because if youre a negative cash producing company right lets just take lemonade, for example, but you could take anything you want and if they dont enough money to get through a one, maybe even two or three year recession, will they go down and under yeah they Will yep absolutely and then that will make it a bad investment because you dont want whatever you put in it two then on top of a dollar cost average on the way down, and then when it hits zero, you lost everything so be very, very careful! Those are important questions, but its usually a tendency to buy stocks or cryptocurrencies on every fall to average down the cost, but doing this without knowing the fundamental strength of the stocks or cryptos will lead you to more losses in the portfolio again.

Just what i said its always better to avoid catching a falling knife and take a positive value, the reasons for such events – okay, so ask yourself bitcoins crashing: why is it crashing? How low can it go? Is the sentiment going to return in cryptocurrencies today, tomorrow this week, this month this year, at all, what actually will make cryptocurrencies all cryptocurrencies go up once you, you know, get a general idea for those questions, and one of them will be well what pumped before bitcoin And ethereum and other small cap cryptos, but oh the russell 2000, is the russell pumping no its crashing and burning hmm, maybe before a dollar cost average before i buy more cryptocurrencies, maybe ill wait for that confirmation or reversal, maybe ill. Take a look at what russell 2000 is doing. What small cap growth stocks are doing? Oh theyre, going up, oh okay were seeing volumes returning well were seeing a confirmation of reversal boom. There you go now youre a step closer to dollar cost averaging again. This is why i send out those live, buy and sell alerts using my patreon, so you know once ive done all of my homework and everything then i start buying again, if you want to be a part of patreon and get those live, buying sellers use that Link in my description down below theres a limited amount of spots available being rigid in decision making its imperative for investors to be flexible, and this is number four reason in the market in order to survive and again, one of the key things is dont be afraid.

You bought a stock and its down 50. Like man, i made a mistake, sell that crap save the 50 of your money in that junk. You bought and put it into something better. Thats gon na still get you back the money you lost, but it wont lose. You even more money on top of that and i made mistakes myself theres a couple companies i bought here and there over the past few years and i lost money on them and as soon as i figured out the fundamentals didnt make sense. I dont care. If i lost five percent or fifty percent im out, im gon na put that money into something thats going to make me money, okay and then another big reason is like do not buy everything. Anything dont be the guy or girl. That says, ima throw a little bit into this and im gon na throw a little bit into that and see where it goes. Thats gambling thats not investing right, so bitcoin fell before under 20k and we did see uh ethereum fall under a thousand because the free fall is continuing, so bitcoin actually dumped below 17 800 to 17 322, which is kind of ridiculous. Now its slightly up. Let me take a look where we are with bitcoin right now, so were uh, where ethereum is at 988 and bitcoins at 19 100, but were were not going to end this weekend. You know in the 19, 000 range itll be the 18 000 range, and then why are we crashing? Well, we have inflation with people just being dumb a lot of people.

It doesnt matter how much money you make if youre a doctor lawyer if your daddys a billionaire, if you became a president, you know if you make a dumb decision its gon na and you get a whole bunch of people to follow in your footsteps. Youre gon na see dumb things happen and uh crypto was overvalued. You know, theres, no reason why something thats 60 cents, like solana, should go to 330 dollars. Thats stupidity, thats, sheer sheer stupidity, dosh going going up 120 000 percent. That just generally never happens in the history of stock or crypto market, and at that point, when this skyrockets its overvalued, you have to be very careful and know when to sell out wait for a crash and then re buy and thats the result of growing too Quickly and right now on this pullback, you know once i send out those buy alerts, you should buy and buy and keep buying once we reach that bottom, but then the most important thing was not that buying. I will send out the buy alerts. The most important part will be when i send out the sell alerts, because you really want to know when to get out and when to get in and certain things you need to know when to get in and get out and other things you just never ever Get out of so if youre buying amazon, youre, buying apple youre, buying microsoft, youre buying google youre perfectly fine, throwing in 50 a week for the rest of your life, and you will do very well, my friends but certain stuff, small crap growth stocks that can skyrocket And just get overvalued once somethings overvalued, get out get out quickly.

First, stock pick is amazon, second is paypal, third is meta, which is facebook. Then we have overstock and we got a little bit of tesla here at 650.. I do actually like it now. Finally, again, thank you for watching if you want to get your portfolio reviewed. If you want to talk to me, if you want to get my live, buy and sell alerts, get access to my entire community of over 2 000 members. So you can chat with all of us. You can do all of that with patreon, which will also get you into that 10k. 200K challenge again. That patreon link is in my description down below make sure you click on it.