Your horses. Bitcoin is close to the 20 000 level. Again, ethereum is over a thousand again. What is going on, positivity nah right were going to talk about all that, and also is it too late to buy crypto? Did we miss the chance were going to answer that towards the end of the video so make sure to watch all the way to the end? All i ask is that you give me a beautiful smile smash that, like button because remember unlike crypto likes, are for free and now stretch out. I know its early morning right, get get get your. You know your movements in and dance into it with me, Music. Its sunday morning, so i dont know if youre going to work or youre on the train, like in the middle of the week, but its if youre, if you danced into it with me and people, are looking at you, weird, its okay, its okay, to get your Groove on so currently bitcoin is at 19736. It had, i sat down to start researching for the video and it was like boom right. It just uh surprised me a little bit uh. We had a low here of 17 500 right. That was last night and you know people. I see, i see the comments in the groups about bitcoin and about crypto in general, but most people are looking at bitcoin because they dont, you know they dont understand the other uh altcoins.

So so what they see is bitcoin right, and so what theyll do is uh theyll see bitcoin, and then, oh, my god like this. This has no its its all the all the people that dont understand has no utility uh. Why would somebody buy this right? Theres? Always the same comments when bitcoin or crypto or stock market goes down. You see the same people, the sour, the sour pouch, sour patch people right, the sour people that didnt buy crypto theyre, probably not gon na buy crypto, but they just want to. You know make comments on the internet and be right right and people get gratification from being a troll okay. So, if youre, seeing these comments zone them out block them if its on twitter, if its on facebook, if its on i dont, know instagram snapchat and any place tick, tock, uh, just block them black and black and block them so bitcoin. Here it didnt get to the 20 000 level it tried. Ethereum has gone over the 1000 level right, it got to 1072 had a little bit of a pullback here, and shibainu has been holding pretty nicely its its gotten back to the level it was before. The big drop when bitcoin broke through 20 000 level, shibainu is still around the 800 level. Shibainu didnt get to the level i wanted it to uh, so i could buy some shibainu right um, but its its gon na be an interesting situation here with crypto in the next few days and see how it plays out before we continue.

I want to talk to you guys about our partner for today. If you are interested in starting to invest in stocks right, could the stock market be flipping now, uh that the federal reserve raised interest rates by three quarter of a percent? Well, if you are interested, i have a partnership with moomoo. You can sign up and you get 11 free stocks because its for normal people, its 10 free stocks, but for my subscribers, its 11 free stocks, because youre going to get an extra share of lucid. So thats 11 free stocks once you sign up so get it in the description down below you can trade options you can trade stocks, whatever your heart desires, uh. You have pre market after market trading, no commissions, no payment for order flow, so check it out in the description down below. I really appreciate it and it helps us keep the lights on. So we talked about the bitcoin uh ratio right, the golden bull cycle ratio. Last night, if you missed it, and basically, we kind of predicted, according to the prediction that predicted the end of this bull cycle and the start of the bear cycle, when the new bull cycle were will start and we predicted according to how it usually takes a Year for the bear cycle to end and the bear cycle, we could call it started about seven or eight months ago, so we predicted that it would take another three months give or take that doesnt mean by the way that its not going to go up until Then, but a bear cycle is when it goes: the bull cycle starts when the asset goes up: 20 from the low thats thats, just the the the rule of thumb thats, how people look at it.

So if we see a low here at 17, 000, 677. So ten percent would be um one thousand. We we can do it easily easily ill. Tell you teach you a trick right, a trick. Seventeen thousand. What was it here lets say six six, seven seven times now. If you wanted to see how much it is you just times by 1.2, easy peasy, so if it gets to 21 212, that would be considered right, a 20 uh gain, and so that means that the uh bull cycle will start now. This is when youre looking at the s p 500, but with crypto, especially bitcoin. It moves a lot more volatile than that, so im gon na say 40 right 40 is when i ill give it the the okay right, because it does move a lot. So that would be 24 747., its its still not far away, because bitcoin moves really fast right. It almost got to twenty two thousand uh. You know it was the twenty two thousand uh yesterday right at june 17th, so it dropped twenty percent, and then it can go back up 20 and so its its a real um, tricky situation to say when the bull and the bear uh starts right according to Them here uh its kind of hard to see, and i didnt do the calculations, how they considered a bear cycle and a bull cycle in this graph ill ill. Try to calculate it its kind of small.

I have to get the bigger picture and ill update you on the next video, so make sure to get that. I want to update you on this and then well talk about. Is it too late to buy bitcoin or shibaino or ethereum or whatever right? Whatever tether suffers a ddos attack uh. I wanted to bring this up because the last product that i worked on as a software developer was a ddos prevention software program. So i have a lot of knowledge about this and its dear to my heart, and this little bit scares me just. The fact is that tether is supposed to be the the biggest the bestest of the bestest, the best of them all and english is my second language by the way. So, if i make mistakes and with my grammar, you know blame the the school, so tether suffers. Adidos attack and what happens here, ddos sorry tether is supposed to be the the main guy right, the strong one it has uh, i think 45 billion in backing the fact that they are having a ddos attack is kind of concerning to me just the fact that They their security, is not up to par and its pretty easy to to fix it. They probably didnt think that it was going to happen to them theyre, trying theyre getting ransom, uh and hopefully its not too much money. Uh that we have. You know an issue where we see something going on with uh the movement of tether and hopefully no de pegging or something like that – uh, because that would be really really bad.

Its depends a little bit. Do you see it 0.99 um its supposed to you know um balance itself out back to one. I could be because of the run that bitcoin is having now so its in fluctuation uh, but thats thats. Just an interesting anecdote there so now to is it too late to buy bitcoin shibahinu etherium polygon cardano, whatever you whatever you like, polka dots alana in my opinion – and this is only my opinion on financial advice – always do your own due diligence before i decide to Invest, of course, were still in the baby. Steps of cryptocurrency payments using cryptocurrency are in its infancy. Right utility is in its infancy. I think that the big boom is going to be between five to seven years from now right, i think that the 2020s, the big jump from the beginning of 2020 to the end of 2020 to 2030, is going to be a crypto revolution right. We we have each each decade: theres a new revolution: uh high speed internet 5g, uh cell phones, where they became smartphones. That became a lot higher higher capacity of cpu usage and things like that in the 2010s to 2020s. I think that this next decade is going to be the crypto revolution and – and we have now evs, of course, is – is also the 2010s to 2020s. The this decade is going to be huge, huge, huge for crypto and any time i think, investing now in cryptocurrency is in its infancy, of course, its always better to get 10 15 years ago, but 10 15 years ago.

It was really out there right now, its more mainstream, its still not out there and youre going to have a newer generation. The older generation are going to move on to better pastures and youre, going to have new generation coming in and scooping up crypto with the money that theyre going to be earn earning the kids theyre now 15, 16 17 in about seven or eight years, theyll be 25, 26 and theyll be working, having have money and being investing in crypto right thats. What theyre gon na do, and so i think this is going to be a big boom. I know a lot of people want short term short term short term, but we have to look long term as well guys check out the links in description down below dont forget to smash the like button. Thank you for watching.