Many people are selling everything. Many people want to get out of bitcoin as soon as possible. Many people cannot handle this insane weight. This insane bear market that we are right now going through, where we dumped all the way from 69 to 17k. How insane is that? But if youve been here for quite some time, you are cool with that youre, absolutely cool, because you know that bitcoin is here to stay. Bitcoin over time is going to moon against all assets and you got ta sit tight in the ship. We are in a fantastic ship. You dont want to abandon ship right now, and many people right now are abandoning ship look here. Seven billion dollars worth of bitcoin abandoned ship during the past few days. What does it mean? It means that people who are not sure about themselves in this market, who are not sure about bitcoin long term, who are scared, have dumped seven billion dollars so that other people could buy them. Because of course, when you sell someone else buys and when we see these kinds of volumes, its very good, because normally when you have a lot of volume like this capitulating selling at a loss, because 7 billion here were sold at a loss, this means that bitcoin Changes hands from weak to strong hands, because if someone buys 7 billion worth of bitcoin people that bought those 7 billion, they are right now very, very good in terms of enterprise, approximately 20k enterprise.

So they have no reason to sell until way way higher prices. So thats, why normally for bitcoin to pump you need to have capitulation. You need to have high volumes of dumping like we see right here, exactly which we saw right here during the bottom of last year. Exactly like, we saw right here in the corona dump exactly like. We saw right here during the sorry, not right here, uh right here during the bottoms of the of the dump right here, thats thats key, always at inflection points. You need to have a lot of volume, just like you saw right here during the top and during the bottoms, always always you need volume volume equals inflation point inflation point equals opportunity if youre still here and youre still holding fantastic. Now, as you know, i have explained my strategy last in the last video yesterday. My strategy is very simple. I have buy orders at 19k at 18k at 17k. I will be a buyer below 20k, no matter what im, basically the buyer of last resort right here. Holding up this market not really, but i mean technically, it is like that i am contributing to the order book. So if you want to trade bitcoin, if you want to go long, if you want to go short, if you want to do the same, that youre, the buyer of last resort in terms of bitcoin price below 20k, use the link below and sign up for, buy Bit thats very, very key, because even if the prices go down, then you can short it.

If you know what youre doing you could short the market at the same time as your accumulating spot. Basically, there are many different strategies as long as you know how to handle risk use. The link below sign up at buy bit right now buy bit is maybe the most important most easy to use trading platform. Also, you do see this world series of trading event below sign up as well, if you want cheaper fees and if you want to participate in this event, basically its kind of like a competition with some prizes. But most important thing is the is the number one link in terms of signing up and in terms of being able to use this market in all directions. But my strategy is clear: im the buyer of last resort at all of these prices. 15K. I have a buy order at 1k, each 1k. I have a buy order, each 1k difference when the price dumps 1k. I will be buying with a massive one, not 7k, because if we see some kind of crazy week at 7k is gon na be the opportunity of a lifetime. Whats important to note is that this is all temporary. When you look when you look at what is going on right now in the world, with money losing value with trillions and trillions of dollars being printed during the past few years, what do you think will happen at the end? Can the fed try to control the situation? Yes, thats? What theyre trying right now theyre trying to control it, but their track record is simply not that great.

Just a few months ago, they were saying that inflation is under control just a few months before that they were printing like never before so to assume that these people, who are very smart, i mean at the end of the day they are smart people, but to Assume that a few smart people in their uh in their in their 60s 70s – i dont, know how old they are, but they they are pretty significant in age, which is totally fine because they have a lot of experience. But at the same time, to think that those people know all the variables know everything thats going on in the world and how their policy is actually affecting the economy. I think it is just a bit um how to say. Not very humble i mean, even if you have a long experience, youve lived in your entire life in these markets and you are very, very, very, very seasoned, professional in finance and the different policy institutions. I mean come on. Can you really control the situation with how complex the complex the world is its kind of like the soviet union trying to control the prices trying to know how each and every variable in the economy should look like its impossible, its impossible, maybe an ai in the Future can do it where you take all kinds of different variables, but theres a good chance that we do see heavy inflation, guys an inflation that is not controlled by the fed, where they cannot control it.

And this is by the way what weve seen during the weimar republic, where you did see a lot of volatility in gold overall gold has just been mooning against the weimar marks in the 20s of last century, but its one one thing to just look at this Insane chart this parabolic chart in price of gold, which is black and then another thing to look at uh dumps and pumps of gold. During the years leading up to hyperinflation, and in some cases we did see a lot of pumps and in some cases we did see a lot of dumps – minus 70 minus 80 percent, because of course, at that point also, the central bank tried to control the situation In germany, but what happened at the end of the day, you just saw hyperinflation go out of control. Will the same thing happen to the dollar? Who knows at the end of the day, dollar goes to zero. All fiat currencies go to zero. That is the track record so long long. If you have a long term horizon, then you know what youre doing in the short term. It could take time until that plays out. I mean, as you can see, there is an interesting chart, which kind of looks like that, which kind of looks like gold in and and bitcoin, and how bitcoin basically is following these different pumps and dumps that gold had versus the weimar mark and right now we May be on the edge of something significant here, but who knows whats important to note are the fundamentals this chart was created last year, so already we did see some significant gains here and then some losses and now were basically back to back to when this chart Was created but its all details on the bigger chart, its all details, so at some point we have to realize what are people gon na hold now right now many people hold fiat, but if it is the case that the panic spreads that people want to go Back into assets because it will happen at some point: youre gon na have fiat for the rest of your life, now theres a lot of fiat on the sidelines.

Also, when you look at market cap at of tether, when you look at market cap of usdc, which is at 67 billion and 55 billion respectively and whats interesting to see, is that soon usdc is going to be bigger than the other, because tether sees a bunch Of outflows and usdc lets actually see usdc. How usdc is doing so. Usdc also has seen a bit of outflows recently, but not very significant. I mean overall, during 2021, the market cap has increased, so thats good. So more and more fiat is being inserted into usdc. Now, when you look at usdt, on the other hand, it has been some declines, and this is good in my view, because people have more confidence in usdc. So the fact that usdc replaces usdt, in my view, is good because we need a stronger base for the default markets for crypto markets for everything, and that is the usdc usdc is stronger base. It is in the u.s, it is more transparent, it is more regulated. You can say that tether is also doing some. Of that i mean there are always people defending tether, but to me, what feels more safe is usdc 100. Is it 100 that just because it is in the us – and it is kind of regulated that it saved? Well, no look at celsius sales, which is also in the us, and i hope they will recover. So anything can happen to anyone, but its just in terms of risk management and how we place the risk.

It is, of course, good that usdc is growing also. We have binance. Bonuses is right now at respectable 17 billion lets see how these guys are growing. So why am i showing you all this im showing you all this, because thats the biggest difference between this market and 2018 bear market? So, from the beginning of the year, binance went from 14 to now approximately 17 billion, so it has been growing as well and of course, when you compare this to lets, say oh well, binance didnt even exist at that point, but you look at something like tether In 2018, and then you see how it looked like and what the market cap was yeah its nothing like 2 2 billion. What its here in 2017, it was like 1 billion here was the bear market of two. So you see how much is on the sidelines. Guys theres a lot a lot of fiat on the sidelines wasting to flood the markets. It is like that in crypto it is like that in the stock market. So the question is all about timing. How long will people hold fiat before they realize that you need assets? You need assets. Assets are valuable. Fiat is not valuable, so thats important and look im im holding right now. The positions that i have im not going to sell anything into in turn, im going to be buying. Instead im going to be buying thats important because in this markets you can only be a buyer if youre a seller in this market.

In my view, it is not wise because look weve done from 69 now to 20. um. If you wanted to sell, you should do it here around 69, which we by the way, were preaching for quite some time when we went all the way from 50 to 60. We were already sounding the alarms that the end is near and right now were sounding the reverse, alarms that the beginning is near the beginning of another important bull market is here, and can it take six months of sideways before we start rising? I think so. Theres a good chance that we we still keep here until the end of the year, who knows whats gon na happen uh, but the most important thing is the trajectory and trajectory of bitcoin is up and to the right up and to the right. So i hope you understand why i think that we are probably very close to the bottom because of volume because of capitulation also because of the amount of stable coins that are on the sidelines. Lets now switch topics to d5 because there has been going on interesting things in the solana land. Basically, the fact that sulana has had a landing protocol called soland, where a whale with hundred million plus dollars in collateral was very close to getting liquidated, and they basically wanted to take this money and sell on otc. So that is not market sell in liquidation, but instead, if the account is liquidated, they can sell it on otc and yeah its crazy, because at the end of the day, this is not how its supposed to be.

You cannot have a lending protocol where, instead of following the rules of the protocol, some people actually take your money, so they take possession of your money because to sell otc. There needs to be someone that takes your money in their hands and moves and moves and then makes a deal with some otc and makes the trade and basically becomes custodian of your assets. And you have to trust them that they dont run away. And if its 100 million plus there is a good incentive to run away a massive incentive to run away thats, why we have defense, so you dont have to trust someone to hold your funds. At the same time, the situation is in case 100 million dollars worth of solana is gon na get liquidated, hes gon na dump solana, so much hes gon na dump so much that theres gon na be a bunch of other liquidation. The whole thing could go to zero, so look its is maybe one of the smallest problems on solana, because uh and as far as i know now, they changed their mind about this, because it was horrible. Look of course, but whats important is that uh solana had this chance im, not sure they have really succeeded at least right now we are seeing a lot of builders use morales for solana, but for now what what we have seen its not been a super good. Look for solana the fact that theyre on and off each and every week, its not that great in the fact that we do see this kind of mindset of the builders there that you can take the funds you can sell them.

Otc. I like the problem solving. I mean its its a solution to a problem, but at the same time, the fact that they have had their chance. They have become quite big and they have a lot of money by the way that theyre still growing the community with which is important as well. So, overall, i do think that solana has a good chance, but the chance has decreased during the past six eight months with all of this on and offs and with the problems in solana d5. I hope they can reverse the course, but there is one project which is, in my mind, gaining a lot from the situation with solana, and that is ada lets go to ada. The reason why i think ada is gaining from this is because they are this sleeping giant. Maybe it is their strategy, but you see ada in terms of define and in terms of dabs is still way way early, its still early its its not really adopted there. I know there are projects building, there are, there are builders there, they are doing great work, but at the same time, when you look at adoption, you cannot compare. I mean its not a fair comparison. Even solana versus ada or ethereum versus adam ada has low adoption right now, but they are biding their times. While other projects like eos a few years ago, launched failed, ada was building slowly, but surely solana launch, you can say maybe theyre half failing who knows, but ada is building slowly but surely so thats.

Why? I do think that even in the next bull market, adam is gon na play an important role. Hes gon na play monumental role because theyre still a sleeping giant because the market sees that they still havent shown their potential and thats. Why ada can come back bull market of the bull market after bull market because they still havent demonstrated their full potential? They still are in build mode, which means that the market is excited over and over again, while other projects launch and they kind of show what they have to to the market and basically demonstrate themselves and the market can evaluate them. And most often the market is a bit meh disappointed. Um cardano is the other way around that the market never really knows like how big is cardano gon na be its still up and coming and in four years its still up and coming so the market is always excited and thats the strength for solana. I think the more the longer they can stay like that, because they get the same upside, basically as other l ones, but they also have their ticket into the next bull market, while many l ones that come and fail may not have that ticket anymore. All in all, guys go in the description, also sign up for my telegram, so you never miss an update sign up at bibi, so you so you get the big fat bonus and for this world series trade event which you can find in this in the description As well and on that note, smash like subscribe, see yall very very soon if you are working in tech, if you are a tech professional and you want to work with us at morales, go to talent. We have a few positions open if you are really good, for example, qa engineer or if youre really good at full stack.