So today, just as the thumbnail and title suggests theres going to be a celsius interview, update im going to tell you exactly whats going on and uh, i got to tell you. I think this is a move in the right direction so before we get into that. Well, talk about the markets, correlation talk about market value versus realized value, and i want to talk to you about sticking to the plan. Thats kind of important now well get to the celsius recovery plan interview, and i got to tell you if we, if we dive into the story behind the stories, uh somebodys, picking, winners and well talk about the celsius. Short squeeze. Well, talk about ftx and blockfi and were talking about cardonal being delayed just a little bit like five weeks or so and in all honesty, thats, not too bad five weeks i can live with that im still waiting for e 2.0 to take off. At the very end, well do q a so hold your questions at the very end. So, first of all lets take a look at whats going on into the market todays a good day. I mean in all honesty uh today we can say hey. This is the whole point of holding on a little bit uh and uh things are up. Why are they up because they are you? Can you can just uh today is the day of of of the ta sh traders and theyll.

Tell you exactly why its up and they called it the whole time, and it was definitely gon na happen. So congratulations for everybody. I sometimes just think its like a dead cat, bounce and theres, no rhyme or reason. I will tell you this, though uh its pretty. Damn correlated, if you take a look at the nasdaq, take a look at s. P 500. I mean theyre theyre, all up and uh just seems like crypto. Just follow suit, like sure lets just go up, but i mean its quite a bit of a rebound and we really should be talking about the most important thing, which is that those things underneath me called rules – and we talked about this in great detail. But the very last one is called take profits. So if you are one of those people who are in profit and you need some type of fundage or something to take out because you cant afford mortgage insurance or whatever else, maybe its a time to think about taking those profits, if that is what it is Today, now, if youre underwater its up to you, i cant tell you what to do not financial advice, all that good stuff, so thats whats going on the markets, then also, i will tell you uh as far as like on chain analysis: real, quick, the uh. This was this. This is the whole thing about charts, it is charts and ta are really whatever you want to make it and uh.

This is the market value versus realized value, and if i blow this up, anything below 1.0 is considered a bottom, and we dont see that too often. But we saw this on 12th of june 13th of june 14th of june 15th of june 16th 17th of june, and this is when bitcoin was going. I mean at one point: it was 17 600 and then, when it went below one it was at 22 000.. So and again, its still bottoming. So all these different charts theyre good to look at theyre good, its nice to know uh, but dont put all your stock into one major thing, and i can just tell you like uh when i take a look at these, especially over here. Let me blow this up for a bit like if you take a look at like for all lets just do year. To date i mean its been above. The the market value versus realized value for quite some time, and just recently has it gone underneath and uh. I had been holding off on some dollar cost averaging, like i usually do, but im still dollar cost averaging, and then this the what june 18th three days ago, when we were hit 17 600. This is when i, you know brought this up and i said to myself self its probably time to continue to dollar cost average and i hit it at 17 600.. Does that make me some genius? No, it just means that i stuck to my plan because i dont know whats gon na happen tomorrow.

I can tell you right now: uh that uh the market usually is pretty volatile. So dont expect us to go to 40 000 in 24 hours, expect supreme volatility and thats. Why? I just talk about being safe, doing the basic stuff which is boring, but it does work out in the long run. So let me think about in the comment section lets get to todays the story, the celsius recovery or the interview itself. So we covered this a couple of days ago, uh, simon dixon. If you all know him hes from bank to the future, uh hes, a crypto og, was starting investing in 2010 in bitcoin. If you can believe that and hes done, some pretty big investments along the way, coinbase and kraken and bitfinex and all those places and uh his company was responsible uh for helping out with the bitfinex after they got hacked and hes. Also one of those people who is involved in celsius – and he put this celsius recovery plan out – and we had covered this a couple of days ago and there wasnt too much information, because simon was going through some some problems. Personally, uh his father had passed away and i just reached out to him. I go hey man i dont. I know things are rough right now, but theres a lot of people who who could use a little bit of information about whats going on and he said, okay, he goes all ill come on the show, and he even said here he goes.

He goes look. Ive got a lot of requests and you know who should i go on and thankfully some of you guys picked me and when i reached out to him he said sure lets do it so next week i dont know if itll be monday, tuesday or wednesday, but Were going to have simon on and its not just its, not just about this, this celsius recovery plan, which i think is going to be very huge to talk about exactly what theyre going to do and how theyre going to bring these these things back. But what i see is some other issues behind the scenes, and this was a tweet from uh sam bakeman freed. I have no problems with sam seems like a decent guy done pretty well for himself with their ftx, and he says: hey today were injecting 250 million into block fi and partnering with them, so they can navigate the market from a position of strength. That sounds pretty good. I mean 250 million, not too bad, and then simon says ftx is the equivalent of jpmorgan before the federal reserve prevents bankruptcy. If you want sales network to find out the industry bottom up solution bank, the future can make that happen. We can solve industry problems with the community retweet if you agree, this is just one of the parts. I found it interesting because if you, if you default, we did a video a couple of days ago, which we talked about actually was even longer than that.

I think it was on last tuesday, and this was from plan c, and we had talked about what exactly happened to the collapse of celsius and plan c kind of laid it out about what had happened. Just by putting down putting together pieces of on chain data and tweets – and it looked like theres, some people who are picking winners and one of the things that he talks about here is a respected. Crypto group puts up 20 million dollar bounty, any whistleblower with definitive proof of planned celsius attack. Now i dont know if this is just smoke and mirrors, but celsius reached out to me personally and asked me the same question i was like i havent. Had anybody reach me and the people that i caught talk in my circle have no idea what youre talking about. However, i just thought it was interesting to bring this up that if anybody has any information as to the ability of someone reached out to them and paid you to spread fud, you can make 20 million dollars and its anonymous so just find a plan c, and Then, just so, you know uh plan c the thing that, as far as like him, putting together information lets, see if i can show this thread uh. This is like this is a a long parter, but really what it comes down to is. This is uh. This gentleman from ella alameda alameda has been selling ust. He doesnt have any particular plans, jump celsius and jane street committed already alameda has not.

This was whats going on here is that uh behind the scenes when ust became de pegged there was a group of people, whoops oops, not too much here, a group of people that were supposed to get together and help kind of bail out tara jump, jane street Alameda and some other places and uh celsius said nope were not were not gon na help. You bail out tara, our usd, because that is a sinking ship. We want to protect our community. Unfortunately uh there are some people holding the bags and it sounds like they. Werent too happy alameda, galaxy, digital jump, uh and then im gon na. Have you read this and then theres other players in the game that maybe youre may not? This is all speculation, so dont sue me. This is just uh what someone else had put out. I just found it very interesting about whats going on and then youve youve got some people saying well well put money into blockfy or put money into someplace else and for some reason its not really going the other way, but maybe its just uh. Because lets be honest, celsius was a little bit reckless with where they put their money. Im not gon na im, not gon na sit here and say they were the golden child. They did some pretty degenerate d d, gen plays and uh. You know that will come out to like, but uh its just theres a lot of things going on in short order, so well have simon on here to clear it all up id love to talk to him.

So let me tell you something about that in the comment section again, probably monday, tuesday or wednesday of next week and well go from there. But that leaves me my next point, the short squeeze, and i want to bring this to everybodys attention because theres, a short squeeze going on and its just like the game stop situation they had years ago, and you can see right here in the last seven days Or so the price of celsius token has gone from around 50 cents, or so all the way up to 1.55, so whats going on here is celsius network is wants everybody to this is what theyre saying to do. The big cell short squeeze explain by sell on ftx move tokens to metamax connect to one inch and set sell them over 100 bucks and then retweet thats what they want people to do – and this is essentially whats going on this – is organized by a group of People and theyre saying this whats happening uh. This is on this is 2 or 13. at 3.50 cents, the sale price on may 29th. There were 1 million sell shorts at spot. The spot api started to increase the future. Ap api was already negative on june 11th. The spot shorts were 7 million, sell at 40 cents on june 14th. Spot shorts were 17 million before the first short squeeze sell, price was 30 cents, it was already 9 million naked shorts. So below 40 cent, shorts mounted up from 7 million just goes on and on im not going to read the whole thing because it bores me.

But this is what theyre doing, and this is the whole thing with the cell short squeeze and it looks like its working, but it looks like its losing a little bit of steam. So if that is for you to decide, if you want to do anything like that, this will not help people who have their funds on the celsius network. This will not help the celsius token holders that have it locked up on the celsius network right now. What this is for, essentially, is to punish those people who are shorting celsius network and whoever those people may be im not saying to do it im just bring it to your attention and say that me personally, i dont short, i dont do those those crazy trade Things because i have a plan and ill stick to my plan, even though it is quite tempting to stick it to somebody that potentially may or may not be a part of this uh gaff or these things that are going on thats just whats happening. So let me think about that in the comments section and lets finish up with uh the ftx story, which pretty much covered already. So this is from block fi uh or from coindesk block fire receives 250 million credit facility from ftx. The proceeds will be used to fulfill client balances across all accounts and, of course, this was the uh tweet from zach prince today, block vice on a short term sheet, with ftx officials to secure a 250 million revolving credit facility, providing us with access to capital that Further bolsters our balance sheet and platform strength.

Also uh, there was a name you might have heard. Alameda research, uh alameda, also uh, is uh, helping out uh, voyager and uh, giving them a spread to. I think its like 200 million dollars as like a forward so looks like theres some people out there. You know saying: hey, we want uh. We want to go with this organization because of x, y and z, reason and im, not going to say its nefarious im. Just saying thats what it is prince said the move bolsters. This is not the first time ftx ceo, sam bakeman freda, stepped in to bail out a major crypto company. Last week, crypto broker voyager security, revolving line of credit with franklin free, founded, quant alameda research. Fdx is reportedly one of the firms that liquidated celsius allegedly, allegedly and thats whats going on and then lastly, uh cardano uh delay the vassal upgrade. So i dont know if coindesk has a thing against uh cardano, but they always every time. I read an article about cardinal: it doesnt seem very positive, even though, like this to me personally is actually the right thing to do. Uh, the iog engineering team is extremely close to finalizing the core work with just seven bugs still outstanding to complete the hard fork with none currently ranked as severe developers said. After some consideration, we have agreed not to send the hard fork update proposal to the test net to allow more time for testing developers said that few outstanding items were needed to confirm everything was working as expected, and they would need a few more days to that.

Look with all the different problems, thats going on and and hacks and rug pulls, and things like that. Thank you cardano for not pushing things uh forward because id like to keep my cardano exactly where it is in my stake pool so uh thats whats, going on and again i will say i mean it was supposed to happen. Uh the end of june for this uh hard fork, which really from what i understand from from the interview from charles hoskinson, its more so for the developers to help them with the plutus language for pipelining transactions per second and throughput, and also for concurrency to help Everything run a little bit smoother, so mostly its for the dapps that are being uh, built on and before anybody says well, its a ghost chain, theres no depths theres, like i want to say over 500 different dapps being developed. I think its even more than that. So before you spout off, please have some facts, because this is the information that i get so anyhow thats whats going on. Why dont you think about that in the comments, and now that was pretty good 15 minutes. People are wanting some shorter videos. Well, there you go, so let me know what you think and if you got to take off that concludes all the news.