Crypto news becomes exciting, as ever so today were going to cover the markets, then were going to cover some quick four points. So, first of all its solana centralized. We also have luna devs. Apparently they cant leave korea. Then we have celsius theres, a short squeeze happening and if you stay till the end im going to tell you my take on this current market and if im, buying or selling cryptocurrencies at this point lets get started starting off with a quick glance at the markets. Things actually seem to be turning up quite a lot. Bitcoin is above 20k, in fact its above 21k. Now it moved up 5 in the last 24 hours, so thats, actually pretty good. It seems, like a lot of the fear, has been dying down. Thank god i mean traditional markets come on guys. We also have ethereum moving up up to a thousand one hundred and fifteen, and we also have a lot of other cryptocurrency coins pumping wow, precisely celsius, which were gon na cover later, but also other coins like stack cielo ava. A lot of different other cryptocurrencies are experiencing double digit growth today, so thats, actually looking quite up looking at the charts as well, we definitely see, and we see where the support is for bitcoin. This is actually super important going forward, because this support actually did help strong. There was a lot of fun this weekend, so being able to hold above 17 000 is super important and im gon na eye for that bounce im actually gon na eye right now.

For that bounce going up, because there just isnt much to scare bitcoin investors at this current point anymore, right so im, actually looking for a positive trade on the upside, maybe a short term long to go forward well same stories with ethereum as well. We found that support lying at around 900 bucks for my targets this week, im expecting a bounce all the way up to 1 500 for ethereum. Listen to me here, the re there was just too much stupid fear and too much stupidity entering this market. So having a bounce like this is extremely normal now. The issue here is not about the balance, but what happens after? Do we dump after that or not now lets jump into the news and hit the first topic, which is solana? Is it centralized – and this is really targeting the solana network per se, but rather the solana ecosystem precisely seoul land. However, it pulled a crazy stunt this weekend on friday, because there was a very big whale there that was potentially getting liquidated and could potentially massively harm the entire solana ecosystem. The platform decided to have an eight hour vote to see if they can emergency seize the funds off this whale. Now you know crypto the moment you see someones assets and you take them or take assets that dont belong to you and thats. Exactly what happened. Twitter exploded with people crying foul and saying you know what this is not what decentralized is for now, following that backlash, theres, now a vote to reverse those emergency powers so – and i kind of find this – is the stupidest thing, like i kind of find it backing Down its probably the worst time now, because youre kind of admitting that youre centralized and can seize user funds, and then you reverse it because you realize that what you did is wrong, so youre kind of admitting that youre doing something wrong.

Ah guys guys guys calm down first and foremost, okay. First, for me, honestly, i havent lost faith in the solana ecosystem. I still feel that there is a need for a hyper, fast ecosystem, but i think for me that its just a realization that its on training reels right now. This is just a little kid riding a bike right, thats the solana ecosystem right now. Sometimes they fall over. Sometimes they need to use those little weird wheels. What do you call those things again? Training wheels? Yes, training wheels, thats what thats? What solana is using right? Now the next topic is with tara, so tara, luna developers are now barred by the korean authorities from leaving the country. This is actually quite an interesting move, so this implies that there may be an upcoming investigation from korean authorities on top of this of soil. The tara, tara and the developers are being, in fact not just developers, but the investors into terra are now being sued for fraud as well. So this is a global like a global witch hunt for terra and what happened flight bans like this are actually pretty common. In asia, so this is especially true in china as well, where a lot of cryptocurrency founders and exchange creators are borrowed from leaving the country. So the fact that this is happening in korea is actually quite interesting. Do you think that this is a cruel form of punishment, or do you think this is maybe something thats much needed? Leave a comment down below id love to hear what you think about this type of policy as well.

Before moving on to our next segment, we have a quick ad segment for ledger, so with the recent cryptocurrency hacks and well with celsius freezing withdrawals, you guys probably realize that keeping funds on the centralizer exchange is not super smart. So something like this a ledger. Nano s – and this is the latest one – the ledger nano s plus a device like this – allows you to keep your own cryptocurrencies. You have your own custody, its yours for yours to keep next up, we have the most ridiculous price action happening on the celsius network. Its pumping to a dollar fifty one – and this is after celsius – froze withdrawals, withdrawals havent opened yet, but its pumping to a point where its actually pre withdrawal freeze, thats kind of insane. If you think about it like it goes to show that there is such a heavy need for speculation in this space um, especially if you look at the celsius reddit uh, this just then like there are so many almost a dollar lets pump it this. This really reminds me of old school, massive pumps, ive seen and honestly there wasnt too much news like if you actually look at it celsius repays, maybe 10 million dollars of die back to compound thats, nothing right its a mere fraction of the billions of dollars. Theyre holding under assets management and the billions of dollars thats frozen on celsius, but i do feel like theyre theyre.

The need for our the space to gamble and to play around with crypto prices is just massive, and i think that should never be underestimated to another. Crypto person, this wouldnt really make much sense, but hey were in crypto and people need to speculate. People want things to just pump and the fact that celsius was at such a low point. I mean, if you think about it, when uh all the fear was there, celsius actually dropped all the way down to 19 cents. It definitely looked oversold, but now were just shooting over the other direction, so mind blown so thats it for the hottest topics today, and i want to ask the question i asked at the start of the video which is am i buying now, and the answer is: Yes, im entering in a few long positions just to catch that wave just to catch everything going up for a little bit, because i see that theres such a heavy need for speculation right now. People are hungry, people have been bored of selling and shorting for a while. So having a balance, just sounds like the right thing to do, especially since there just was massive fear, and we know that things will be swinging to the more positive direction for a while. So, yes, i have entered long positions already looking on a trade only not on a dca yet ill explain why, in the next few videos but im looking for those short term trades at this current point and definitely im lying bitcoin and ethereum, although im very likely Gon na place a short on celsius very soon and guys.

I hope you enjoyed this video im, trying something new here on this channel im just trying to do very casual videos.