So if you guys love cryptocurrencies, give this video a thumbs up subscribe with notifications on it. Let me know in the comments: did you guys buy the dip? Yesterday, but lets before we take a look at the crypto market lets take a beautiful look at this day. Where you can see southwest florida. You can see the beautiful ocean here at the ritz carlton. You can see uh the pool they have a bunch of cool stuff happening over here wonderful day. I hope you all are having a beautiful fathers day, but lets get into the video guys its getting crazy its getting crazy. So i dont know if you all were paying attention, but yesterday the crypto market was just capitulating again. It seems like every single day. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are crashing over and over again, but yesterday bitcoin hit 17 650 dollars and when it came to this level, it came down very fast by the way, but it also bounced up very very fast. It made about a ten percent move in just minutes, and that is what we like to see when we see the market bottoms. We see quick moves up, but we still want to be careful. You know this morning, bitcoin continued the uptrend and touched about 20. 000. 20, 100, a beautiful level to see, and if you are a patreon member, you would have known from my post last night if bitcoin were to break these key levels to the upside, that there was going to be an uptrend which exactly happened.

So that was beautiful to see that happen and we are seeing a bit of an uptrend. We are seeing a bit of a balance, and that is a good thing now. Let me share with you so bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Ever since they broke down bitcoin broke down from thirty thousand dollars. It has just gone straight down without any bouncing at all. Ever since we broke thirty 000 very little bouncing period, just very, very small bounces and we are finally seeing an actual bounce for the first time since bitcoin has broken down for a week straight so were finally seeing a bounce, and that is a good sign. At least for the immediate short term, but bitcoin still has a lot of work. To do. Bitcoin needs to break 20 ‘5 dollars, which was the major support level that was holding bitcoin that caused the capitulation so thats a resistance level. Now, if bitcoin can break that thats going to be great for the all coins, i mean taking a look at ethereum. Aetherium is experiencing the same thing, but ethereum still has to break about dollars. 1100 order for ethereum to showed continued movement. That is going to be more likely to the upside and ethereum. Right now is approaching the 200 day, ema on the 30 minute time frame and for bitcoin bitcoin is getting close to that as well. Now, in order for cryptos to be actually bullish and for them to show signs that they are going to be recovering, they need to break above the 200 day ema in the 30 minute time frame.

And then we want to see that on the one hour, time frame and moving all the way up, we want to see that in the four hour time frame and beyond when crypto currencies are above the 200 sma or the ema that shows that they are bullish. Whenever they are below it, as we can see on the four hour time frame, bitcoin has been trading below uh, the 200 ema since 44 thousand dollars and guess what it has only gone down this yellow line thats the 200 ema when you are below the yellow Line, you are extremely bearish, so when we start getting above the 200 ema, the 30 minute we start off with – and we start moving up to the one hour, the two hour four hour daily 12 hour and so forth. Whenever we start to break and remain above the 200 ema, its going to be very likely that we are going to be bullish, that that is a sign of a bullish recovery that we are going to be remaining bullish for quite some time. So is the bottom end, yet nobody knows, but the way things are moving the way we have bounced up. That is showing some signs that we have reached the bottom, but the reason why cryptocurrencies are going down so much without any breather without any balances, because these crypto lending platforms have been over leveraged. They have been borrowing peoples, cryptos theyve been leveraging the cryptos that they are borrowing from people and now theyre pretty much down to nothing.

These companies are pretty much wiped out and they have to sell the cryptocurrencies that they have and thats whats dumping the market. Its just really bad theyre, getting liquidated, which is being causing them to force, to sell their positions and so forth. Thats whats really dumping the market and of course we have the stock market and inflation. And then we have high interest rates which do have an effect on kryptos, but it was really driving the market down just like luna luna caused. The major crypto crash is the whole celsius thing and then theres other companies just like celsius, doing the same exact thing, thats why we are seeing the market do what it is doing so as of right now, cryptocurrencies have bounced up and we are seeing some bullish. Continuation on these smaller time frames um nothing to get your hopes up or to be super excited about, but it just goes to show you that when there is so much fear in the market yesterday, at 17, 5 for bitcoin and cryptocurrencies people were probably thinking that Cryptos are done, theyre going to 10k and guess how fastly the market turned around. So if you would have bought that dip, you would have made significant profits in less than 24 hours. Guys real money is made. Real wealth is made in these bearish markets when people think cryptos are over with because they can bounce up and snap back really quickly. Now, every time cryptos have capitulated.

To this degree, theyve always snapped back very very quickly, which means a quick, quick, quick, quick move. We can see bitcoin at any moment, balance and snap to thirty thousand dollars. Twenty eight thousand dollars twenty five thousand dollars, and that can happen in less than a split second and thats gon na be the same with ethereum and a lot of your favorite altcoins dogecoin. Xrp cardano these coins will snap back. I am telling you so do not let all this fud and fear get to you, because the people have been around in this space a long time. The whales guess what the whales are doing. The active addresses for cryptocurrencies are going up, meaning that theres new people that are continuing to join this space, the amount of people that are buying cryptos, the whales, big bags that are holding big bags of bitcoin they are going up. Those back. Those bags are going up that shows that theres still strength in this market and guess what the previous bowl cycles they didnt have all these investors. They didnt have all these companies. They didnt have all these countries investing in cryptos as they are right now. So things are totally different this time and the amount of people that are still buying is going up so its a lot of bullish, things that are happening behind the scenes and the terrible bad news that is happening unfortunately, with celsius and stuff, is pushing the markets Down and guess what that happens, it happens when companies and people like this try to manipulate the market and do leverage and over leverage themselves.

It causes them to dump the entire market, not only ruin their investors, money life savings, but they are affecting our portfolios as well, but guess what, when stuff like that happens, when that stuff stops, the market will balance it very quickly. Thats whats happening as of right. Now uh im not necessarily calling that this is the bottom, but there is showing some signs that we are near the bottom for sure um that we could have reached the bottom. Nobody knows, but were gon na keep assuming when we start to see strong bounces that obviously thats the bottom, because it happens in every bear market every bull market when we eventually get to these type of levels. Okay, okay um, that eventually that could be the bottom and then we keep going up and up yep. That might be the bottom. That might be the bottom and then here we are 20 or 30. 40. 50. 100. Later up, we were like okay. That was the bottom now, if you guys want to get access to these trade alerts when to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. If you were in patreon, if you were in tier three, you would have known to sold your ethereum at 1850. You would have known to sold your bitcoin at certain levels, especially the last one is about 22 to 23, 000, and guess what you would admit you would have been able to buy these dips massive dips and get 20 30 50 more kryptos by following my stop Losses by following some of my trades highly recommend joining the patreon.

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