My name is carl and im going to bring you this cryptocurrency video lets take a look at the bitcoin price, which is right now going up exactly as we predicted, and our long position is right now. Exploding look at this right now, its actually 200 percent in profits, 200 and guys. Let me know in the comment section if you actually took this trade right now, because uh over on buybit. Our accounts are, of course, doing well because of this trade right now and um. This is because we, both you and me, realized that the bottom was near and we put in a trade. So here you see over on by bit how um we put in a trade right there down at 18.5 because of the signs of a big reversal and ever since then weve seen the price go up, and this is why you have to subscribe to my channel Guys so you dont miss out on these trades when they happen, um, obviously, and ill show you the two big resistance levels that im watching right now here you have over on trading view. You can see. Bitcoin is right now going up here exactly as we predicted and the next big resistance is right there at 22.8. You can see resistance right there, and the ultimate resistance to break will be up here at 28.7 because of massive support there and there. So those are the two resistance levels im watching right now, im currently in um in that trade and im, also in a couple of spot positions in the millions of dollars that im taking because of the fact that uh, it just looks like this – could be the Bottom uh, i made a tweet, also um.

I said this is probably the bottom or i think this is the bottom save this tweet, and that was at the same time when i put in my trade. So essentially, i put this trade, mostly just to prove prove that im right um more than uh, more than im, more than making crazy money from it because uh, what i make the most money from anyways is always my portfolio going up, um and other things. My companies and stuff, but definitely definitely playing on these wallet volatile swings, is definitely a thats. How i built my initial capital by the way um. I can go into my story more in another video but um, as you know, guys today, im doing a bunch of things. I have multiple crypto companies im a co founder of multiple companies, ive invested in 400 crypto startups um. I have a big machine going on right now, so thats um thats that uh, you know. I have 150 employees currently working for my company, so thats thats a lot growing fast guys even the bear markets. Most companies are firing people but im actually hiring people currently. Just so you know you know what, if you want to work for me, i will make it easy for you soon, uh very soon, but right now i dont have a great way to do that. I should have like a google form, but big things coming up. Im going to show you soon how you can easily sign up and um apply for a job in my companies, but that will wait a couple of weeks or three weeks but youll see um okay.

So what is bitcoin doing right now, um and are we seeing any any bullish signals? Um, let me show you here: let me go. I want to go into the um into the uh whats. It called the uh four hour time frame and ill show you uh this bullish divergence, because you can see here um clearly here there is a bullish divergence going on in the price only four hour, showing us that bait code is very likely to go up from Here, which is obviously what we expected, but there are multiple signs showing us that this might be the bottom, at least for the for the short term, but maybe even for for the whole, like. Maybe that was the bottom. You know um. Let me go to the weekly time frame and pull out the um 200 moving average uh. We all know that the 200 is a massive massive level um. Let me just delete some of my stuff. There we go so you can see that we actually broke it and closed below, but this week is going to be incredibly incredibly interesting if we break back above it. Maybe that means that we are saved and were going to go back up again. That remains to be seen, but yeah lets see, leave your thumbs up right now. If you enjoy these quick videos and dont forget also, if you want to claim four thousand dollar bonus on, buy bits, make sure to go down below this video and click the buy bit link.

Look at this. If you go below this video right here, you find a 4 000 bonus. If you click this link and put in a trade right now um, you also get zero percent maker fees for 30 days. If you click this specific link um to buy it. So if i were you, i would go do that right now and then put in your trade just like ive been doing here, and this reversal um will basically make us a little bit more money than if we just do it on spots. Um yeah guys thats uh bitcoin for today and uh. Maybe we can take a quick look at the theorem as well, because ethereum is also getting a reversal as it should do as it as it should when bitcoins going up als. This is ethereum. Walls have a bullish divergence. This is a great point actually to put in a trade on by bit for ethereum as well um. Getting this big reversal thanks to bitcoin and remember, to to um to um predict all coins. You first have to predict bitcoin and let me show you now the cme futures charge here. You see that we could see a pump up to 29k because we have to fill the gap up here, thats, where i think we should that we might do right now. So um makes even more sense to put in these trades right now and wait for that big reversal, um, so yeah.

Let me know right now. What youre doing are you trading this just like me? Let me know right now in the comments and leave a thumbs up. I want to reach 3000 likes on this video and today im going to go out and do some boating with my friend actually with carl from casta, the ceo of casta were going to go out and have some lunch and then go for a boat and have Some fun speaking of custom, the casta rollout, is happening right now, big thanks guys. We have so many things to tell you but um coming soon guys. Thank you for watching. I love you. You are the best that ever happened to me.