You guys know ive been sort of uh talking about this, a lot on the live streams, and i do think this is actually going to be a really good purchase. I actually just went out and bought some in the five levels a couple days ago and uh right here. This is a perfect article. It says dogecoin price, maybe the best crypto, to invest in the summer heres. The reasons why and theres multiple reasons why youd want to invest in this, i do want to say that it actually did very very well. Today it went up almost 20 today its come back down to about 10. However, i did bind this right around the five cent mark im going to drop down the last couple days, and you can see this actually built a really good uh floor right here, almost three months of being in the five cent level before it actually went crazy. Last year um, but you know this is this – is actually a really good buy. I think this is uh where i want to actually be purchasing it. If it does go back down because they do say it could go back down to two cents, i definitely will dca my way into it and the reason why is because theres, just too many catalysts coming for dogecoin, the biggest one being that you know elon is Gon na probably be taking over twitter here that buyouts, probably gon na happen.

There are some speed bumps ahead, as you see here below. You know, he wants to know more about the fake accounts, which is obviously um theyre theyre, releasing that data to him. Finally, that he wants to go into the financing and how much theyre actually in debt. However, the biggest thing is getting over the total right here, which is the shareholder approval. We do know that the shareholders push forward and theyre actually going to be pushing this vote up, which is a really good sign for him to be taken over twitter. As you guys know, he was just recently in a meeting where, amongst all the employees talking about uh, you know the future of twitter if he was to be taking it over and things like that. So i do think that hes gon na be taking over twitter and the reason why thats exciting is he did come out and say that this will be a private company again and he did say that dogecoin will might most likely be the currency of that. He didnt come out and say that, but we all pretty much know that thats what its going to be. He obviously wants to incorporate dogecoin into twitter, so thats very, very exciting news right there. In addition to that, the doze chain did come out. They did say that theyre actually doing a test net right now for the blockchain again, this is going to be really really good utility for doge.

Everyone keeps coming back and saying like well whats the real utility for doge. What does doge do well now, theyre? Actually going to cut out their own dose chain which again, like it says its going to be a modern blockchain technologies such as dapps or nfts. So i mean theyre trying to create another blockchain doge being the currency for that blockchain, so that right there is exciting. In itself, and then last but not least, we do know that dogecoin is really really supported by elon musk hes come out and basically said that hey man im basically dca my way into more doge im accumulating more doge and uh. You know thats just kind of stuff you want to see, because we do know that musk really really supports doge. He wants to make it one of the you know top cryptocurrencies in the world. It already is a top 10 right now, but i think he wants to make it. You know compete with bitcoin, and i know that sounds crazy, but thats really his goal right now and uh theres a lot of things going for dogecoin right now. Its definitely looks promising and right now i think its super super cheap, i mean were down to the levels where people started to really get um into that doge craze. I mean five cents when it was on robin hood, and people were really starting to buy into it um right down to those levels again, uh.

The whole goal here is that theyre trying to reach that dollar – and i do think with those catalysts with elon taking over twitter and using doge as a form of currency for it. Obviously, hes uh elons coming out saying that hes buying more probably desane into it and last but not least, theyre having the dose chain making doge the uh currency for the gas there and uh theres just too many things that are positive coming out with dogecoin to Where im not sitting on the sidelines anymore, i did go out, make some purchase of this. I will be trading it if it does go up taking some profits. However um this is something that ill probably be desenting to again if it goes back down um and keep adding it to my bag. So yeah, let me know your thoughts down below. Do you think actually doge get to a dollar? I know last year, right around april 2021, we were hoping that it was gon na get to a dollar. It fell short of it and didnt get to that dollar. But do you think it could get back up there? I think it can theres too many catalysts behind it too much support behind it, and i think eventually this will get back up there. However, well wait and see what happens. However, we dont know whats gon na happen in crypto. These next coming months are really gon na, be full of uncertainty and doubt a lot of things going on in the space, but um yeah.

This is just a great opportunity. I feel and something that im personally getting in myself so yeah. Let me know your thoughts down below if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please put them down in the comment section below make sure you give this video a thumbs up.