Well, keep this video as uh short and as punchy as possible, so the total market cap of all crypto is up three point: two percent and 9′.12 billion dollars, bitcoin hovering around 21 and a half thousand dollars up 3.96 at the time of recording, but were really Here to talk about xrp and why i am making purchases of xrp now i say why im buying xrp right now, im not buying it right this. Second, i am looking for the prices to come down much lower and i am expecting that to come to fruition and then that is the the point that im going to be looking to purchase more xrp to make sure youre utilizing tools like technical analysis, elliott, wave Theory and other tools that are available to make sure that you get the most xrp for your money. Obviously im no financial advisor, they should be treated as educational purposes only and you should go where you do your own research. Okay, its that point in the video where we want to talk about being safe in the crypto space. We see a lot of scam activity and want to ensure our cheeky community are as safe as possible and prevent anyone from losing their crypto. There are many different scams in the space, but one of the most common and easy to avoid are those hacked wallets and exchanges being hacked themselves. This is where hardware wallets come in when it comes to choosing a crypto wallet.

There is no perfect solution and no matter which kind of wallet you do choose. If you dont understand the basics of security, you can still become a target of bad actors. Now, like i said, we like hardware wallets, because they minimize the risks that we cannot control. Such as major data breaches at cryptocurrency, exchanges or mayweather exploits the zero day vulnerabilities in mobile and desktop operating systems. To be clear, though, hardware wallets are not perfectly safe, they will give you an added level of security and protection, though we do like to use the ledger devices. We have uh ledger nano s and x uh on this channel and um. These are for a good bang for your buck when it comes to keeping your crypto safe and secure. There are two models: the ledger nano x and the ledger: nano s the x that uses bluetooth and can be used with your mobile. Where the ledger nano s, it does require you to actually plug it into a laptop um. Those are the two main versions and we actually use both of them um, as some cryptocurrencies only work with the ledger. Nano s. Currently, the legend nano s is smaller. However, with a limit on the amount of different coins that you can hold, whereas the ledger nano x can hold up to 100 different crypto currencies, you often find yourself having a trade off between the kind of hardware wallet that you want to buy and obviously the Ones that do everything you absolutely need them to do now when it comes to cost and availability.

I do find that ledger is a little bit easier to kind of come by and is more affordable to the everyday, individual and investor. When it comes to buying a hardware wallet, we do suggest you, research, the different types and brands um, and i cannot stress this part enough only order directly from the manufacturer, as there are many fake hardware wallets out there. If you are interested in a hardware wallet, there is a link to ledgers official website in the description below, and you will be able to find out more details about how to keep your crypto safe. There guys lets continue with the video, because theres no substitute for doing your own research so definitely go away and do that right, im, not suggesting that you follow into these projects that i talk about, so the the reason why i am so bullish on xrp. I mean its up three and a half percent of the time recording at 33 34 ranked eighth by market cap is pretty much the you know. Youve got the lawsuit going on and thats held. You know, xrps price discovery back. I feel, but kik interactive had a lawsuit over their launch in 2017. Now they actually settled with the sec for five million dollars, but what we saw off the back of this was some huge price discovery for this particular token. Now, the reason why i bring this up is because they lost and they still saw that huge surge in price – and you know uh, i guess um the one or the need for that.

Um purchase right and, i think, were going to see something with uh something similar with xrp, as we did here right, apart from the fact that i think uh ripple are going to win the lawsuit. So if ripple win the lawsuit, i think its going to be. You know monumental in comparison to to kin token. The other thing you know, i see these, these sort of uh comments and i dont know how true it is that you know gary gensler said this um, but you can use blockchain uh, but you need a bridge currency in between uh and that bridge could be A stable value thats, backed by the us dollar or euro, or it could be a currency like ripple, and i think these um sort of comments, if true, really do hold a lot of weight when it comes to xrp and and ripple right. So i think the ripple will either settle because actually the sec needs to save face uh, but they get their um. I i guess they get their clarity and i think clarity is what we get from this win lose or draw. So, for me, its going to be really interesting to see you know how things develop: im really excited about ripple, uh and the sec and the outcome of that, but im more encouraged by the the price and where were heading in the short term for xrp. I think were going to go below 28 and i think if we do that, then ultimately thats a really good buying opportunity.

Just my opinion, you go away. Do your research and see whether that resonates with you and you know if you come to the same conclusion as i do, you can make your investment decision right, but you do that on your own other things. You know that i think you know are really really important to be aware of is what is being said outside of you know the general uh influencer space um and from i guess, the the media outlets right, um and look at you know: bank of america, for Example and what their surveys and stuff are saying – and you know, consumers are still enthusiastic about crypto and digital currencies, uh as a form of payment, and i think thats really important and the the reason why i highlight up his form of payment. I think you know, even with all this fud going around about you know. Basically, the digital currencies are going to be like vouchers, whether you dont, you know, spend it by a certain point. You lose it. I think you know that that is not the sort of thing that i think people would vote for and and buy into, but you know time will tell i dont think thats going to happen. I think a lot of its fun. Why am i looking to purchase more xrp? I think the the risk reward is monumental for this particular project im willing to take the risk, but i understand them thats why? I encourage you to do your own research.

I think that this project, you know either goes to zero or it goes hero right, and i think it does really well im, leaning more towards you know, hero than zero. The reason why im leading more to to that side of things is ive seen project plans from you know: banks like the bank of england uh the fact that theyre using a sense accenture to you, know um, basically install everything and put all those payment rails in. I think that you know ultimately ripple will be utilized by many banks, as they already are, and xrp will be that bridge currency, thats kind of how i see things the current system is broken and weve got. You know the tools there in order to you know, fix the issue um, so yeah, ultimately thats. My my views, my opinions, let me know what your thoughts and opinions are on xrp. I think its a fantastic project. I think the team is solid. The tech is amazing and it fixes a real world problem, and it also um, you know, makes a lot of funds available that are currently dormant in banks around the world and that cant be utilized. So it fixes a lot of problems, particularly if youre heading into a recession generating more money, would be a lifesaver right now. I kind of feel. Let me know what your thoughts and opinions are hope you enjoyed todays video if you did mash up that like button subscribe, if you havent subscribed already tapping that bell, selecting all the notifications, so you never miss a video and ill catch you in the next one.