You know concerns stepping forward coinbase, saying that we could have a situation in which all deposits become essentially non refundable and we use those deposits to bail ourselves out of bankruptcy. Theyre saying this in an sec disclosure, so theyre not saying theyre. Definitely doing this but theyre saying that they do have the option, so what i think we are going to be seeing here is something unique, something different that weve never seen before the last two years. We saw a huge rally in bitcoin and altcoins. We saw people make so much money investing in things that they really didnt know or understand. Some coins like dogecoin, started as a joke and people made fortunes, but then we also saw people lose fortunes. What i think we could be seeing here going forward is going to be something very unique and different that i think well never get to see ever again in our lifetime. The last two years we saw people with money that they never had more money than they ever imagined. Due to you know, stimulus unemployment benefits, pp loans; they had debts that simply werent due like utility bills and even rent payments student loans. All these things werent due many people, just exercised the option of not paying it, and then they had money coming in and then some people are even working on the side, getting unemployment and then also working people had money, and so what were they doing? They were trying to multiply money whats the easiest way to multiply money, stocks, crypto and thats exactly what a lot of people did they invested in stocks and crypto, but now whats happening is that were seeing all this money pull out and what i think we could Be seeing going forward thanks to high gas prices, inflation and the high cost of living today could be a permanent pullback on some of these altcoins.

Some of these altcoins could really just go to zero. I think we could see nine out of ten of them. Go completely just vanish over the next 12 to 24 months. I do think we could see a huge run up in bitcoin and some cryptocurrencies that have a real utility, but that run up is also. I dont think its going to be led by main street. It could be led by wall street. You know look at someone like michael seller, michael saylor. They had a four billion dollar holdings of bitcoin, four billion dollar holding in bitcoin. That was based on a 30 000 price point. Average price point about 30k. Now it yesterday hit 17 000. like 17.5 bitcoin hit, so he was down substantially over. You know a billion two on his holdings billion three on his holdings. Substantial but now a lot of people are wondering whats going on with that margin call, because the big rumor was that he was going to get margin called at 21 000.. Well, what hes saying is microstrategy co founder and ceo michael sellers, responding to fears that part of the firms bitcoin holdings purchased using debt could be liquidated by the way this guy michael seller is a very, very smart guy. If you look at his house its the guys done very well for a reason you know hes bright in a cnbc interview, sailor says a margin. Call is highly unlikely. Given the bitcoin position, microstrategy acquired using debt is adequately collateralized on a multi billion dollar balance sheet.

We only have 200 million alone that we have to collateralize and we are 10x over collateralized on it right now, if a mar, if the market traded down by a factor of 10 weve got cash and we can generate cash flow, the margin call is much aldo About nothing its just made me twitter famous, so i appreciate that and the twitter trolls love to beat me up on it because it gets them. Engagement in a margin, call a trader or investor is required to put up more funds to avert the closure of the liquidation of a leveraged position. Now he goes on to say that if you have the chance to grab two billion dollars at one and a half percent interest, it seems like a reasonable thing to do and im glad we did it most of it is unsecured 1.7 billion of it is unsecured. The 500 million comes due in several seven years after we borrowed the money. Now you have. People, like you know, michael steller, very, very bullish on bitcoin think that bitcoin is essentially going to be the ticket they think its a you know. He believes that its really the token of freedom and it represents you, know something that america needs thats. What michael saylor is behind. However, you know you look at someone like peters shift, peter shift and hes on the other side of the coin. Michael seller believes that bitcoin is the new gold, and you know peter schiff believes that gold is gold, so it really depends on.

You know where you stand as your position. He says i agree with michael saylor, michael saylor came out and said that bitcoin is on sale. He says i agree with saylor. Bitcoin is on sale, but i dont agree that it is a buy. The problem is that its a going out of business sale. You know this has happened many times before, though with cryptocurrencies, where everyone would think that you know its going to go out of business, its done its over its completely dead. I dont think so. Early markdowns are nothing just wait until the blowout final markdowns be closed out. Sale will be epic, be careful. All sales are final, no returns. You know this is pretty comical here. Uh, they said charlie munger watching bitcoin fall below 18k, so yeah uh. I i personally think that whats likely gon na happen is, i think, that were gon na see just more and more and more mainstream adoption throughout cryptocurrencies and throughout uh throughout the crypto space. But i also think that what this is going to do is likely push forward more of this. You know they said they need stable coin chaos on how to please crypto were going to see more regulation in crypto were going to see more of a clamp down. I think, on a lot of you know the the free practices you know. A lot of the a lot of the shady business has also been conducted through crypto lately with uh, with a lot of these uh pump and dumps and stuff like that.

I think were gon na see a lot of that change over the coming year or two. I think we are going to see more and more adoption of cryptocurrencies and bitcoin if you just simply look at what were doing right now. The digital dollar jerome powell came out talking about this theres digital dollars, digital currencies and uh and digital source of value being adopted by local governments all over the world, and so, as this begins to happen, do you think that they would sincere question? Do you think that theyd want to shut down bitcoin and really make a an absolute bloodbath in the crypto space and then take away peoples, confidence in crypto at a time when theyre trying to roll out their own? I dont think so. I think, in fact, that they want people to believe in crypto so that they can roll out their solution and then over time. That solution is going to be something that people are just going to freely use right. So i dont think theyre going to come down on bitcoin as a whole, like what peter shipt is saying, but i do believe that we are just going to see a very, very new crypto space. I think were going to see a lot of these coins. Go to zero. I think we are going to see some of these current coins become more invested by larger institutions such as you know, uh bitcoin as a whole.

I think bitcoin could be something that if bitcoin hits 10 10k 12k uh 13k, i think were going to see a lot of smart money run into bitcoin and start adopting and acquiring these digital assets thats. What i believe, but i do think that we are going to see more and more and more pain throughout the general public in the crypto space as the world gets more challenging and people start to really need to sell uh, you know, sell items, sell, cryptos, sell Certain things because they dont have any other way around it. Foods too expensive life is too expensive. They have to sell things. I think thats whats going to happen. I think were going to step away from this huge, huge adoption in altcoins where people start pulling back and people are really just investing in you know 10 or 15 or 20 big big big projects. What do you think about this? Entire situation drop your comments below hit the like button subscribe. You also subscribe on my second channel its going to be a call in interactive show coming up this week as well as linkedin, twitter, instagram, tick, tock everythings in the banner, and if you need help with your credit score, you want to make money on youtube.