com, because we love it and, of course, as youre, seeing right now on the screen, all those beautiful prices in 2021 dont. We miss them guys by the end of this video. Well talk about the latest updates news, price analysis and everything in between that as you and i as holders. We dont want to miss because at the end of the day we know you – and i know that no one knows the future. I think thats clear but have fun is to predict it and kind of go along, because if you want to have a price prediction, a weekly monthly chances are youre not going to get it right. But when you are expanding it for the long term, a year from now, five years from now 10 years from now the right mentality for a long term, position and holder, i think, were gon na – be an excellent position to build right now, our portfolio and later On becoming millionaires so go ahead and smash the like button. Everybody consider subscribing to the channel always great to have new people and turn on those notification bells. So you never miss an update because updates in crypto come like this. You already know that so everybody lets go ahead and get started first and foremost, the price, the thing that everybody is concerned about right now, a lot of bull traps bear traps. You know bull traps you go up, then you crash the empire trap you go down, but then you go up its a lot of different movements right now.

If i take a look at bitcoin, twenty thousand dollars, seventeen thousand dollars it was before. Okay, i get it. Thats the new bottom for 2021 and 2022.. So what do we do? Well, you bought a twin uh, 17, 000 great for you, because if you are buying the crashes, although we may have later on even deeper ones, still are an amazing price for You see that bottom, this line horizontal line, that is the 100 retracement from the top, almost one dollar to the bottom. So what weve been saying for a time for some time is if youre getting a 100 retracement or close to that for a for an average price. You are golden now im gon na give you the sweet sauce very quickly in the video. Let me bring this right here. A lot of us were discussing how many crocodiles do you need, so when the price is a dollar or more youre set in golden, and this is something that the community is kind of going through it going with it, which ive been? Why not theyre saying if you get 100 000 crocoins by the time the price of cro is ten dollars? You will be a millionaire basically right now you do 100 000 eleven cents. That is eleven hundred dollars. Eleven hundred thousand dollars that you will wan na pay for them right now and of course, once that is compounded to ten dollars. Well, guess what everybody! You are gon na, be a delicious! Well, nice millionaire, 100 000 time test, one million dollars.

That will be it pretty exciting right. So what is the strategy best whats? The best strategy for you, its gon na, be according to your budget, but eleven hund, eleven thousand dollars right now invested to buy one hundred thousand crocoin knowing heres another one because theres a bunch of things knowing that they burn as well right, theyre burning as well And the price analysis, when we look at binance and crawl, you see that right now on the screen, if we have 35 billion that will be more than a dollar easy more than a dollar and guess what news everybody are you ready? The takeover takeover is underway. It is our pleasure to announce this is coming from chronos news that has flipped ftx and bnb for the daily growth rate in trading volume. Now. Does that mean that we are already passing finance globally when it comes to market cap and recognition? Well, not there yet right finances, i mean i went to conferences already. I went to places already and binance is still the king by far, but is a nice. Second or third, and its coming up really nicely when we come to global exchanges, but because here in the united states we know coinbase, gemini uh, even i dont know rob included right, uh, weeble theres, some other exchanges right now in the us that do have a Little bit more penetration, but when we come to globally, when you get out of the u.

s and finally start living and exploring binance and are not that bad competitors – and i love it in this case – were having becoming the leader really great job. And thank you colonels news, always putting us here at the top of the news and bull trap right. What is a lot? A lot of people are saying, with more than 8 000 boats with the big configuring grid index and a lot of people are saying yes, but some decent amount of people are saying no to so thats. Why im telling you right right now, if you take a look at the daily charts, its a little bit confusing? No one knows the future, but what i can tell you is that when we come theres a lot of different windows that i have open because i like to you know, have some foundations, really fundamentals and see what in the world is going on that. Just might not just in my own opinion we can tell that were ready in a basically fire sale thats, it were down heavily down. You take a look at the 200 moving average average for bitcoin. We crush that were approaching the 300 moving average, which that will be at 16 000 bitcoin. Are we there yet not were not there? Yet? Okay, so at this time not a really bad time to get into a position, especially for croquin and alcons, that are extremely more liquidated than bitcoin.

You see that so, although now coming to coin market cap, although the prices are coming up, which is good, the green 6.14 were coming to one trillion back. Finally, it was 860 870 billion globally. It was pretty bad this weekend and you know this past week, but were starting with the right foot note things can change very quickly, but its always great and exciting, to report and to analyze how things can change also positively speaking, who are the winners right now? Look at this stepping from solana, abbey abecorn and other different ones, which is great, as you can tell, is not here, usually The prices are not that you know strong when it comes to the growth at this time of the aisle, because its a cryptocurrency that is heavily owned, heavily hold it. And if we were to have a 20 increase in one day that thatll be huge and i i believe a lot of sellers wouldnt. Let it go that far, but im telling you going back to the price from everything that i know its going to be happy and easily not, i mean just to pass the 10 cent average right now that were seeing and were building for a while. We build this before the massive pump. What youre not seeing right now on the screen at the top is the massive pump that we accrued throughout this less than seven to eight months. That weve had so far its because this was july 2021.

So you see its been right now coming close to the year coming close to the 12 to 10 11 months. That is not bad, but once the crash already happens well, how were gon na be painting the future right for this cryptocurrency im going to continue holding in a sideways trading position, or i will continue grinding and pumping back up theres one thing im going to tell You if we dont reach an outcome season, i do not foresee im going to go back to the day. I do not foresee this kind of pump, because this is kind of coming close to a once in a lifetime for any type of alcorn, because coinbase was added because they burned tokens, because you know it was a massive combination of different bullish things for the cryptocurrency. This was 2021., but for this one well need to go a little bit slower right in road as we as we come close to an outcome season, thats. What im predicting for everybody right now, as we head into 2023 ive, said enough that it does seem that 2022 might be cooked because it takes a while for us to continue pushing forward especially upwards, because right now it can easily just stay in there here in The 78 to 100 retracement and that will be 25 cents, 11 cents, its still not bad, but its nowhere even close to what you and i but right about here in the 50s and 40s.

You see that so there you guys have it uh everybody insane. Very nice that were leading the fear is still at an all time, high isnt that exciting at six at night baby i mean what are the best times to buy. I think in this, in this uh scenarios and, of course, the tbl we talked about it before down down baby, even ethereum at 44, and once it was on 166 insane. Thank you very much for watching guys check out the links down below for your first crocodile.