Over the past couple of weeks, i think crypto has certainly caught the vast majority of people by surprise uh, just how quickly prices can collapse, so were now in a very precarious time for crypto and there seems to be two main camps forming one that says, krypto Is just a big ponzi scheme that is finally all coming crashing down, and this will be the end of crypto and the other camp believes crypto is on an exponential growth trend and that this is just another big correction. Before we go on to set new all time highs, and so in this video well be looking at five key charts, try to make sense of what is going on and, interestingly theyre, all giving a very specific message when it comes to the price. As always, if you do enjoy anything in the video, then drop a like always appreciated. Okay, so first up cryptos recent crash has certainly caught a lot of people by surprise at just how quickly prices can fall so lets. Take a quick look at what is going on this video is sponsored by ftx one of the best places to buy and sell your crypto as crypto heads deeper into another four year super cycle crash. Many savvy investors are seeing this as an opportunity to buy crypto at bargain basement prices and, as always, what is needed is a super safe place to buy and sell access to the full range of the largest and so lowest risk cryptos and an easy way to Dollar cost average to spread the risk and capture the best prices over the coming weeks and months so to register your account and get an additional five percent discount on all trading fees, see the link below this video, okay, so starting with the bitcoin price and just Taking a quick look at what has gone on over the past week, as you can see, i think this drop has caused a lot of people by surprise, as it was hovering around this thirty thousand dollars for quite a while once it broke it broke very quickly And taken us all the way down to twenty thousand dollars and then over the last couple of days it broke down to as low of 17 700.

. Now my last buy order was executed around the 000 23.000, and actually i had another one. It had to break below 17, which it just stayed above and now weve got back above this 20 000 mark. So lots of fear right now lots of uncertainty as to where it goes next and a lot of people doubting that crypto will even come back. So now, im gon na show you five charts, which are all screaming one very important message and first up its bitcoins 200 week, moving average now im a big fan of the 200 day moving average. But this one, the 200 week is a long term chart and as youll notice, it very very rarely gets breached only in the biggest capitulation events does the 200 week moving average get hit and as of right now, its broken below again, so in bitcoins entire history. Its only done this two times before so this would say this is a capitulation event and a very rare buying opportunity. Now the second chart, the rsi or the relative strength index and again this is used in technical analysis. To try to assess is the market overvalued or undervalued? Are we overbought or oversold – and this is an oscillator and quite a simple chart to read essentially when it gives a high reading itll be in red, and this indicates that its overvalued and showing a bit of a warning. So nice and easy red is a warning that has been overbought and then in these deep blue ranges is the opposite that is undervalued and its currently oversold and very very interestingly again.

This goes back to the entire history of bitcoin and it set a new all time low in bitcoins entire history. The rsi has never been this low. So again, a huge flashing sign that the market is massively oversold right now chart number three – and this is the fear and greed index telling us about market sentiment right now, and this was a screenshot from a couple of days ago, in the midst of the panic And its a rating from zero to a hundred and number six is pretty much as low as it gets again. This goes back all the way to february 2018, and very rarely will it get to about a level of ten. I believe this was a five or six, but again it was pretty much at rock bottom, maximum fear, maximum certainty, maximum doubt and historically, that has always been the very best time to buy number three. We have logarithmic regression now ill, probably do a full video again on this shortly, but essentially tracks the bitcoin price over time in a logarithmic chart nicely color, coordinated and again this shows times when its overvalued undervalued, overvalued, undervalued. We have got fair value going through the middle and amazingly in this latest big sell off. It went down to the absolute bottom level, saying basically its at a fire sale price and again it doesnt go there very often in bitcoins, bitcoins, entire history. But again yet another chart saying this: it would be a screaming buying opportunity and then finally, we have the net unrealized profits and loss, which is basically unrealized, means that people havent yet sold and whether theyre in profit or loss, so above this zero percent.

This is when most of the market is in profit and below zero is when the most of the market. The market average, is at a loss. Now, obviously, bitcoin and crypto has had outstanding gains. So, most of the time the market is in profit and its only in these big capitulation events that the majority of people get caught out and theyre in a loss. And again what just happened. We can see the big drop put us into the capitulation zone and as it stands right now, most people are now in a loss and again this doesnt happen very often and would signal again a great buying opportunity. Crypto has certainly caught the vast majority of people by surprise at just how quickly prices can fall, and it looks to me that there are two camps forming one that says: crypto is just a big ponzi scheme, thats. Finally, all coming crashing down – and this is the end of crypto and the other that believes crypto – is still on an exponential growth trend, and this is just another big correction before going on to a new all time. High now, if youre in the camp, that this is just another big correction and a massive overreaction by the marketplace, then the five charts that we looked at are all screaming. That this is massively oversold and a very rare buying opportunity. The 200 week moving average does not get broken very often, the rsi is set a new all time low.

The fear and greed index has hit rock bottom. The logarithmic regression chart says these are fire sale prices and the overall market participants are now at a loss and one of the top people i like to follow and pay attention to is cz of binance, and he recently said just know. Your actions now determine what you will feel like during the next all time: high, not financial advice. Now, if youre familiar with my channel, then youll know that i believe this is not the end of crypto and in my next video ill, be showing why the next bull run is going to be explosive, but this time to the upside. So there you are guys hope you enjoyed now. Let me know: do you think this is the end of crypto or a very rare buying opportunity, let me know below, but for now just to say, if you did enjoy anything in the video, then drop a like and a big. Thank you to everyone who does if you havent yet subscribed, click below and join us weve got some great videos coming up that you dont want to miss.