Now, as always, please remember that nothing on this channel is financial advice. These videos are for viewer, education and entertainment purposes. Only so please invest responsibly, and i love and appreciate you all now. On that note, yes, we are still on vacation. I am currently in the stairwell of my hotel recording this video before i head off to bed. So if you guys hear any echoes, i do apologize for that, but there are just so much news to go through, especially regarding crow and that i didnt want to bring you guys this weekly market update and we will bring you the final three parts of The pro coin explained series in the upcoming day, so definitely stay tuned, for that now, for starters, here were gon na, take a look at the fear and greed index, which is sitting at a six. We are in extreme fear, right now in the crypto markets, and i do believe that we will stay here for quite a while. As long as the macro outlet does look this bad. I believe we are pretty much approaching all time lows here on the fear and greed index and um. The reason being is that bitcoin and ethereum simply cannot catch a break. We have bitcoin down now below 18 000 as im recording this video, and we also have ethereum flirting with actually breaking that 900 level list. It is sitting at 905 at the moment in the past month, weve seen bitcoin down about 40 and ethereum down over 50 percent, so this sell off has been absolutely brutal, but once again, if you are still paying attention, if you are still dollar cost averaging, you Are going to make it even though it may not seem like it right now, things will not stay bearish forever.

However, we are definitely going through some turbulent times at the moment, and a big reason for that here we did discuss this on the channel. This previous week was three arrows capital facing potential insolvency um. They were definitely over leveraged in some very large positions like ethereum, and these market makers were pushing hard to go ahead and actually fully liquidate these positions. So we have seen a lot of selling pressure over the past couple of days and weve also seen a lot of uh rumors and concern regarding and are they going to make it through this bear market? Are they exposed at all through three arrows capital? So ceo chris murzalek, took to twitter right away to just address this straight up and he said he got a few dms with questions regarding krypto.coms exposure to 3ac. It is zero dollars, as is always and have been very conservative, with management of their counterparty risks. So is not at any risk at all when it comes to the tara luna situation when it comes to three arrows capital. So definitely like to hear this from that they are remaining conservative, especially in bear markets when you do need to really cut back on cost to ensure that you can survive now. We can also see here that he took to twitter last week about what they are doing during the bear market, and they did announce that they laid off about 260 employees equivalent to five percent of their workforce.

As you know, some other competition like coinbase and gemini have laid off over 10 of their workforce. So relatively speaking, is holding up pretty well um. You know against their exchange competition, and i do believe that they will continue to innovate in the bear market. Just like they did throughout the last bear market, and this is how they reach that 50 million user milestone during this most previous bull run and as we can see here, theres been so much news coming out this week with developments from that i do believe They will continue to innovate during this bear market, and the first thing they did here was actually introduce. Reoccurring, buys for over 35 tokens and ceo chris morris alex says, see uh dca at the bear market and hes. Absolutely correct and is making this very easy. As you can now automate your purchases in the app with a daily weekly, bi, weekly or a monthly dollar cost averaging, and this helps you reduce a market timing, risks which you do not want to be doing. You do not want to be trying to time. This market, especially in the volatile condition that it is in right now, we have always discussed the importance of dollar cost averaging, and this is a really nice feature to see added to the app now. You can also see here in terms of the d5 wallet. This is a great piece of news.

They actually finally added a desktop extension, making it easier to access decentralized applications from your computer, so similar to metamask. Now youre going to be able to download the d file wallet to your chrome browser and interact with a ton of decentralized applications right through your laptop, your computer. And for me, this is just a really big move to actually help the d5 wallet kind of stand at the forefront of the next revolution of crypto of the next bull run, and i do believe that more and more people will turn to the d5 wallet. As we have mentioned, it is very easy and beginner friendly for people to actually go from the main app to the d5 wallet, and this does just expose these newer crypto users to a simple and easy way to expose themselves to d5 applications. Now the d5 wall here also had a huge upgrade actually allowing you to swap polygon tokens directly in the d5 wallet. Polygon is the largest layer, 2 solution on ethereum, so it is definitely big to see incorporating them into the d5 wallet, along with the other chains like ethereum, chronos and cosmos. We also saw the integration of ferro protocol in the d5 wallet now, for those of you who dont know, we did cover ferro protocol on the channel about a week ago, and this basically offers you low slippage on your stable coin swaps, as well as some really Juicy yields, so if you actually check the d5 wallet youre going to see that you can get up to like 56 apy – and i did get a couple of questions about this – and yes, this is all through ferro protocol, which has now been integrated into the d5 Wallet, you can also see here they added a ton of new tokens.

I think they added something like 21 new tokens into the d5 wallet this week, including pharaohs native token x, fare over here so definitely not only building on the main app, but also building out on their d5 wallet, as they do see d5 becoming more and more Important moving forward – and i do tend to agree as the sec continues to clamp down on centralized exchanges d5 – will become more prominent. I think is well aware of this, and that is why they have really been ramping up their investment and their engagement with the d5 wallet lately. Now we saw here that actually let go joe joe coiners, the head of the nft platform. It has not yet been confirmed whether whether he left or whether he was fired, but the rumors are that he was a part of the 265 employees that were let go now. Despite this, i dont see a reason for concern as since they did lay him off or he left whatever the case may be, theyve actually made some significant improvements to the nft platform with the first one here being a little verification badge to curated and cross chain Collections and collectors so similar to how you can verify identities on twitter. You can now verify people on nft, and you can see that here with the collection, so loaded lines have the check mark balis, psycho kitties, some of the biggest and most popular projects on the chronos chain and on the crypto.

org chain are now all verified through The nft platform and something else they did was they actually added a new chain to their nft platform, and that is solana. So solana i mean when its working when its running it is a very popular platform for nfts, so nice to see them integrating those onto the platform as well and now were going to get into some of the weekly grow statistics for crow, and i do think This is very important to look at, especially in a bear market, its very, very important to recognize that price does not reflect growth in times like this, and despite the downturn that has been in and that kronos coin has been in with the rest of the Crypto market they are still innovating and they are still growing. So for starters, here you can see that the social engagement of all of these centralized exchange tokens here is up by ‘5 percent, with ok x, coming in second at 151, ftx at 59 and bnb. Coming in at 35, so crow has definitely gained a lot of social engagement as of late, and a lot of people may not think this is relevant to and chronoss price action, but over the long term i do believe it is because the investment thesis here Is very simple: we want to be the number one exchange in the world because highly incentivizes people to buy and hold their crow, so crypto.

coms growing is directly reflected in the price of crow, and that is why the social engagement aspect of this coin is Very very important, in my opinion, so nice to see them growing in that aspect now we can also see the weekly on chain recap of chronos. They reached over 46 million transactions as of last week. It was only at 45 million and they also surpassed 850 000 wallet addresses as of last week. This was 800 000, so they are still growing incredibly fast in terms of new users, as well as the transactions that are being done on chain. Now we can take a look at the weekly growth rate in the unique addresses and and chronos here is growing at 1.53 week over week, which is definitely slowed down from the beginning, as it is not anymore. You know in those infancy stages, i mean granted its still only about eight months old, but we should expect over time, as it does mature, to see a little bit of a slowdown in the uh unique addresses being added onto the chain. However, you can see here compared to phantom coming in at one percent avax at .76 percent and then all the way down to ethereum at point two four percent that and chronos chain is still growing significantly faster than the competition now moving on here to the Weekly social metrics of chronos coin: this gives you a pretty good idea of not just the volume of the social sentiment of chronos, but what these people actually think – and we can see here that from the chronos community that is active and socially engaged, 67.

2 percent are Buying 20 are holding seven and a half percent are selling and four percent remain neutral. So pretty much here about eighty seven percent. Eighty eight percent of crow holders are either buying and adding to their bags or holding their current bag, and this is really important to see from the community, especially in times like this, when people are freaking out and panic selling across the board that the majority of The crow community continues to hold strong now moving on here into the decentralized applications on chronos. This is also something we take a look at as obviously its important to the growth of the kronos chain. I mean the dapps do make the chain, and you can see here that mmf is still coming in with the most daily active users, although it has fallen um in terms of the number one in total value locked. It is still the highest in terms of daily active users coming in here at 5k, daily active users in second place. You have vbs finance at about 4k, so mmf is outpacing vvs by about 20 in terms of their daily active users, despite vvs, actually having more total value locked on their decks. And if we actually zoom out here and compare mmf to other dexes and not just on the chronos chain, you can see that it is actually growing by five percent day over day compared to trader joe and trader joe is the largest dex on avax.

Here only growing at 2.65, and then we can see these other projects like pancake, swap like uniswap, very popular projects here actually growing in the negative rates. Now, while mmf does continue to grow at about five percent day over day. So definitely something very important to see. As this does have a ripple effect for the rest of the kronos chain and also taking a look at argo here, we did cover argo on the channel. It is the premier liquid staking protocol on the kronos chain. Basically, you can stake your crow and receive a b crow in return and then go ahead and stake it amongst a bunch of these other platforms and what youll notice here is. Last time we looked at argo, they were only integrated with the vvs finance farm earning you 58. However, they have now integrated with mmf, which is yielding you 41 apy on your liquid crow, and they have actually also gone ahead and integrated with the d5 wallet. So three very big partnerships coming here out of argo finance in the past week, and i will be looking at this project in the future to see how they continue to grow moving forward. Now. Last but not least, here were going to take a look at the chronos chain and the total value lost. We look at this on a weekly basis to sort of get a grasp of how healthy the chronos chain looks and is there a need to be concerned and, as you can see here, the chronos chain has dropped significantly in this past week, actually crossing below that.

One billion mark we now no longer have one billion in total value loss. We are down to 993 mil. However, if we do zoom out and think bigger picture here, i mean once again, this chain is not even a year old were only back at levels that we were at in november of 2021, and i think, if you look at the bigger picture here, that in The long run this will just be seen as a minor setback, and this is not to say that we cant go lower as we absolutely can, but once again, if we actually take a look at the rest of the chains, this is not a crow specific issue. This is happening across the board and we can actually grab. You know a better, a better grasp of looking at this by looking at big daddy, the d5 king here, which has fallen from total value. Lock of you know almost 160 bill, all the way down to 43 billion in total value lock, so ethereum has almost had its total value locked slashed down to like a fourth of what it used to be and kronos is pretty much in the exact same situation. Here, with its peak and total value, lock being at 4 billion and its current tvl sitting at just under one bill, so this is not just the chronos chain. There is no need to be concerned about crow. Specifically, this is happening across the board, as we have seen these wicked sell offs in the past couple of days and weeks, really its just been a very treacherous time to be a crypto investor.

But once again, as i said, if youre still here, if you are paying attention, if you are wanting to constantly learn and stay informed, you are going to make it through this bear market. This is the best time to be paying attention when everybody else is giving up, as it provides an opportunity to pick up these cryptos at a price that we did not think we would see again. I mean whoever thought that they would be able to buy bitcoin bitcoin below its 2018 high. I dont think anyone did and we have seen that as of late. So if you have been taking advantage and paying attention good on you, you are an absolute champion now taking a look here at the rankings, you can see that, as everything is dropped off really kronos is still sitting in eighth place in terms of its ranking across All blockchains, and once again, this chain has not even been over a year. That is absolutely insane to even see this chain in the top 10, and i definitely think i mean if we look here. Phantom is at 1.6 billion, so chronos is only about 700, mil in total value, locked behind phantom and about uh 500 mil behind polygon and right now this may seem like a lot as the total value locked has dropped quite a bit across the board, but in The future, as i do expect money to flow back into d5. It would not be very hard for chronos to surpass a polygon by 500 mil and total value locked to surpass solana at 2.

36 billion total value locked. I mean solana cant even keep running half the time and im, not a hater on solana, but im just saying. I do believe that the fundamentals of chronos are much much stronger and i do really believe in the team behind this project now in terms of evm compatible chains. We are sitting in sixth place, but once again, i do think that we can very easily reclaim fifth bypassing phantom in tvl and long term were looking at chronos becoming a top three chain, so just to wrap this up guys its been a really long week, thats. Why i did you know thats? Why im in a stairwell right now recording just to remind you guys that this is happening to everyone across the board and despite the price action kronos and the team does continue to innovate and make their moves to come out of this bear market stronger and If you stay consistent and if you also constantly work on improving yourself and remaining informed, you will also come out of this bear market much stronger. That is a promise. So, with that said, i hope you guys did enjoy this video. I apologize for the echo as obviously i dont have my setup, but i just want to hop on here and talk to you guys real quick about what is going on and you can definitely stay tuned for the rest of the crow coin. Explain series coming out this week so with that im gon na get back to vacation, i promise this is the last surprise, video that will be coming your way and i hope you guys are all remaining happy safe and healthy, happy fathers day to all the fathers Out there go enjoy with your family, let them appreciate you and show you some love and ill catch.