Thank you. So can you tell us about your background and how did you get into crypto industry sure absolutely so. Ive been in fintech for more than 10 years and worked at the company called the braintree and they had acquired a company called venmo back then brainchief was the payments platform for many leading mobile companies such as uber airbnb dropbox. The company was then sold to paypal. Worked at paypal for a couple of years and then really got started in crypto in 2017, so you know if we do eventually move into a bear market uh which uh you know uh were in in that kind of period right now. This would be. My second bear market, but i got started in 2017 and bought my first crypto and at that time it took me a long time to really understand crypto right, so i had to watch a lot of youtube videos i had to um. You know read up and uh understand where i could buy the crypto who to trust. You know it was a scary place back then and still is to to a certain extent right, uh, and i think thats kind of the premise that you know we uh weve been building uh here at nash. So 2017 is when i got started and how did you join nash so ive been with the company? The company was founded in 2017 we had an sto, which is a secure token offering you know.

Weve worked with regulators right from the start, so we are fully compliant and and licensed in that regard, and our sto was in 2018, and that was for a non custodial decentralized exchange and um uh. You know we uh have then kind of with that decentralized exchange. Taking that underlying technology and being able to build what were building here at nashville right today, which is effectively a crypto uh, you know financial, app, right, um or a crypto financial bank. If you wanted to even say that but uh i got started with the company two years ago in 2020 and uh and took over as a ceo and what is the vision of the company. So i think we want to be the everyday financial app for uh. For for everyone right, so its a place to spend uh, you know save and invest and its powered by crypto rails. So what i mean by that is, if you look at the recession, that you know, everyone says that were going to be moving into, i would say that the rich only get richer in those types of opportunities right, so what they do is they are able to Borrow uh, you know using assets that they already have its collateralities right, um and the the uh the not wealthy or the poor uh. You know only suffer right, and so what were looking to do is were living were looking to level the playing field for everybody to be able to grow their wealth, the modern way and how we do that is we offer a platform that allows them to effectively Buy and sell crypto to hold and thats an investment right.

We allow them to swap crypto to crypto. We also allow them to go from euro from their existing bank account into a high yield, defy savings, account all powered by smart contracts, and then soon we will be launching uh some exciting things, which is a bank account tied with a crypto debit card. Nice yeah and as for d5, do bulk and cooperate with any d5 platforms from where you can provide the yield yeah, absolutely so. For for the yield i mean there are platforms that we that we work with so amongst them is ave right and obvious. Very well known in the industry, um and uh, we are looking at you know, constantly adding new uh uh. You know protocols to the uh to the platform to be able to offer offer our users right. What we do is we do uh. You know very heavy risk, modeling, uh and and determining what is safe, to be able to offer to our users and uh, and i think thats you know as a as a compliant and uh uh. You know as a compliant institution or a compliant company. I think thats our obligation to our users that are on the platform and how many users does nash have. Currently, we have up to 100 000 users right now, but thats with no marketing and uh, and now that the platform has been built and the last uh pieces to the puzzle are coming online and thats, the bank account and the debit card.

We are increasing our marketing and uh and really going um. You know for for launches in each jurisdiction that we operate in, but then also a full launch of of europe as well. So netherlands is first. How did you achieve that number of users without any marketing? So i think a lot of it has to do with our founders. They have a great reputation as leading blockchain engineers, and i think also the vision that they had set forward for. The company, i think was was uh instrumental in uh, really bringing in a a very large community uh that really believe in the vision that were creating uh for for for the company, and so you focus on europe uh in which countries, so we um we. You know as a as a uh lets call it um. You know compliant uh uh, uh company uh, its theres theres. A lot of work to do right were were constantly working with regulators. So here in the netherlands, we are uh approved by the the netherlands bank. Um we have um, you know, entities in various jurisdictions around around europe, the uk for emi license. You know in lithuania for another uh, you know emi license uh and so uh its its a lot of work right and so um were looking to launch the netherlands. First then, the uk, um and and then the rest of europe after that um the us uh is, is uh a market that that were monitoring uh with the regulatory uncertainty were were still not sure if thats a mark that we want to move into just yet.

But emerging markets is also something that were looking into and i think thats a great opportunity for us and what is your opinion on the state of crypto regulations here in netherlands? Well, i think its um its difficult so uh, you know uh, the the regulations are, let me put it this way. Regulation uh is, is meant to protect the consumer right and as long as the consumer is being protected, i think regulation uh is is great and im all for it as and you know, uh. We support that 100, but when um regulators and im not saying that thats the case right now, but when regulators dont understand the underlying technology and what crypto stands for, then that can be a problem and i think um our job as leaders uh in the crypto Industry is to educate regulators and make sure that they understand what its all about right so that we can actually come up with regulation that makes sense for the industry, as well as for the consumers, so does nash advise netherlands government, so there there are um. You know many uh opportunities for the regulators to meet with leaders from from our space, but its fintech and its also a crypto um and i think uh. They are uh warming up to uh, crypto leaders and i think uh its just. You know its its. Never an overnight uh success story. I think its continual uh discussions and um. I think i think were getting there yeah and which country do you consider the most progressive in europe in terms of crypto regulations? Uh liechtenstein is uh, is one and thats where we are licensed out of as well so um.

I i would say that they are very much so um and uh. You know there. There are uh pockets, i mean uh. If you look at the netherlands, netherlands is also a fairly um. You know if you are not registered with the dame bay, which is the nate launcher bank. Then you cannot operate here and you know as a fiat to crypto service provider, and that makes sense right because you dont want people being uh, scammed or whatever. It may be so that that makes sense, but i mean uh, lift and science, probably in in our view, at the company, is probably the leader uh in in europe right now, um, you know switzerland uh also another uh um uh in the eea, so yeah yeah Theres a lot of happening in those countries and a lot of companies registering there and what is your views on the current situation on the market like we have quite a big drop down. What developments do you see so uh? I think thats um. We have had a big drop down from all time highs, i think, were down 65 percent uh on you know, whats called btc or eth and were were holding steady right now on at btc at around 29 to 30 ik and on on eth its around 17 1800. – and i think that is uh – you know the support line for right now. Um, i think uh. If we get more negative news, uh coming our way um, you know from the u.

s theres some regulatory bill that is looking to be passed, its just a draft right now, but its uh. It is something that uh that is being worked on: um uh, its the unknown, which brings the uncertainty to the market right and then that tanks, the market as well. I think, as long as uh things are clear from the regulatory perspective. Also from you know, uh, you know a consumer protection, uh perspective, uh and then uh. You know, people understand the the market and and what crypt was all about. I think uh. I think you know its only its its only up, i dont think were going to have a major crash and nobody knows, let me put it that way. Right im, just saying what i think, but um i dont think were going to have a major crash. I think um there is so much and were solving real uh use cases right yeah in in crypto today, 2017 was just get rich, quick schemes and 2022 2021 2022 is really uh. Solving real life use cases defy for one you know being able to provide. You know high yield without the middlemen um, i think its very exciting times and i think its only going to grow. It may go slower now over the next 12 to 24 months, but i think its only going to grow this industry and only get stronger. And what is your opinion on d5 and will in the future d5 platforms compete with the traditional banks and traditional banks will implement d5.

So i think d5 will definitely compete with traditional banks right, but that may take a while, i think, theyre already competing with traditional banks, but you know more mainstream uh. I think it may take a while um i do. I do think that banks once theres more regulatory certainty. I think banks will try and get involved as well and if they dont its too late right. So so banks really need to embrace defy if they want to survive, um and uh. But i think i think that the regulatory certainty needs to be there for, for everyone to take part both on the consumer side, as well as the banking side, yeah yeah, so thats. What nash trying to do yeah exactly thats? What thats? What thats? What our platform is right so were: were there were a platform that people can trust uh that um uh, you know, has our users best interest, uh at heart um and were providing a platform that provides everything to the to the users right, so they dont need To go to other uh disparate platforms in order to find their high yield or to find a fiat ramp, you know to buy crypto. Everything is just in our app um and and thats thats, the beauty of it, its an everyday finance, app thats powered by crypto. And can you share some upcoming plans for the nurse sure we have a ton of new things, but we just released our new brand right, so nash, the logo.

If you go to nash dot, io youll see the the website has been totally updated and you know new new new brand look so to speak and um were super excited about that. The new app has been updated as well. We have uh new payment methods that are coming to the platform uh and we are also introducing uh very shortly. Uh bank accounts with a crypto debit card, tied to it so uh we are going to be offering uh crypto cash back um on the card. So what whatever you spend you get? Uh cash back in crypto and uh were super excited. I mean theres theres, so many things that are coming to the platform and uh, and you know new markets that were expanding into so um uh. If i, if i named them all wed, be here a couple hours, um, okay, so well follow your updates and good luck for your development. Great.