I have some important information. We need to talk about what is happening for cryptocurrencies theres, a lot of crazy things that are happening. We have usdt potentially about to be de pegged so theres some issues with stable coins, the main stable coins, guys usdt theres, a potential issue uh. We are going to be briefly talking about that, but tomorrows video were going to be doing a more in depth dive into that. So stay tuned for tomorrows videos. We make about two videos a day. Uh were also going to be taking a look at technical analysis. Were going to be taking a look at the charts, because kryptos pumped today, very hard and theyve come back down now, is that a fake out our crypto is going to go lower well in this video im gon na be telling you exactly my thoughts below and Guys i have some very important information that can make you money in this video, so make sure you guys continue to watch smash up the like button, guys if youve never smashed it before subscribing notifications on it. Let me know in the comments, did you buy the shiba inu buy alert and the patreon, which is up over 30 percent? Last week we put a buy alert out for shiba inu and people thought i was crazy, putting a buy alert when the market was bearish and guess what that buy. Alert right now is up 30 and was actually nearly up 40 percent today at the peak.

So, congratulations if you bought that deadpool lets get straight into the content. So taking a look at the crypto market, we are seeing a little bit of a little bit of a bounce right now for bitcoin bitcoin is trading. Obviously, as you see the screen, twenty thousand six hundred dollars – and we just bounced from twenty thousand four hundred and the way this is setting up – might indicate that we are probably going to be bouncing here soon. But what really happened today is that cryptos were very bullish. Theyve been bullish, the last several days they have recovered. Look at this bitcoin has recovered from this low region right here, guys seventeen thousand dollars and is trading about almost twenty one thousand dollars so notice. There is a bunch of lines and crazy stuff on the chart on the chart. What were seeing and what we are seeing is an uptrend guys higher highs, higher lows, a perfect uptrend as of right now and um. We are were quite bullish, guys we are seeing some bullish activity, we are seeing kryptos bounce and i always show you guys bitcoin, because bitcoin is the strongest cryptocurrency in a bear market and bitcoin dictates what the market is doing. So we are seeing bitcoin looking good. Now i just want you all to be completely aware, be completely aware that we are still bearish. We are still in a very volatile time period because you can see bitcoin went up a lot and then came back down very quickly.

So what that also indicates is, when theres a lot of volatility, its good to take profits. You guys need to take profits off the table. If you are traders, if youre holders, you need a dca dollar cost average, when these things dip, you buy, you keep buying. You keep buying thats, not financial advice, just my own opinion, but a strategy if you are not trading like me or my patreon members, some of them, and the reason why you need to take profits is because the market is so volatile that it goes up and Down so fast, so when a market goes up really fast, if you take your profits, the market goes back down five percent, and when you buy the dip, you can buy five percent, ten percent more kryptos for free by just taking profits and buying the dip, and Guess what you can keep to build your crypto bag during this bear market so that when the cryptos really recover and bounce up, youre gon na have way more cryptocurrency. So as of right now, bitcoin is bouncing up a little bit, but just like, i said guys, be careful, be cautious. Um cripples are looking a bit bullish, theyre recovering a bit but cryptos have for the past month and have been in many positions like this. Where theyve been green for many days, theyve looked bullish, they look like theyre setting up and then boom the next day. Theyre crashing 10, 20.

30, so guys just be careful and you need to set stop losses to prevent that from happening and thats. What i help you to do in the patreon so make sure you guys join the patreon right now before you miss these incredible opportunities. Over there, especially tier three, where you can copy my exact trades, you guys get these constant updates. You can speak to me on the phone where we can build your portfolio a whole bunch of good stuff, but guys look so bitcoin holds steady over twenty thousand dollars. Us dcs flipping of usdt and the continued stable coin bear market ether and most major all coins spent much of the day in the green. A crisis in confidence has put pressure on the usdt peg, so theres a lot going on here, guys in the crypto market. Like weve never seen before concerning usdt tether um, they might be getting in a whole bunch of trouble. Whole bunch of stuff might be happening with them. So im gon na make a video tomorrow, most likely uh heres very soon were going to be talking about what this means. Should you be selling getting out of usdt getting into uscc? What should you be doing were going to be talking about that, but guys thats going to be it for todays video? The market is looking like its bouncing up. A little bit were going to see if were going to continue this uptrend. You know through the next couple of days, but what we have seen previously is that, after any type of consistent green days, two or three green days, weve seen a lot of crashing a lot of volatility.

But a lot of the volatility has been because of the stock market, what the fed was doing interest rates, which is kind of stopped for a little bit, thats kind of like not really big into the headlights right now for the stock market, uh the equities markets, Its not really a major thing right now. It kind of happened the last couple of weeks um and its not going to be a lot of volatility about that until next month, when they do the next inflation reading, when the fed speaks again about raising interest rates and how much theyre going to raise so Um we are going to have volatility next month for sure, but we might be bullish until then so thats what were going to be doing thats? What were going to be monitoring were going to be putting by alerts based on the market movements and so forth. Thats going to be it for tonights video. Thank you so much for watching this video. I really appreciate your support. You love your likes, your dislikes. I really appreciate all of it and i will see you all later have a great night and make sure you guys go claim your four thousand dollar deposit bonus over on bibit. You get free money by just depositing crypt over there for free. You can trade with that money. Make money with free money, not even touch your own money and watch my course at mileage investments.com.