You definitely wan na stay tuned, whats up everyone randall here from crypto love, todays video im going to be talking about how to turn 132 into over 93 000 using a method that carries very little risk. Really. The only thing that you would potentially lose is that 132 dollars up front before i get into it guys make sure to like subscribe click. The notification bell come join us over on twitter at the crypto love push the like button. Lets get to a thousand likes. Now, im not actually talking about this bitcoin investor tool right here, i actually have a different strategy that ive been using myself, and i wanted to share with you, because i think between now and the next all time high, you can make an absolute killing doing this Before we get into it guys i mean the markets are falling apart. People are scared, everybodys, like how low is it going to go? When am i going to get my money back? What happened to crypto and well? Yes, there might be crisis going on right now. There might also be opportunity for people have a longer term mentality in terms of whats going on right now. I think the fifth day in a row in single digits, extreme fear right now at nine. The entire market today has actually bounced back about seven and a half percent today, bitcoin at 19, 932 ethereum at 1071, bmb at 205, cardano, 46 cents, xrp, 31 cents, solana, 32 and dogecoin five cents.

If you want any top coins today, based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, the top coins would be chia, helium nest, protocol, tether, gold and trust wallet. And if you want to check out token metrics for yourself, they do have a one week free trial. There is a link down in the description now what i promised from the beginning. Turning 132 dollars into over 93 000 dollars seems kind of ridiculous, but its certainly possible and im going to tell you exactly how really what it comes down to is using something called stepping now stepping was very, very popular before the market tanked about a month or Two ago and then ever since then you dont see too many people talking about it, but it used to be very, very hard to get into stepping. Because, basically, what happens is you purchase these shoes and then you go walking and you actually earn their token gst. While you are walking well, it used to be where a pair of shoes was a thousand plus dollars for a pair of shoes, but guess what happened thanks to this market crash? Well, it turns out that, right now you can get shoes starting at 4.1 to seoul. Thats, roughly 132 dollars because as of right now, solana priced 97 31.97, and what do you earn? You earn gst, green, green satoshi token. So how does it work? How do you turn 132 into over 93 000? Well, bear with me lets.

Take a look. So, first things: first, you need to buy yourself some shoes right up here so, like i said, starting at 4.12 seoul and roughly 32 uh sol 32 per sole means that a pair of shoes would cuff, you cost you roughly around 132 dollars. Okay, thats the sunk cost. If you buy that and then you cant do anything more well, you lose 132 dollars, but lets take a look at the potential upside now. This is an opportunity, its not guaranteed, ninety three thousand dollars, but what i will show is that the likelihood of getting at least nineteen thousand dollars back from this is very, very high. So we buy this one pair of shoes. Okay, now they have runner shoes. They have trainers, they have walkers me personally, im not much of a runner. I actually saw an article today that running makes men older and women younger, so im definitely not going to run, but they have walkers. So i got myself a pair of walkers and walkers are roughly the same price now, when we do that, every day on average ive leveled mine up up to level, i think nine already and on average after i pay for the repairing of the shoe from walking. I earn roughly about 10 gst per day now. If i was to continually leveling the shoe up to level 30, i could potentially earn much more than that, but well just say on average, about 10 gst per day.

Now, right now were in the bottom of the market. It stinks. Prices are going down, everybodys like wheres. The bottom did we hit the bottom? Is there manipulation all of this stuff? Well, we can just say: hey. You know what bitcoin likes to go in cycles as a matter of fact, roughly every four years, this pi cycle top indicator flags. Well. That would make sense that another four years minus the time since this last flag, well its probably gon na flag. Again, if bitcoin repeats that cycle, so we can generally figure out the days until the next all time high, which is four years minus the days since the last one in april 2021 or roughly 1032 days until the next all time high. So that means that if we have 1032 days and we earn roughly 10 gst per day because we go for a 10 minute walk every day – well guess what we could earn 10 320 gst by the next all time high. Now, if we take a look at green satoshi token, over the past year, the high was nine dollars and three cents right now, its fallen quite a bit and im going to speak to your concern about this coming up shortly. So, stick with me, but first lets do the calculations well lets say it goes back to previous all time highs. I know it may be unlikely, but this is a possible range where it could potentially go.

Okay, if that happens, this 10 320 gst that you have would earn you a total profit of 93 189 from buying a pair of shoes for 132, like i said, potentially very low risk 132 youre risking it could turn to zero okay, dont dont. Take me wrong. There, it could definitely, you could buy the shoes and then the platform could disappear tomorrow. It could go to zero, but there is a potential where next bull run. Hey this ones, one of the most popular move to earn things ive been using it for months already. Having fun – and i continue to use it every day, because guess what im walking anyways, so this just gives me a chance to earn some gst tokens while im doing it so thats the optimistic scenario, turning 132 dollars into over 93 000 and mind you. This is also multipliable, so you buy 10 shoes thats, almost a million dollars in profit. You can make from buying 10 shoes, but a lot of you are like you: cant do that gst is never going to get back to its all time highs, and i hear you because the same voices go on in my head too. So this is something more reasonable, because within the app you can actually swap between gst their other token gmt and also solana, so you can legitimately earn solana from walking. Okay, now lets take a look at the math behind that because, while gsc may or may not last, while the price may or may not go up, theres a better chance, that solana could last a little bit longer that solana price might go back to its previous.

All time highs so lets do the math behind that so again, every day were earning 10 gst same as we were previously right up here now as of right now, theres roughly 134 gst in one solana. So that means that every day were earning roughly .074 sol. Now, if we do that over the same 1032 days, guess what that means until the next all time high were going to earn roughly 76 sold okay for doing what walking ten minutes a day, thats really not that hard! Okay! But solana! If we take a look at the all time, high price, this was 260 dollars. Now right now its 31 dollars theres a higher likelihood. I would say of this getting back to its all time, high than this getting back to its all time high. But who knows both could happen both might not happen well, if solana does get back to its all time, high price of 260 dollars and you have 76, so guess what you get 19 860 dollars from buying a pair of shoes for 132 and remember what i Said if you want to pay and twenty two 1322 and get ten shoes, guess what you would get a hundred and ninety eight thousand dollars of solana come the next all time high. So that being said, i did just wan na share that with you, because this is something where what it takes 10 minutes out of your day to go for a walk, or if you have more shoes it can take longer.

It can take 16 minutes or an hour and a half, however long it takes based on the number of shoes you have, but theres still a lot of non believers out there, and you know what i hear you, because this very much this ecosystem very much reminds Me of axi infinity, as we remember in the beginning, smooth love, potion price was very, very high and then it just keeps on coming down and down and down and down and down and thats likely what will happen with gst because there are, as far as i Know an unlimited amount of them that can be created. However, if you trade them for solana. Well, you might have a more valuable token, but for those of you who think that this may not work, yes, definitely read this article here. Why steppens collapse is inevitable from vader research on medium and, lastly, in order to actually participate in steppen? You need an activation code. Now i dont actually have any activation codes. I have contacted the company to try and get a bulk amount like 100 activation codes, so that i could give them out to you. They havent gotten back to me. Yet if things change, i will let you guys know how to get them. But until that point theres, this article right here from uh asan yazer pros six simple ways for getting step in activation code, plus one bonus method. So for those of you guys want to get started now who want to get activation codes? I will post this article.

I will also post this article down in the comments so that you can read both of them and see if this strategy works for you, but for me at least the way that i see it. The potential downside 132 dollars the potential upside 93 000 thats, pretty good for going for a walk 10 minutes a day, so thats all for todays episode. I hope you did enjoy it. If you did like subscribe click, the notification bell ill catch.