My name is carl and im gon na bring you this cryptocurrency video and im gon na take a look at the bitcoin price right now, because bitcoin is currently uh breaking towards the upside, exactly as we predicted thats. Why we put in the long position and were making money over by it right now, so essentially, what i showed you was this top bottom. You pull this up like this at the point of the breakouts, and we have perfectly perfectly met the target now of twenty one thousand dollars, which is exactly exactly what we were expecting and a big shout out to everyone out there who is right now racking in Some profits on by bit, you can see here that the uh tree that i put in is right now, 165 in profits, which is of course, a great great return on investment. Let me know right now in the comments, if you are also taking this trade over on by bit and guys look at this. If you scroll down below this video, then right now in the next few days, if you click my buy bit link you get four thousand dollar bonus and zero percent maker fees for 30 days also click this buy with tutorial. If you didnt see it yet and thats only for experienced traders, obviously uh, the question is wheres bitcoin going right now and today is a monday, so you would think the markets are open. The cme chart is open, but um actually um.

We have to uh. Well, the actual um, its really bank bank holiday, so for some reason, um tuesday, is when the the banks and everything open up again the stock market. That seems to be the case, at least from from what ive been told uh. So the question is: are we gon na have to wait until tuesday for big movements on uh on bitcoin um well were arguing, arguably already seeing some big movements but um? What ive been saying before is that i think that bitcoin could very very well bounce straight back up here to fill the cme gap at 29, 000 and 29k is also a massive massive previous resistance. If i just take this line and put it like this, then you can see how this level is so massive. Look at this support support, support and theres a big gap right there. So um. We could easily see a big break up towards 29k fill the gap, but the question is, of course, are we going to roll over then and go lower or maybe just go sideways because i dont think were i dont think were gon na just immediately break through Because its such a huge level uh with massive previous resistance or previous report ever since um january 21, long term support like that, turns into very very strong resistance. That is something we need to keep in mind as we go forward here um, but this is the main reason why im currently putting in longs and im, also um buying a lot of spots.

Um ive been putting in millions of dollars into spot trades on ethereum, bitcoin and um, looking into maybe buying some dips on all costs as well, because all costs are obviously very low right now, in fact, let me know right now in the comment section. What is currently the best opportunity in the market uh for all coins? Personally, i see many different altcoins that are definitely very cheap right now and i want to know what you guys think about putting in some money into some of those cheap alts um i mean i love to buy the dip, thats, basically uh. What i did in the previous bear market, so nice uh by the way, big big news for casta. Look at this. The rollout is officially now happening so its an invite only for now um and its officially happening right now in the eu. So if you are in the european union, you will be among the first to try the app uh in this invite only rollout the reason why were doing an invite only is because we have just way too much hype. We have literally hundreds of thousands of people that want to download the app and start using it right now and frankly, we cannot take that amount of users in the beginning. We need a slow, rollout thats. Why were doing this? Invite only exclusively for uh, for you guys right now, um but dont be uh dont be worried.

You will get everything um very soon. Soon you will be able to sign up and everything i mean we are only on our twitter. We have 200 000 followers uh in our email list. We have, i think, 300, 000 and um all around the world, weve seen just massive massive hype. Um, a lot of that comes from the fact that um, i am regularly getting invited to fox business and yahoo finance bloomberg to talk about casta and talk about crypto in general, talk about bitcoin and many people, um yeah. That gives us a lot of attention. Obviously, so thats why we have to take care when we launch, because um yeah, i everyone, is a developer out there. You guys know what im talking about you know. We have to uh to uh uh, make sure that we um have a working um or an app that can take hundreds of thousands of people. You know um, usually when people start a startup, they have like. I dont know a thousand fans right, uh maximum. They should be happy to have a thousand people who want to use their app. We have hundreds of thousands of people, which is a luxury problem. I have to admit, but um it. It is actually a problem for for for the developers so thats. Why were doing this uh, but obviously its amazing to have so many people that want to use our app and uh its going to be incredible, guys uh personally, ive used it myself its amazing.

It works. Super super well um and um im happy to show it for you guys, im very happy to show it to you, um, okay. So what about bitcoin is bitcoin going to go up from here or not well right now, im betting on bitcoin going up uh, maybe not on the five minute time frame, but on the daily time frame. I do think we have a great chance of reversing this uh trend. Uh bitcoin has been going down for such a long period of time now that its starting to be a little bit like you know at some point just statistically alone, we should see a rebound because nothing goes down forever. We need reversals, rebounds corrections, thats always the case, so um yeah. That is what i would like to say to you right now. Bitcoin is not going to go down forever. Please leave a thumbs up down below right now.