I just bought some tesla. You should go, buy some tesla. Why? Because teslas, a security, its a regulated market, the sec would be breathing down his throat, but in the crypto space, the crypto space is unregulated and these ivory tower elite players like kevin oleary, are either very uneducated about the crypto space and where this technology is headed Or theyre planning on manipulating you guys into being their exit liquidity so that they can dump their big bags. But before i over talk, it lets play some clips and well break it down together. Ready lets dive deep Music. I look at crypto, not as coins or tokens. I look at it all as software its productivity software, the the projects that are going to last and be here, you know a decade away from now are ones that actually solve problems. So lets give an example: im an investor in polygon. You know im very fortunate, guy im able to call up the leaders of these projects and these teams and they returned my call, and i asked to meet them anywhere in the world. In this case, we met in dubai with the polygon team im an investor in in software engineers. I always have been ive, been in the software industry for 20 years, theyre, very, very strong and with their mandate. What they decided to do is to try and reduce the cost by sitting on top of ethereum and aggregating transactions, so the gas fees are a fraction of they would be if youre doing one at a time.

I thought that was a brilliant strategy and i made an investment in polygon. So what he just said there was that polygon basically was designed because ethereum wasnt designed properly because ethereum cant scale because of their limitation, because theyre extremely high gas fees and network congestion. Nobody uses ethereum, but for seven years, theyve been trying to build e2 theyve been trying to complete this merge in this upgrade for seven years, so youre investing in polygon and youre also investing in ethereum. But if you cant use ethereum or you need polygon to use ethereum wouldnt, it be smarter to just invest in polygon. You might think to yourself yeah, but wait december 30th of 2021 polygon matic reveals it was hacked earlier this month. However, before the vulnerability was fixed, the hackers stole 8 000 maddox coins worth over 1.6 million dollars from the ecosystem. Hacker steals: 600 million from poly network in the biggest ever crypto hack, polly doge, 850 million dollar hack pays record. Two million dollar bounty polygon team had to pay two million dollars because their protocol got hacked for 850 million dollars. That was october 31st 2021. This was in august of 2021. Polygon discloses patched, exploit that put 9 billion matic at risk. Polygon upgrade quietly fixes bugs that put 24 billion matic at risk. I thought blockchain was designed to keep your money safe. I thought blockchain was supposed to be safe, secure, tamper, proof, hacker resistant, these proof of stake projects that are built in solidity.

Solidity is the coding language that is turing complete, meaning that developers have no way to audit themselves. Once you execute the protocol, it turns into byte code, so it makes it pretty much impossible for the average person to actually analyze the code, read the smart contract and actually see whats taking place. So as a developer, i could code in bugs. I could do all these things not to mention polygon is very centralized and not to mention polygon also built their own blockchain, so polygons not going to be built on top of ethereum anymore polygons. Seen that building on top of ethereum is the problem. If polygon in every product, thats built on top of ethereum already, is looking to leave and build their own blockchain, that should tell you something what took ethereum to the price levels that its at today, everything being built on top of it. Would you, as an investor, look to build on top of ethereum when you see all of the other bigger players that already built on top of ethereum leaving, or would you think to yourself maybe theres something wrong with that software? The same with solana, the same with with ethereum the same with you know, hbar all of these are software, and they they all have different attributes. If youre investing in, for example, in google or in microsoft. What are you investing in youre, investing in software? Why wouldnt? You invest in crypto its software too.

All of this to me is just software engineering, and i have a broad portfolio im very familiar with the engineers involved in each of these projects. I support them im an advocate for it, and the regulator is, is, in my view, going to eventually support these initiatives because of the tremendous economic enhancement and productivity they provide for the underlying economy. So lets break these down. Number one being polygon wrote in solidity a coding language that is not safe, its turning complete it doesnt have formal verification, it doesnt audit itself and its the number one most hacked blockchain in the world asset number two ethereum also wrote in solidity, like we said earlier. Every product thats, big and built on top of ethereum seen the limitations seeing that scaling wasnt an option seeing that eth2 wasnt going to do anything. Everything revolves around solidity, so another product wrote in solidity: evm you cant upgrade ethereum smart contracts, theres bugs in the code right now. They cant fix the bug because they fix the bug. Then it inherently passes the exploit onto all evms. So anything thats, evm or wrote. Using the evm is also the problem. Let me show you what evms look like evm bytecode evm bytecode is a low level programming language which compiles from a high level programming language such as solidity. Evm is a virtual machine which places between os and application layer to migrate os dependency, thankfully, to evm ethereum smart contracts can be run on almost any computer.

If you are a java developer, you can think of jvm java virtual machine as the same mechanism. Evm byte code looks like this below its not in human readable code, but its readable for the machine. This is what your ethereum smart contract looks like. If we zoom in right here, you can see mason key set. This is the smart contract that my eight year old son wrote in 10 minutes. I was able to teach my eight year old son how to write a smart contract in pack. Now, if we swing over to savebuy.codana.network 8 out of 11 projects wrecked in the last 11 months, totaling 852 million dollars could have been saved by kadena, and what that means is kadena has spent five years well well, go through these acts first. So if we take a look at these projects, compound v, finance cream finance x, token punk protocol poly network popsicle finance thor chain, investopedia crypto worth over 320 million dollars taking in the solana wormhole hack, wormhole bridge a popular bridge between ethereum and solana, blockchain was hit By an attacker who stole cryptocurrency worth over 320 million dollars, the second largest exploit of this sort to date anything wrote in solidity. Anything evm compatible anything in rust. These are all turing, complete coding languages. Cadenas team has spent five years building the coding language to build. The blockchain to scale to meet the demands of global railroad adoption. There is not one blockchain in this industry that can scale and meet the demands of global real world adoption in a safe, secured, decentralized manner where you can actually scale without increasing throughput.

Not only did kadena spend five years crafting the worlds best coding language designed specifically to build a blockchain that could scale to meet the demands of global railroad adoption. They offer formal verification they offer infinite. Throughput theyve proved that they can scale by scaling from 10 blockchains to 20 blockchains. They created a technology called hash braiding, which allows them to braid hashes together using proof of work, consensus algorithm. They are quantum resistant, and these are all the things that you want to have, or you want to be seeing when youre doing crypto research, understanding that the underlying software is great, but that software has to be able to meet the demands of global world adoption. This next time, that crypto runs its going to be the time that crypto really makes its mark on the world, and people start interacting with crypto on a daily basis. But to do that, you need to have a team that wasnt a 14 year old boy. No offense vitalik was a prodigy way ahead of his time and he designed the ethereum blockchain when he was 14.. So, do you really think that a 14 year old boy or somebody that worked at you know joe pos moms shop or was a coder in his basement and maybe worked for google and maybe worked for so and so do you think that they have the experience Needed to build a blockchain for the masses for the billions i dont think so.

Taking a look at the kadena team, when jamie dimon, the founder of jpmorgan chase, was looking to start the blockchain for excellence at jpmorgan. Who is the first person that he contacted stuart pope joy, who is stuart? Pope troy stewart? Pope joy has 15 years experience, building the most advanced and sophisticated algorithmic trading softwares in the world for jp morgan. These are big players. He worked directly for jp morgan chase and headed up the blockchain for excellence group, huge, huge player right, so hes got 15 years, plus banking experience designing banking software, designing software that trades on the new york stock exchange, understanding every aspect about finance thats, somebody that you Want on your team, who is, will martino will martinos the kadena president? He was also recruited out of yale ivy league graduate school by the sec by the government head hunted will because of his talents, and his skills will built one of the most advanced super computers for the sec that basically analyzes the entire stock market and then flags Things so the sec doesnt have to try to look for insider trading or corruption or whatever this algorithm, basically analyzes. Every trade that takes place in the stock market and then feeds them data, so in talks about building a blockchain thats going to be compliant for regulations. Probably somebody working at the sec knew exactly how to go about that. Taking a look at blockchains like cardano cardano knew it right.

They knew that they couldnt code in solidity thats why they coded in haskell, who is the head of the haskell foundation, emily fillmore, who works on the kadena team, emily whos, probably one of the most advanced haskell coders in the world, emily and doug beardsley theyre, head Of engineering they talk about, paul sue runs deckasonic theyre, attracting these big big dc players, tyler tyler graduated and i want to say, tyler. The newest member of the kadena team was accepted into a stanford program, where only 15 applicants are accepted every year, only 15 and he was one of those 15.. So when i hear kevin oleary, promoting things like polygon solana, solana is a centralized blockchain that breaks every other day. It cant scale its using proof of history, so their proof of history consensus algorithm the way that they validate transactions, their validators, are able to timestamp transactions and send them to the mempool. So that allows any validator on the network to just basically push out massive amounts of transactions. They dont have to go and order validator one two, three four, five like we do on other blockchains, but proof of history is the problem and it seems like they have two options: centralized block production which they already do so these blockchains are already not decentralized, not One bit whos running the validators. I bet you kevin oleary has a solana validator. I bet you hes one of the 30 or 40 validators that process 80 to 90 percent of transactions done on the solana blockchain.

If we swing over to solana, beachs website, when we land on their homepage, we can see, solana is claiming that they are doing 1618 transactions per second. So when youre trying to understand the value of a software youre, doing research and looking at things like tps, how many transactions is the network doing? How often are they doing transactions rumor has it that this is not actual tps. These are not smart contracts getting executed. These are not transactions that are taking place. A majority of this is coming from nodes talking to each other, so the nodes communicating to each other are cranking up this tps, which makes me to believe that the solana foundation is misleading people into believing that their blockchain is more successful than it is. Nobody seems to be telling us why their blockchain keeps breaking every week at least once a week. The solana blockchain is down. Last week. Their blockchain was 30 minutes behind on timestamps and last but not least, my favorite hbar. How do people like kevin oleary really really make money? They run validators because they buy large amounts of that crypto hbar has whats called the consortium. The only people that can run validators for the hbar consortium are approved. People and those approved players are google, ibm, verizon, t mobile, probably bank of america theres quite a few on there. I dont know them all exactly maybe one of kevin olearys businesses is one of them most likely.

It is so how that works is every month. The busier the network gets, the more validators are processing transactions. The more validators are processing transactions, the more rewards those validators are getting so big elite player like kevin oleary, buy a bunch of hbar a million dollars worth well guess what, over the next 12 months, theyre most likely going to get all of that money back just In rewards right just off network activity, not to mention if the price goes up, almost guarantees, probably running the salon. A validator hes, probably running an avex validator hes, probably running eight hes, probably got his ethereum stake over in coinbase and hes, making all that money from having it staked there right. These ponzinomic proof of stake, blockchains that are designed to make people like kevin oleary, richer. The amount of coins that they own gives them voting power in the network. So if kevin oleary wanted to basically buy polygon, he could probably raise the funds generate three billion dollars or whatever he needs to buy. It right now buy 33 of coins out in circulation and then kevin oleary gets to dictate where the network goes. And then you mix that, in with his clout, kevin oleary probably only needs to get 15 of coins on a proof of stake chain, because he can use his clout to push the network and get votes to do whatever he wants with thats. Where proof of stake chains are just inherently ponzinomic design, but hbar is the worst, because the only people that make money or benefit from the hbar network getting busier are the most elite legacy.

Players in the industry. Hr also uses evms. They claim that they can do 10 000 tps at 10, 000 tps is wallet to wallet if theyre, using ethereums evm for their smart contracts, theyre only capable of processing 300 transactions per second, but their network is so dead. Nobodys using h bar h, bar put out a 5 billion grant and ive never heard one product that theyre building on hbar h4 is not even a blockchain, its a dag, and these are the type of softwares that kevin oleary is promoting to you guys and telling You to invest in them because they are softwares. They are old, outdated, theyre, going to be relics, theyre, not safe, theyre, not secure and theyre. Getting no adoption from institutional investors outside a few big players buying some nfts wow one project board apes got all these people all hyped about ethereum. How many of those board apes have been stolen in the last month too many. So is this the type of blockchain that you want to invest in my question to kevin oleary is: why are you promoting old, outdated software? Do you need money that bad are times getting that tough? I would just highly advise guys that when you take a look at wall street investors coming out of wall street that are giving you advice about investing in crypto, i would strongly suggest that you really do your research. These guys must not understand where this industry is headed.

What a blockchain would actually need to do to meet the demands of global rural adoption. Once players like kevin oleary, really realize what potential something like kadena has its gon na be game over guys. Its gon na take this cryptocurrency world by storm, but the problem with that is once you admit that kadena is that superior is going to be the number one smart contract platform in this entire ecosystem. You have to admit that every one of these other products that came before it is inherently going to flaw to failure because they cant scale they cant, adapt they cant grow. They cant do what they need to do to meet the demands of global role with adoption.