. Bitcoin is falling to lows. Even I thought werent possible until down the road. Major projects are going under peak fear is in everyones eyes.. So how do you survive a crypto winter? Bear market. Well find out in just over 10 minutes, because its time for Chico Crypto Yup Bitcoin has gone full on bearish.pulling out the chart. Since 2017, we officially fell all the way to the old all time high of 20k set in December of 2017. And all of 2021s gains have been completely wiped out. Whats interesting about this.is miner capitulation, hasnt even occurred yet.. Looking back to the 2018 bear market. The miner capitulation aka steep drop in hashrate, as miners dropped out, didnt come until november of 2018, with the hashrate bottom coming, the next month.. This was a full year after the all time, high of BTC in 2017and, when Bitcoin finally dipped to 3k. As we can see from the hashrate today, its just been climbing and climbing, even with the falling prices there hasnt been a miner capitulation even for this crypto winter and bear cycle., Which makes me think that we havent hit our bottom yetwe are in for more cold. Crypto weather, which equals more price pain., So the big question ishow, do you survive this and whats to come? Well, like Ive, been saying, since I confirmed this was a full on bear market. These are blessings in disguise.. They give those who stick around the opportunity to accumulate at prices, people dream of in a bull market.

. So my number one advice in these markets: You got ta have income and some disposable income, so you can start accumulating at the low and bottom prices.. Now, Im sure many of you who watch my channel have jobs so keep that goingbut. If that job isnt, providing you enough freedom to investthen quit the job and go full time crypto. If you couldnt tell that was a joke, but in reality, if you need more money to invest.create a side, hustlewhich can supplement your incomegiving. You that boost in investment. Now Im, not gon na. Tell you what to do for a side hustle, as there are many options out there., You could become a picker yard, saling and reselling the stuff online.. You could pick up a part time job as a bartender or waiter. You could learn affiliate marketing. You could, But I do want to talk about the side hustle options within the crypto industry. Now trying to find the coin that pumps 100x in a bear market isnt going to happen., Although there will be upwards and downwards movements in coins on the daily. A bear Market is the perfect time to learn day, trading. Capitalizing on the daily movements of coins or even stonks equities, precious metals and more.. Now everyone should know Im, not a technical, analystIm, a fundamental analyst., Although I do know and realize that there is value in TA. Its just not for mebut, it might be for you Sowhere.

Do you learn? Well, you do not buy one of those trading courses from youtubers who offer themone of my mottos is the best information on cryptocurrency will always be free. So, look for youtubers who offering their content for free or mostly free, have a good track record of winning trades doing live trading. One I can recommend, for this is Crypto face.Crypto Face is unique in that he trades with large positions on livestreams, So hes, one of the best TA Youtubers to follow for crypto. If you want proof that someone really is a good trader and not just LARPing by only showing their wins, sometimes he gets stopped out in trading, especially in the short term. That is going to happen.. So once you have researched TA, you have found strategies, you think could win its time to test them out with fake money before trying it in the real worldnow. Most large exchanges give you the opportunity to do. This. Binance has a spot test. Network BTSE has a good spot. Testnet kraken has a good futures testnet and if you are looking to trade outside the world of crypto, pocketoption has a demo account letting you trade currencies. A few cryptos commodities stocks and indices. Link 5 Pocket Option. Click on trading pair to see trading options, But what? If the stress of trading isnt for youlike myself? Well, there is always the option of going the humble route and becoming your everyday farmer. No, not farming, in the literal sense like growing crops.

, But yield farming as there is still yield to be earned on crypto assets, even in a bear. Market. Now I know with Celsius going under many people are weary of locking up their crypto assets in platforms and even staying in stablecoins.. Well, for one Celsius was an entirely centralized irresponsible organizationand. There are solid stablecoins like DAI and USDC., And there are responsible decentralized organizations. Still providing pretty decent returns on stables., Like Centrifugewhich, is providing real world assets and companies quick financing with DAI in return for a higher payback, which is distributed to the token holders.. As we can see, the APYs over 30 days are pretty dang high up to 10.77 percent for the Senior lower risk investors in the emerging consumer loans pool, but clicking into it. The Junior higher risk investors are earning nearly 50 percent APY over 90 days on their DAI for participating in this poolbut. What about USDC? Well, they have the RWA pool built in collaboration with AAVE, where you can earn yield on USDC too, and clicking into that. You can earn 2.28 percent APR on your USDC, but also get a bonus of CFG rewards an extra 10.22 percent APR.. There are other options out there too, but wont give you as high of rewards.. There is compound aave and a few others, as well as options on Ethereum Layer 2s like Arbitrum and Optimism. Im, not a pro farmer. I just understand there is a way to earn some good gains while doing it in a bear market.

. If you would like to learn more about yield, farming check out a channel that focuses solely on it, like Taika Maeda.who farms across chains and layer 2s. But what about having fun playing games while earning a side income to put into the crypto markets at these rock bottom prices? Well, Im going to get into that and more after. I cover this play to earn game Farsite, which could provide those much needed gains during this bear and, like always, the full details can be found in the description. Mark. Your calendars for July, 7th for the official Alpha release of Farsite the worlds first, real time strategy. Decentralized MMO play 2 earn game and, with over 500000 already registered players, the anticipation could not be any greater.. The team behind the game is SuperNovae gaming experts and the visionaries behind one of blockchains. First games, MegaCryptoPolis. Theyve been developing the Farsite Universe, the last 3 years. Building out the community and lore and launched the currently playable pre Alpha version of Farsite 6 months ago, but the time has come for real gameplay strategy. Real earnings and new adventures. Lets take a closer look at the game, its assets and the exciting announcements rolling out over the next couple weeks. Farsite is set in a universe populated by spaceships and planetary bases in which players can take on a number of roles ranging from explorer merchant miner politician and more. Players. Can mine process transport and sell resources and items explore planets and constellations and complete missions to earn Credits an ERC20 token and the internal game? Currency.

Farsite is built on Polygon, ready for ETH 2.0 and all in game actions are recorded using ZK Relay.. All the assets in the Farsite universe are created, owned and controlled by the players running in a trustless environment.. The main asset in the game are Spaceships upgradable, thru modules, and there are no two alike. Ships are needed to play the game to explore distant galaxies, obtain and transport resources and to battle enemies. And Ships are not your average NFT Farsite brings in a new era Of token standards merging NFTs and DeFi into one by adding intrinsic value to your NFTs thru, what they call cNFTs or Collateral NFTs NFTs infused with Credits, ERC20 tokens with real value.. Last December, Farsite pre launched with the sale of Crates containing unique cNFT Spaceships, alongside 50 exclusive Coindesk branded Ships selling out in a few hours.. These Ships can be purchased on the secondary market on OpenSea or the internal Farsite Open Market, but with a strong desire from the community for more Crates. The team is releasing a new Alpha, Crate Sale in just a few days June 21st. In anticipation of the Alpha game release on July 7th., New users can buy and open an Alpha Crate to receive cNFT ships, valuable game items, Credits, blueprints modules and more Farsite also recently launched a new scholarship program called the Pilot Academy, a truly win win scenario for Farsite ship owners and for newcomers interested in playing the game and earning but dont, have the capital to start.

. Any player who owns multiple ships can start their own Academy and will receive 5 of the ETH spent by their scholars, as well as up to 70 of the Credits earned by renting out your spaceship to new Pilots. Scholars can use these Ships to start playing and Earning and will also receive valuable insights and mentorship from the Academy owner, so they can earn and build their own ships With the Alpha release. Only a few weeks away, the upcoming short supplied Alpha Crate sale on June 21st is the best possible time for new users to stock up on ships and items or to become Pilots and join the Scholarship program. So they can be in a position to start earning, while playing. The Farsite universe has been long in development by a proven all star team, and this project has received a lot of positive publicity. Dont miss your chance to become one of the earliest explorers in the Farsite universe Visit the Farsite website and create an account, follow them on Twitter and be sure to join their Discord where you can learn more about the upcoming Alpha, Crate, sale and new Pilot Academy. Scholarship Program, links to everything can be found in the description And now back to more ways to earn in this bear market by just playing games.. So I made a video about Moonsama Minecraft carnage, where you hunt for resources in the minecraft world and those resources can be turned into crypto, aka Moonriver, which has actual value.

. These events are only 2 hours and take place every sundayand. If you are good, you can earn upwards of this much. Over 2 grand each week for just 2 hours., Not a bad side, crypto hustle, I must say Now to play Carnage. You need to have a Moonsama NFT, which has a floor price of 2100 Moonriver, which is over 30 thousand dollars. Buttt. There is also another way to play with VIP tickets, which, as we can see, are currently going for 70 Moonriver, which is only about 1 grand.. You can make that back in just a session or two of Carnage, if youre good., Sothe investment, I would say, is worth itif youre ready to play, learn and earn.. Finally, there is another BIG play to earn game which is releasing during this bear market., And that is Illuviumwhich will be the first AAA play to earn game to hit the scenes. AAA. Well, Illuvium will be the first blockchain based game to use Unreal Engine 5, which was just announced last week, Which is getting noticed by some of the biggest in the gaming space. Gamestop annonouced also last week that Illuvium NFTs would be supported by their coming NFT marketplace.. The game is currently in a private Beta, but the public BETA is slated for launch in the next 1 to 3 months, meaning anyone from the public will be able to get their hands on the game.. So how will you be able to earn with Illuvium? Well, you will be able to explore the Illuvium open, overworld, capturing and collecting Illuvials the beasts that inhabit this world.

. This can be incredibly lucrative, especially if a player manages to capture something rare and powerful. Which can be sold on marketplaces like Gamestops.. You can also mine and harvest in the world collecting resources to create in game items like armor and weapons, which also are NFTs and can be sold in marketplaces.. But there is also the Battle Arena where players will choose to battle each other to prove. Who is the superior Hunter and has the best team of Illuvials. Player can specifically call out other players in ad hoc wagered matches in the Leviathan Arena., Where bets in Ethereum can be placed on the matcheseven by spectators? How much can be earned is yet to be seenbut. I think it will be on a level not seen in the crypto space. Axie Infinity can eat Illuviums shorts.