This is coins kid just gon na love it to bitcoin. Once again, thank you for support. Okay were gon na call it cruise. So, unfortunately, you got stopped out of this trade. Okay, it is what it is. Its trading 101. You cant win. Every single trade weve got its b shape, looks beautiful little. Rounding bottom were coming down like this, its beautiful adam and eve bottom. This one i said to you to invalidate this particular pattern. It has to lose that low okay, so this patterns been invalidated because youve come down below this low, and this is why you stop losses. Okay, obviously you know you dont have to be a d gen like myself and go long at this on the hope of some pattern. You could have just waited for the confirmation break off. This high fall back to support and this is where traders usually enter okay, but you know i like to trade at the bottom. If i can, if i spot something trade at the bottom maximum opportunity, if i can and then obviously i have my validation, my invalidation of that particular pattern at the lowest point possible – which is obviously this low here, because if you was to lose this load, youre Invalidating this adam and eve double bomb, basically like this coming around. Okay and you can see you rolled here – got stopped out and it is what it is. Okay, so again we you know we will trade these patterns in the future weve traded before and had a lot of success.

Youre not always going to win every trade okay. So it is what it is to apologize that this trade didnt work out. But you know in the future i would imagine, were going to win some trades together as a community, so right now bitcoin obviously has lost this low whats it doing its coming down. So for me, i think that this is some kind of final fifth wave here that youre coming down. I think this important move. Obviously i think what youve got here is a one theres a two. This is a free right now and potentially some kind of four and then youre gon na have some kind of last little crash here for bitcoin potentially today. If not, this is the bottom already. Okay – and i do think its really really close round about here somewhere and im, going to show you why uh so what i think this is some kind of ending way free here: okay, the big big waterfall, and i think what youve done here. Looking at this, youve put in some kind of a b c uh, expanded flat correction, just uh for bitcoin, okay and a correction, a corrective move back up to where you came from up here, and it was a really really weak correction. To be honest with you really really shallow retracement, so for me, i think that what youve got right now is this one two, three four five, something like this for bitcoin you can win a one.

Youve got two youre looking at some kind of three retracement four and then a final fifth wave. Okay, usually the third wave is the most powerful list. Are we forming the fourth wave right now? Okay, so its some kind of one, two three coming down. Four. Last final dump down here to these sort of levels. Now what levels am i looking at? Okay, potentially this white line might get met here for bitcoin im going to show you why im potentially looking at that target right now for bitcoin, okay, so lets zoom out here on the weekly time frame. You can see that this basically is a monster reversal wave, because this is your low from last year. Okay and then you broke out and then youre coming back, you was retracing looking for the continuation of a trend. Okay, pretty much like here you broke out, came back to abc correction back down to support you held this load beautiful retracement, and then you broke out again, and this is what were looking for were looking for. These impulsive moves up. Okay, the minute youre coming down like this okay. So in a minute you know, i know a lot of people are saying its potentially some kind of a b c correction coming to completion. Possibly you know, and if that is the case, i do think its around here somewhere. So you know there is a target here for bitcoin and on the one six one a bare minimum at the moment, because youre losing this low of one six, one, eight zero.

One six eight one: oh now, if bitcoin starts to capitulate here through this over the next couple of days, then the two fib could be amazing level. You know and look at the candle there thats some kind of big massive monster capitulation candle. You know and, like i said to specifically said to you this week, im looking for the bottom for bitcoin purely not because of guesswork, not because of emotion, not because of food or macro environment, or anything like that because of data okay, because of data and right Now, if we take a look at the weekly time frame which were on – and we look at this moving average, just there look at the blue line, the yellow line crossing – you know, ive shown you so many times the week after that cross boom. We capitulate and right now look at the charts. This is the biggest weekly sell off since bitcoin rolled last year, 69k. So its almost sort of confidence of the fact we are capitulating this week giving that signal as well that historical signal, coupled with this other signal, which i think is going to be printed on the charts tomorrow. Uh. If we take a look at the daily time frame here, weve got this particular chart just there, this cross for bitcoin, thats printing tomorrow, you can see its literally printing today. This will be down here, and the blue line will be up there tomorrow on this line.

Okay, the tomorrow, basically just there, you see that itll be there. The cross will be in, and i think that what youre going to get is a beautiful signal down here saying cycle bomb, and that could be it. You know that could actually signal the bottom and it was within this week, time frame, which was giving you as well not next week, not the week after not the week before or five weeks ago. Ive not said to you. This is the bottom and you know im looking for data okay, im telling you this week. The data is telling us at the bottom is this week or is there absolutely any guarantees of that ill? Tell you straight away: zero! Zero guarantees, absolutely none! Nada, zilch, okay, but what i think given data we cant ignore data datas telling us that is this week. So if this is, if it is this week, its not because i guessed it its not because my emotions told me it its not because the rsi is in the floor or its not because of on chains, analysis or exchange outflows or you know, supply shock or Anything like that, its data in the charts, the charts, told me that nothing else do you understand so you know. Hopefully it is if it isnt it isnt, but one indication if it isnt the low this week. You know, and we dont adhere to historical data there and weve not come down in the capitulation week here, uh from that weekly candle, like i said to you this week, specifically this week no other week.

If, if it isnt, then bitcoin could be in trouble because youre not adhering to data no more, you know bitcoins falling its free falling basically, so where does it go to? Who knows but well keep an eye on it going forward, because if it is the bottom this week and we do capitulate or we have capitulated already, when you look back in time, you know on the weekly chart, you see a big week at the bottom or The monthly chance to see a massive week at the bottom – oh yeah, thats, where we capitulate you know thats, usually a level of capitulation. Then it was the bottom wasnt it you know. So one thing i want to show you confluence theres, a lot of confluence to this fact you know your bitcoin super cycle: printing, the bottom uh potentially today or tomorrow, youre gon na get a signal right there for bitcoin, its so close. Okay and historically its been pretty accurate, um right there and then obviously the weekly 20 crossing, the 100 is always indicated as well, but are there any other indicators here? You know, aside from these charts, you know the price action telling us that and ill show you right now. Okay, there are so. If we look at the bitcoin rainbow price chart, you can see that youre right now, youre in the blue zone here, which is basically as listed here, a fire sale for bitcoin. Are there any guarantees? Absolutely none.

You know and again, if bitcoin starts to come through this and starts coming down to the 14k, the 12k, the 3k targets that everyones giving you like, i said to you. Potentially, all models are broken here and previous data in the charts is broken and no one knows exactly where its going to go. I see targets down there, theres cme gap down there, 3k or 900. I think it is its possible. You know, and an indication of that is, if you start to fall through all this support and create these dev crosses, which indicate a bottom. If you start invalidating all those signals moving forward, then yes, bitcoin could actually be in the target to those particular levels that people are throwing out there right now: okay, so anythings possible. You realize that right now, but im gon na put my money where my mouth is. I told you i was buying bitcoin this week, so im looking for that cycle low to print tomorrow, im not like the other people. Okay, the on youtube, make videos, saying im, selling everything, and then you watch the video and its im selling all my cars, my watches everything to buy bitcoin im, not one of those people. Okay, im not going to go all in because im, not that kind of degen and im, not selling everything or my possessions to buy bitcoin, because i think youre, a generational low im, not that much of a degen, okay and probably im not taking the maximum opportunity.

Right here but im putting my money where my mouth is im buying some bitcoin with some of my allocation tomorrow, not all of it because im, not a d gen. But if we fall through that, then you know ive took the chance havent. I thats a small chance basically but yeah im buying bitcoin tomorrow and its what it is. So i hope you enjoyed that little update. You know, i always say to you: stay healthy, stay, strong, stay tuned and thank you for your support. Honestly, thank you for supporting the channel and hopefully you know hopes a dangerous word. But hopefully we can nail this bottom and the bottom is in over the next day or so, and bitcoin does start to carve out a beautiful bomb and starts to come out back up the stairs when everyones, really fearful and youll, potentially see that the macro environment. You know will not necessarily have the impact that everyone expects going forward. Okay and we could be on the cusp of a big big impulsive move into 2023, which would be absolutely amazing here. Wouldnt it uh for bitcoin. Okay, take care, everyone hope you. I wish everyone all the most success in the world. Okay, thank you for support.