Bitcoin is near like record low, but this cryptocurrency continues to amaze us and it draws its inspiration from titano and provides auto staking auto compounding yet with some brand new amazing features, im talking about well protection, and so much more. You guys got ta, see this cryptocurrency to believe it, and this is swellow and swallow is the worlds most secure and has the lowest taxes and one of the highest apis and crypto, and you guys will get paid every 15 minutes directly into your wallet when you Guys are holder of this cryptocurrency, as you see here invite only so i will have a link in the description below and you guys click on the invite only link you guys will get exclusive extra benefits. So, first of all guys, i want to show you the amazing charts, as you see right here, on decks tools, and here you guys can see the pool information. So this is on pancake swap total liquidity around 200 24 hour volume around 18k, and i will have a link to decks too. So that way, you guys can buy this with the swap feature and it does the auto slippage. But lets go look into this cryptocurrency as well as the latest updates on twitter, and here you guys can see here on twitter for swellow, so price chart update up to almost 2 000 percent. This is simply amazing, as you guys can see and, as you guys know, over, our cryptocurrency market has been kind of unstable, as you see right now, like bitcoin, is near like all time 24 month low.

I believe at about 18k finance bmb is at 190 and thats exactly why these large market cap cryptocurrencies, even though theyre in the top 100, they dont, continue to do well its just like theyre too big, and that is why cryptocurrencies like swallow continue to do amazingly. Well, just because its low market cap and its continuing to grow is doubling and different. Things like that, and the total taxes compared to the competition, as you see, is very low. Its only ten percent three percent for the treasury, two percent for liquidity, five percent for the safety fund, so total taxes for the buy is ten percent. So you guys can set your sleepers to around, maybe twelve percent, once you guys can buy this on pancake swap, but before i show you guys how to buy on pancake swap lets. Go over some of the important details on this amazing cryptocurrency, and some of the latest features that it has so here you guys can see they have this calculator right here that you guys can calculate based on the number of tokens that you have and the potential Return as the apy, so you guys can simply drag this to a number of days. Itll show you guys this information and once again guys. This is just like a potential calculator, but if you guys have any questions on the invite link its going to give you guys a link directly to the discord channel, in which you guys can talk to the members of the team – and here is a direct comparison Of the buy and sales tax, how is the lowest compared to the competition, as you see at 10, for the buy tax only and 15 for the sales tax? So it looks like on swellow.

You guys can access the app on a mobile device and the link to it is on the upper right hand corner as you guys can see, and this is going to give you guys, like all of the information, so ill go ahead and connect my wallet in Just a moment after i buy some of the tokens and show you guys how everything works, but lots of information here you guys can see the dashboard heres the calculator as you see right over here. The dashboard is going to give you guys that market cap information, the amount of funds and the respective treasury, as well as the safety fund and the buy and sell link, is going to take you guys to pancake swap and buy taxes 10. So slippage is around. Probably 12 and, of course, the amazing documentation, which is actually quite extensive and well look more at the documentation later on in the video, but here it tells you guys how to buy also, but well go ahead and look more into it in just a second. Let me go back to the website so that way, we understand how everything works, so they have a treasury in which three percent of all the fees is sent to a treasury and they also have a safety fund. So these are the underlying things thats going to support the cryptocurrency and make it so much stronger to stabilize the price and reduce the risk so that way, long term investments are safe.

So this is the automated staking service. As you see right here, thats going to reward you guys in the amazing apy, let me show you guys how to buy some of these tokens like on pancake swap. All you have to do is import your token, as you guys can see and then simply connect your wallet. I have already done that, so let me go ahead and give this a try and ill go ahead and set my slippage to around 12 percent. But if you guys like use by put point charts or the dex tools, as you see right here, then you dont have to worry about the slippage. Simply hit swap as you guys can see and then confirm the transaction transaction confirm now. I should be able to go to my d app as you guys can see, and then click on my wallet and as you guys can see. I have 182 of the swallow tokens, and this is already done. So all i have to do is sit back and relax with my tokens and let them do the hard work for me. The auto compounding and the auto staking and ill get rewarded simple as that and thats. What i like to do is start off. You know just buying a small amount and then later on, then you guys can buy some more and see what you guys are comfortable with. But if you guys have any questions about buying any of the tokens feel free to ask them in their discord channel.

So lets go back and look a little bit more deeper into their get book, because getbook is going to highlight some additional exclusive features, so they have the exclusive whale protection tax and, as the tokens are traded by wales, additional taxes are implemented to avoid sharp sell Off and these fees are automatically run through, the sat and the breakdown of taxes are outlined below. So, as you guys can see, they have features in place to prevent, like pumps and dumps and whales, from manipulating the token and thats something you guys, dont see from other cryptocurrency projects, as you guys know, probably like tara luna. They didnt have any much like well protection, different things like that. That is what like sparked this cryptocurrency crash is that with the tara luna like a month ago and now the celsius which is being dragged down with the price of bitcoin and so on and so forth, but lots of people talking about this like crypto winter. But i think this is really no big deal, because crypto winter is actually an opportunity for us because, as you guys can see, if you just buy bnb, you guys wont make any money. If you guys buy bitcoin, you guys will not make any money. But when you guys look into brand new cryptocurrency projects in this example right here, we have swallow. Definitely, since this low market cap and brand new projects, it has the highest potential in my humble opinion, and make sure you guys check out the remaining parts of the get book.

If you guys have any questions that way, you guys can ask them, but they have everything planned out as far as like protection and how everything works for the treasury and different things like that, but feel free to click through it. So that way, you guys know the cryptocurrency project and how everything is laid out, and one final reminder guys before we go. Is that, like on the roadmap theres a lot of things that they havent done yet thats coming thats gon na be very big catalyst, so theyre not listed on coin market capcom gecko, yet among other things, so these things are gon na be huge and its gon Na make them even much more powerful, so you guys will definitely get it in early from my channel, so dont say guys. 30 days from now. I didnt tell you guys about swallow and the amazing different advantages. It definitely offers compared to like other cryptocurrencies like titano seifu liberal. This is so much better. So if you guys enjoy swallow, smash like button and comment swallow to the moon of all my videos just for entertainment purposes, im not a financial advisor, its not financial advice, make sure you guys are doing research, and this was a sponsored video about opinions.