But in this video we are going to review some of the previous topics that we have been telling you on why the crypto market is currently on a downtrend. We are going to review some of the things that we have spoken just before and then also youre going to understand what is next for the short term price action, so stay tuned to no more Music, so hi guys and welcome back to another gab cryptocurrency video, Where we trade by data and not by hype and if you havent, subscribed to my channel, hit the subscribe button down below and hit the notification bell, so you wont miss out the electrical analysis like this and before we start this video taken and before we started This video verante guys the free gab script 101 tutorial video. So if you want to learn crypto trading for free, you can actually check out this crypto trading it on playlist, nothing and grab script 101. You can actually find this on youtube by typing in gabs. Crypto. 101 on our youtube channel so find us guys – and you can also find this case too – in the description down below so now. Lets dive into this video and lets. Give you a quick recap of our previous analysis. In previous analysis, what we were monitoring was this potential divergence forming within the forward time frame see that divergence was forming. At the same time, the price was declining, so that was traditionally abolished in the brazilian digital.

So the previous trade national government around the 19.8 k and then at that area next time a stop loss because, like expectant movement up until the 22.2 key or 21.6 k, but on the areas we actually went down even lower, we saw a bleeding movement. But okay bitcoin, we went drop, we dropped down to 18 000 and i think we briefly touched seventeen thousand six hundred us dollars. But what is happening right away? The bitcoin price? So, as you can see the back since the kit is topless just like with what happened, the security capital because of the our stop loss so right now its just at, i think around five percent lower ten percent talking. I know trade. You know what ill enjoy because of course, the stop loss and then let right now what is happening within the bitcoin price. Actually, so, as you can see the bitcoin price action, you can actually notice now we are not seeing any sell volume. Despite of the bitcoin price, going down, capone look at this. The bitcoin price went down yesterday, but look at that wallet. I am going to sell volume as compared to what we have seen inside my previous movement. So look at that previous movement volume right now. We are not seeing the cell volume, in fact, adding by volume. This is acting bitcoin price action right now, so its actually indicating that more people are buying than selling, so it might caught you in surprise nah.

If ever not lets see like better sorry, because look at this, the the the sentiment of our volume right now is indicating a more there are a lot of buyers than sellers right now in the whole crypto market. So if i were you, i would be buying the deputy to starting spot wallet and then it is in you guys regarding trades like this, so tandano guys, you have to understand your identity. There are some people who would say nah, sabine or theyre gon na then, of course, one of the best things to buy bitcoin is of course, of course, boxing wont clip the market, but if lets see you are in just for the short term, then of course Ebay analysis, starting for the short term, so as much as possible, always remember now you need to understand your identity first before entering into anything, because, if possible, analysis, staffing apology for the long term, so if ever now lets say you are following a specific analysis, always Remember to understand first, your identity and then, after that, you need to incorporate your identity, to whatever analysis that you are going to follow. So in this case, for the long term, of course, for the long term for the long term, its actually an investment opportunity, because you look at that since we are at this area now by opportunity and for the long term, its a good buying opportunity. But when it comes to the short term, of course, in biohacking analysis, so with that being said, lets now dive into our short term analysis within our bitcoin price action.

As of the time being so, you know, i think, by volume can also sell volume and right now its actually still forming a diversion. So, despite of the bitcoin price declining look at this, even though the decline potential rsi is still increasing for them, so its still forming a lot of divergences, its just a matter of when land like bottom market. You also have another indicator. Seeing now you are seeing a lot of strengths between price. Actually, despite of the price declining, so right now its actually indicating that, for the short term, we might see a potential bullish, retracement its just a matter of time bottom out. So if i were you be very patient and then as much as possible, always set the stop loss but im a security, indian capital as always, and then of course, always certainly take profit area. So right now extreme. So, of course, for the long term, ive just been ive, been buying bitcoin ability, spot wallet of buying a few minutes and then had the launch for the long term. It doesnt matter for the long term and the ba ever since 36, 000 up until the 20 000 us dollar so around this area, building on a billionaire bitcoin john, it doesnt matter for the long term because of course, its an investment, but for the short term, This is my next trade for the short term, because i look at this increasing rsi. We are seeing a lot of by volume at the same time.

Look at this price declining while the rsi is increasing. So that is a potential sign of you might see a bullish, retracement but im not expecting a bullish transversal, its more of a consolidation, detox area, nine, similar with what weve seen the chatting previous movements you dont, similar in a bullish, divergence 18 up until the 20 22.5 k area, so in that case you know impossible consolidation area, nothing imma, monitor, but right now, um and then i said im going to stop plus just around the 17 u.s dollar. So that is my next trade right now so 1780 stop loss enter around an opposition around the 19k and then take profit area would be the following area, so you take an extreme. My number one take profit area would be the 20.3k and then my next take profit area would be around the 22 000 us dollars. So since we are expecting a potential bullish retracement, so they buy initially in a couple of so in that case, instead of stop loss mugging in three stops, but if ever lets say big number declines, a bitcoin madness and secure nothing, i think profit so regardless, if Ever lets see bitcoin time profits so as much as possible, always set a take profit area if they got just starting price action. Adjust your trail stop and as much as possible, always remember to watch out your attitude price analysis and then, if everyone lets him continue to break into the upside yeah.

I think next thrill stop of course nothing from 1901 around 20. Of course, we are already in profits lost the bitcoin price is still increasing between paris action and january 2022 heres, my previous video and the bazaar that is the previous video in january 22, 2022.. Now, the reason why the whole crypto market is going down is because of the global recession, as you can see yeah, i think stock market in global. So us stock market stock market is actually on a massive crash and a company january 2022 chart not 10 as compared to our current chart. You know bitcoin and whats this massive crush out of stock market, and is this the first in an effect on busy crypto because of the stock market, its not in fact this is actually the third time so the first time being was around the year 2018. So, as you can see, on 2018, we saw a massive decline within the stock market and then, if were going to look at the bitcoin price now on 2018 lets, try to use our logarithmic growth firm chart. So i think that was around anusha deba, 20. 2019 january 2019 and december 2018., so december 2018 to january 2019 same goes to take a look at this guys same year same month, march 2020 and then right now. We are also seeing the similar area and the stock market in crypto market, for the time being, which is this area right now area nato, so in the area that its directly affected because of this.

But when it comes to the short term, i dont think that the stock market will affect bitcoin for the very short term, but when it comes to the long term price action when it comes to this macro scale indicator, then for me so most of the new Arctic analysis na hand in hand your stock market and crypto market, but for the very short term it doesnt always go. It doesnt go like that, always as much as possible if youre going to compare stock market with the bitcoin price action and if youre going to follow the price action on crypto market using the stock market. I think this is only useful if youre going to use a long term analysis chart, but when it comes to the short term, ebata lagasha you. So this is why ive been telling you. Since january 2020, tuna, there are main custom pack bucks in the crypto market. Its not because of that around the maid its because of the global recession in delaga, but anyway, if lets say you want to trade bitcoin with the lowest fees possible. If you want to start trading, you can actually trade with being x and as usual, if you want to claim bonuses bring x, you can use my signup link. Now you can find the description down below, but anyway, in monopoly 10 for the time being, hopefully insights in the beginning review on why the crypto market is going down.