You can buy in 2022.. Please bear in mind. This is not financial advice and the cryptocurrency industry is incredible, volatile its up to you as the investor to research. What project interest you and decide whether you want to invest your money in them and todays in this video? I will talk about my favorite cryptocurrency. You can buy in 2022 and all these crypto you can buy on gate that i o get. That io is a platform for cryptocurrency traders. If you are a crypto trader and you are looking for a medium to buy or sell your tokens or coins, i recommend get that i o to you. They are reliable and fast. So the link is available in the video description, so first on the list is xrp. Xrp is an open source. Cryptocurrency that uses an open source distributor that uses an open source distributed, ledger called xrp ledger. It was developed by ripple an enterprise blockchain company that facilities global transactions, ripple, says xrp was built for payments and can settle transactions faster, more reliably and at a lower cost, then is possible over standard global payment infrastructure. So i think you must buy xrp, because xrp price is down compared to a year ago and you can buy it for well under one dollar and next on the list is chain link chain link is another ethereum token that powers the chain leak, decentralized oracle network. The network is used to securely connect to external data sources, apis and payment system.

The chain link price moves in fits and start and currently sits at around 7 down almost 80 percent year over year, giving investor a chance to buy cheap and next on. The list is uniswep as a major player among decentralized exchange, uni swap automates, the trading of decentralized finance tokens between coin holders along anyone who hold coins to create a liquidity pool for any token pair they choose. Although highly volatile uniswep has the advantage of having been an early player in the decentralized exchange space and next on, the list is sandbox sand. The sandbox is the blockchain based metaverse, a virtual game that uses a play to un model, that lets user, create, buy, sell and collect digital assets in the form of nfts and with the current hype, around metawatts blockchain games like the sandbox might just be getting started, And next on, the list is decenter land mana. This of land is the token behind an ethereum blockchain based virtual reality, game of the same name with the almost 183 billion dollar market capitalization. The cryptocurrency project is not exactly childs play, although down from its number 2021 high of 5.48 mana is still selling above its around 1, so i think you must buy this coin, and next on the list is near. Protocol near protocol is a layer 1 blockchain designed to be a community operated cloud computing platform with faster transaction speeds. The project has the potential to reduce barriers to web 3 adoption web 3 being the catch phrase for a blockchain based internet.

So i think you must buy all these coins and it will definitely give you profit in the future and all these coins you can buy on gate at io. The link is available on the video description, so much check it out and thats it. For this video give this video a like and comment down below, if you have any question subscribe to our channel for more amazing tech videos.