I kind of hope its the end, or at least the beginning of the end before more people have an opportunity to lose more money in this pyramid scheme. But you know you talk about all the value: thats evaporated its just market value, theres, no real value in bitcoin or any of the other cryptocurrencies. They simply have a price and as long as people are foolish enough to pay that price, uh youll have market value and yeah. I hope that in five years weve got ta. Uh were not just amazon books, but we are uh amsoil, you take the redsville. You stay in wonderland and i show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. All im offering is the truth. Nothing if you got a bag. Welcome to the party welcome home, welcome back to some more moon, oclock news. No breakfast, no coffee, just straight extra extra foolishness. Shout out to the latest sub cheryl appreciate you stopping by go ahead, throw on those pilot shades buckle up because the futures extra extra bright and lets go full speed full throttle into the crypto verse. We got a green day today. Total cryptocurrency market cap up around 7.8 up to about 921 billion, we got xrp in that number, eight spot 32 cents up about 6.4 percent. In the past 24 hours btc back up to 20k, we got eth right up, eth right up to about 1k up about 17 in the past 24 hours and we got stellar xlm 11 cents up about 10.

In the past 24 hours we have our first meal plan of the day for breakfast today i ordered a heaping serving of xrp and a large side of xlm with a plate of some xdc, and i washed it down with some extra xrp shout out to ripple Eye we got a special message here from the otc fam happy fathers day to all the dads out there and you got the perfect gift to give them this morning with xrp still on sale at 32 cents. Sasias network withdrawals, swaps and transfers have now been passed for over six days due to extreme market conditions. Joe lubin says that ethereums technology is in the lead for the cbdcs because its a rock solid technology – oh no, because yall got a free pass. Meanwhile, all small holders of ethereum that try to sell get stuck due to the high gas fees. My money is stuck on coinbase wallet because i have to deposit six hundred dollars plus to send the transaction. No cbdc will run on eth delusional john deaton, powerful words from a powerful woman im. Not talking about senator loomis crypto eddy makes an important point. Free markets will pick winners from the losers, not the sec officials, not elected representatives, work on smart legislation and the market will do the rest. People who dont trust banks or have not been able to utilize banking because of the extremely high fees and because of the difficulty being recognized as a worthy investment uh bitcoin, is a fabulous alternative care to name names of what you think might be a scam.

Do you really think dogecoin is going to be around in five years now, maybe its possible but its possible that it wont? Should you be creating legislation and crafting legislation around cryptocurrencies when you own so much crypto, and you have a lot to gain if dogecoin doesnt survive bitcoin is not going to survive either theyre pretty much the same technology proof of work, doesnt work, dont fall for the Media trickery, they say bitcoin, they say e when they got their pockets, stuffed i say, load up on that standard xrp. It must be nice to be in position where you can financially benefit from the regulations. You helped create kind of like investing in ebs and having the authority to ban gasoline cars, save for my future in something that will grow in value not fall in value. Do you own bitcoin? I dont do crypto yeah. I do okay. Have you? Are you cashing out or are you oh no? Are you youre long updated im im what they call a hodler im in it for the distance, you are heres what i know we hit the top before most people recognize it. We will hit the bottom before most people recognize it and the truth is we dont know how bitcoin will respond to the current macro environment because it never had to even if the prices go lower. These prices – i never thought wed, see again im buying now and if we go lower ill buy even more.

This crash will make us wealthy when it reverses, if were buying now breaking six people have used xrp cross border transactions. The btc paid shill maxis starting to come out. The woodworks. Meanwhile remember this clown, shilling luna, saying luna will be top five heres. Why? Meanwhile, r.i.p luna xrp is the standard. Dont fall for the paid shills dont be distracted by a car market. Cap and charts. The adults are looking at. The creation of the new monetary system and money is on gold, xrp xlm and a few others. Last note, the last three consecutive days had been the largest usd denominated realized lost in bitcoins history. Over 7.325 billion in btc losses have been locked in by investors spending coins. They were accumulated at higher prices. Three consecutive days of 2.4 billion in losses equilibrium games. Eq is fully distributed. There cant be more minted nor mined as new features and partners on board the eq ecosystem. It will become more sparse, update from xr phone, quick update were still looking into everything and, more importantly, formulating the next steps i have been working with ripple it in nz. Also, today, here in the usa, is fathers day sending amazing and awesome happy fathers day to all to all the fathers in the world, the saint wallet stellar network in our latest update of descent wallets. We are excited to announce the integration of truss lines for stellar xlm ledger to support the tokens ecosystem in the stellar network.

Trust lines on the stellar network are now available on the scent wallet. Your best wallet for xrp xlm, xdc, flare, songbird xy, also dont, forget to snatch up a descent wallet. If you havent already july 1st theyre going to be up in the price so make sure you snatch one up hit the link down below you got the single pack and the double pack with the bagman discount. So i got an update from xwar city meta weapon. Ido is ending july 11. 2022.. This means that you have one month left to buy xwar at the current price. Then we will remove our wall and let you trade, the token accumulate. While you have the opportunity, you can pick up some xor on the sologenic decks. The ido ending 7 11 2022 also after the ido they plan to launch staking and you will receive rewards 15 of the total number of tokens have been allocated for this. More information about the project can be found on the links. Trailer website white paper check out the link tree meta weapon and become part of history also make sure to jump inside their telegram chat. So you can stay up to date with the community also theres a lot of activity inside their telegram chat, and you can connect with other ex work community members later in gaming, coming to the xrp ledger at meta weapon. The cool thing about xrp is that were not waiting for the greater fool to pay more than we did for it.

Based on speculation, were waiting on banks institutions to publicly disclose that theyre plugged in using xrp, because its the best thing since sliced, bread and sliced cheese, also hidden in plain sight. Here they start off the end of crypto with xrp. They dont want you with that standard, but is this the end of the crypto craze here to weigh in as chief economist at euro pacific, peter schiff and entrepreneur, patrick bett david peter youve, been on the show before about this topic, been a tough couple months for Crypto is uh, is this the end or is it if we hit the bottom? Well, we definitely havent hit the bottom. I kind of hope its the end, or at least the beginning of the end before more people have an opportunity to lose more money in this pyramid scheme. But you know you talk about all the value. Thats evaporated its just market value, theres, no real value in bitcoin or any of the other cryptocurrencies. They simply have a price and as long as people are foolish enough to pay that price, uh youll have market value, but the only reason people want any cryptocurrencies is because they think theyre going to get rich. They think theres a greater fool out there thats going to pay a higher price only only they dont realize uh that theyre waiting for a fool and ultimately the fools that are left holding the bag are, you know, are the losers and i think unfortunately, theres a Lot of people that are going to be bag holders in this, i think a lot of the original investors, the whales theyve been dumping.

I mean they pumped this thing up. They paid off all these celebrities and athletes and politicians and they hiked the hell out of it over the past year. They spent all sorts of money on commercials and conferences and they dumped out all this stuff to the public and and they were cashing out and now the bottom is dropping out of the market and we have a long way to fall. Meanwhile, the biggest case in history xrp battling out the sec while they distract you with btc and eth patrick ill. Let you respond your thoughts on that. Well, listen. This has got to be peter fishers, favorite season, because his phrase moving forward for the next six to 12 months gon na, be i told you so peter you ought to buy a shirt that says i told you so and enjoy it for a year. Uh, maybe 18 24 months, but ill take a couple things here. The the part we got to be thinking about is peter may be right here, heres the thing when, when disruption and change happens, we dont know whos right. There theres a side where its the way, its always been done, thats afraid of change, thats more of peters camp, which is gold equities. This is what we got to be doing. They have no clue what theyre doing its a scam its this theyre just trying to pump and dump you dont know what were doing. Okay, fine, he may be right, but he may also be wrong and then theres the other side which the younger generation is saying.

Peter we just dont like the way youve been doing things we dont, we just dont trust the fed. We we would trust gold if our money was backed by gold, but its not and your dream of the government and our currency being bought back by gold. Its going to take a lot of convincing and a lot of powerful people to say yes for that to happen so because of that peter, we think youre a little bit naive and youre oblivious to whats taking place. We want to take it in a different direction, because we no longer trust the centralized monetary system. We want it to be decentralized. Meanwhile, they said this before the internet may just be a passing fad as millions give up on it. First, we had the internet, and now we have the internet 2.0, the internet, for value running on the xrp ledger. The xrp community gets to look forward to ripple winning the sec lawsuit during the bear market. Other crypto communities dont have that luxury. All those exchanges, relisting xrp and regulatory clarity, make a huge difference. Keep stacking and dont give up bags packed fast forward. Five years from now, xrp ripple the amazon google of the cryptocurrency space. Where are you well, i think the overall crypto community will continue to grow at really impressive rates and five years from now you know i dont know exactly how to think about that, but i i think within crypto world i think ripple continues to grow and take Market share uh, but that will probably be you know, were folks across board of payments today.

I think well, look at other use cases, as i kind of alluded earlier and yeah. I hope that in five years, weve got a were not just amazon books, but we are amazon, know what you hold were coming for, that top spot. We got the evidence, ripple gots, the a team, and we got the best one of the best cryptocurrencies out there. Xrp, i am the xrp bag man, the moon commander, currently up here on the mothership stuffing some bags and enjoying the show appreciate you stopping by tuning in smashing those likes for some more moon, oclock news hope yall continue to stay extra extra bullish out. There continue holding those good vibes remember to sell the fud, buy up that bag. Dont forget to spread that liquid love. Also, if youre new here dont forget to drop a subscribe, drop, a comment down below all the ogs drop. A comment down below drop a elbow on that like button and well catch you up here on the mother ship for the moon party, byob peace out, crypto, ghost Music im still not tripping, still secure the bag, while hes dipping still holding strong, not slipping accumulating, while Theyre innovating, its really blatant they trying to test your patience, you sold your bag and just tilt your face trying to buy back on a later date. I got no time to waste.