Mexi is a crypto trading exchange for global and us users were going to go through the entire system, how to get crypto on and off the platform, how to navigate the system, how to get set up and then how to go and place some trades on this Advanced trading screen looks complex, but it is the best way to trade, because you get full control over your trades and you get cheaper trades on that screen as well, so ill go over. Everything step by step in this guide ill leave the timestamps to all of the different sections below ill, also leave some links to mexi as well. They often have sign up offers deposit bonuses and everything so ill. Just leave that link below and you can see, uh what they have at the current time. Youre watching this first thing you can do is just set up the account and security so obviously come through to the website. Click sign up and then go through that for right now, you dont need kyc to trade on the platform, if youre just trading in crypto. If you want to get fiat currency on, you do need kyc, so thats up to you obviously ill leave the link below you. Can you know log in and sign up, so what we want to do is actually come to your profile. Once youve signed up with your email and then come over to the profile right here and just set this up, so the first thing we need to do is check the security preferences.

So what we can do is obviously click this and we need to make sure that we have two factor authentication in place. Now i recommend glue google authenticator so download the google authenticator app, and then it will give you instructions to link that up every time you log in you have to use your google authenticator code. They arent linked its just an extra security measure, so i really recommend that the other thing we need is withdrawal settings. So if you go down to manage right here, i would add a withdrawal address as your whitelist now. This is a crypto address, so essentially what this does is uh. If you set up a withdrawal address, maybe thats your own wallet or another exchange, you can set that and confirm it, and then only withdrawals will be sent to that address and you can have many here, but this is essentially a safeguard. If someone does hack into your account – and they can actually only send crypto to the addresses that youve saved previously and the only way you can change them, is to your uh through your to fa as well so um you can set that up as you wish. The other thing that you may want to do is actually put your kyc info on the platform. If you do that, then obviously you can do different things like putting fiat currency onto the account um. So if you do primary kyc right here, you can either do primary or advanced and you get higher limits and with kyc you can trade with fiat currency and put that on your account.

If you dont have kyc, you can still trade on the system, but its limited to crypto in and out before. I show you an overview of all the wallets. We can actually get some fiat currency onto your account here. You do need kyc. If you want to deposit fiat currency, but they allow us dollar deposits through the swift network or if youre in the states they use fed wire and you do need kyc here, you can see, you can choose usd, and then you choose one of these. Now you press continue right here and what its going to do is essentially give you two bits of information: one is their bank account that you have to send the wire to and another one is your account reference, so you have to include that reference with the Payment when it comes from your bank so that they know which account to put it in and obviously you have to wait for that to go through just like any other wire transfer. But you can just come up to buy crypto and then go to global bank transfer and itll come through to this page and itll. Give you the information you need to input in your bank when you send the us dollars over. The other way to do is through a debit or a credit card. This is easier, but its a little bit more expensive. So i would try and not to do this um youre going to be paying about maybe 1.

5 to 2.5 percent for using a card thats. Not just on mexi but thats on pretty much every exchange, so lets say you want to add in an amount uh. What you can do here is press pay right here and then it says get right here, so you can actually just switch it straight into bitcoin. If you want again, i wouldnt recommend this because it has much higher fees, but you can choose us dollar tether if you want, and so you have that us dollar ten, the stable coin on your account – and you can see that if you pay 250 youre getting 234 dollars, so that is um the fee that is charged by these third party providers. Uh simplex, here banks, these are used by many different exchanges, theyre, absolutely fine to use um youre just going to have to pay a higher fee. So i wouldnt recommend this, but it is there as an option now ill show you how to deposit cryptocurrency onto the platform. This is a way that you can use without kyc. So if you have crypto in a wallet or another exchange, obviously come through to your wallet right here so up in the top. You can see wallet and then overview that will take you through to this page and then you want to press deposit which is up here this green button. So we click deposit here this is a crypto deposit. So what we can do is choose the asset that we want to deposit and they support virtually all currencies.

So you know if you want to deposit in bitcoin or something like that – um or you know eth its all here, so you can click that and then youll see some different options right here now the deposit networks really important um. So the ethereum network is expensive. Now, if you use binance – or you know another exchange that actually supports the binance smart chain, you can send over ethereum using the bep 20 network. So, for example, if you did have a binance account, they are, they allow you to send ethereum over their network. The bet 20 network, and so when youre withdrawing from binance, you can just click to use the bep 20 binance smart chain and not the ethereum network. Thats going to drop your feed down from around 10 um to somewhere around lets, say a dollar or way below. So what we can see here is that you can click to generate the address, so im going to do this right now obviously go through this now. What you can see is ive got the address right here now. What you can do is copy that address and then obviously go through to your binance account or account. They actually also support, binance, marching and then send the ethereum over that specific network. If you need to know how to do that, specifically ive got some other specific guides on that that go through it in depth, because you dont want to use different networks, because if you use different networks, either end youre going to lose the crypto so ill link Them in the description, if you need a more in depth guide but essentially choose the address, choose the network on each of the wallets or exchanges, and that will come into your mexi account now just a quick overview of your wallet before we get into the trading Guide, you can do everything within the wallet itself, so this is what it looks like up in the top left.

You can see the total balance that you have, and this is in bitcoin its valued in bitcoin um. On the right hand, side you can see its valued in dollars as well. This will give you your asset allocation here. For me, ive just got some usdt in the account now theres different accounts. Here you have a spot account fiat margin and futures spot account. Is the account where all of your crypto will go uh and that is cash settled? So if you have you know five thousand dollars there itll show five thousand dollars. If you have five different cryptocurrencies um that youve bought with you know, other crypto or the stable coins that youve transferred on account, they will all be here. Uh. Fiat account is just something that us dollars go to when you deposit fear. If it goes in, there margin account we wont get on in this video thats for separate videos and futures as well, so thats completely different trading, futures and derivatives. So we wont get into that. But the main thing is: if you want to transfer cryptocurrency between your accounts, you can do that. Uh press transfer here so ive got some uh crypto in my spot account and im going to transfer it over to the futures account. I can click the token so usdt press, all you can see. Ive got that and then transfer now. That is a free transfer within your account, its just an internal account transfer that gets uh crypto from one of the accounts that you might want to use to.

The other uh you can see the spot account ive just got usdt here, but you can search if you have. If you have lots of um, you know cryptos in here and you have them, it will search for them all. You can see the options on the right hand, side as well so uh with usdt theres an earn option, so you can maybe um stake it or get some savings interest um that a lot of different uh crypto exchanges will pay you. If you want to go into that well get into that in a second. You can obviously deposit and withdraw here so well click withdraw its the exact opposite of the deposit. So choose the token that you want to withdraw ive got usdt here, then you need to go to your other exchange, um, your all wallet provider and copy paste the address, and you need to make sure that youre using the right network. So you can send it over many different networks. If youre using um, the binance, you can use the binance smart chain. Trc20 is a cheap network that people use to transfer usdt around so theres many different ones. If you just choose the correct network, make sure you get the address in here and then click submit, and then you can withdraw that to either another wallet or another exchange. Another important thing you might want to do is reduce your trading fees by paying with their the exchange token, which is called mx um, so it says: pay with mx to enjoy to enjoy 20 off trading fees, so id recommend just clicking that now you do need To buy mx, you can buy a small amount and just keep it on the account just to pay trading fees um, but you get a 20 discount further.

Just by clicking that one, you can see the the maker taker fees right here. This is the trading fee that youd be paying when you trade is 0.16 percent. Now im going to show you the trading screen and how to actually go ahead and enter some different trades come up to trade at the top and then click spot right here. Itll. Take you straight through to this screen, then you can go ahead and trade. It looks complex but ill go through everything here, like i said, mexi do deposit bonuses and you know sign up offers so ill leave. The link below you can see what their offer is at the current time, but when you come through to this screen um, it might be a bit confusing, but very simply up here we have the crypto that were trading so if youve got some stable coins in Your account that you want to trade, you can obviously search for the crypto that you want to trade up here, so lets put eth, and then we want eth usdt right here, so we dont want any of these. These are derivatives and other types of tokens. So you want to steer clear of those but eth usdt. So this is the spot market right here. You can see up in the top left that it does show you that youve got the ethereum market and its uh being quoted in us dollar tether, which is that stable coin that we have.

We have the current price of ethereum right here and this is the change on the day, so its up two percent in the last 24 hours, and then you have the high and the low over that day and the amount of volume traded across crypto. So just some uh important information there now, obviously, on the right hand side, you know you, you can look for many different types of uh trading pairs. So actually you can try a usdc. If you, you know, have usdc and not usdt, you can see eth usdc right here, its just ethereum quoted in a different, stable coin, but you can, you know, search all different pairs from this box right here, um. So, on the left hand side we have the order book um. So this is the actual live market in ethereum right now um. So this is what buyers and sellers are actually trading at. This number in the middle is uh, where ethereum is trading, so the actual price in the market, and then all of these below are essentially um bids from buyers that are much lower than the current price. So theyre obviously not going to trade right now because their bids are lower than the current market price and obviously these guys are trying to sell ethereum higher than the market price and so theyre not going through. But you can see their trades and see the volume. This is just a typical order book and how it works.

So really what you want to do right here is check out the mid price if youre looking to buy it now, you can actually use this system to bid lower when you want to buy and offer higher. If you want to sell – and you may get a better deal like that, but you may have to wait a little while for that trade to go through so ill show you how to input an order, whats called a market order on the system. This is when you choose how much you want to trade, but you dont choose the price that you trade at. Obviously we have the chart right here, which you can change around as well, that you might want to do so before i trade ill. Look at the one day chart so ill, just click on this, so thats the one day. So, if you can, obviously you can see over the last day uh over the last one. Is this probably two months or so price has been coming down ill. Also look at the one hour because this is telling me whats happened over the um each hour, so each candlestick is one hour in length. So this is over the last few days rather than last few months and then even you might want to go down to the 15 minute chart, so each candlestick now is 15 minutes. So this is giving me a price chart over the last um.

You know probably 16 18 hours, something like that. So just to see where the short term trade is actually over the short term. It seems to be going upwards and over the longer term um. It seems to be coming downwards. So obviously, different time frames is going to give you um. You know just a different view of what the price is doing, but a market order is very simple. If youre looking to buy, you can come down here and then go over to market. So what you can see is that you can choose the amount that you trade, so you can put 500 in like this or you can use a slider just to choose. You know percent of how much you have on your account and then the market order does not let you choose the price. So if you click buy right here, what will happen? Is the system will go on to go on to the order book right here and just place a buy order up for 500 at the best possible price? Now you wont be getting a great deal right here: ill be trading around one five, six, something like that! Um, what we can see in the middle, so you do not choose the price, so this is good to get things done very quickly and its very simple. What will happen when you press by eth is that or by bitcoin or whatever? It will come down here because its a market order its just going to go through straight away, and so you wont see the order open.

You will actually have to see order history and then trade history down here. It will be traded already for you. So you can just see um the amount that you bought and then the price that it actually traded at for you. If you want to get a better deal than that, youll have to switch to a limit order. A limit order allows you to input the size and the price. So what you can see here is that i have got price, but i cant choose it so im going to switch over to limit order on the left hand, side, and now you can choose the price that you pay so now. What im going to do is put a pricing of 1150 like this and im going to choose the amount in dollars at 500.. Now what you can see is that my bid right here at 1150 is underneath the current price at 11, 54., and so whats going to happen is my order is going to come onto this order book way down here, uh below all of these other bids, because Were you know a bit away from the current price now were not going to trade straight away, but the order will be working for us, so the system will say um if the price of ethereum gets to 1150. Your order is good and were going to trade. It for you, so it will kind of save this order in the system.

Press buy eth, and what will happen is lets just do this im going to do 1, 000 right here, im going to press buy eth. Now what you can see is that we have an open order down here for us its a limit buy, but obviously our price at a thousand is way below the current price and so its not going to go through yet. But if the price does come down, our order will go through because its on the book, um so thats all there, and you can see all the information now. If you want to cancel this just come over to the right hand, side press cancel and then that order is gone for you, so limit orders allow you to hopefully get a little bit a bit of a better trade um, but they obviously wont go through until The price matches your order now ill quickly show you how to navigate the charts on the system, so mexi use trading view which most top exchanges use. So if you come up to the chart here and just click professional, that is using the using the trading view, chart uh on the left hand side, you have some indicators and some drawings right here. So if i just click on this view to make it larger, on the right hand, side you can see fx, i know its quite small, but if you click that you can put different indicators on the chart, so ill just show you how to put a moving Average on the chart, so if you click once and then twice you can see up in the top left that the moving averages come up here and if you go to settings you can change the length so im going to change this to a 50 period.

Moving average and then just change the style here to a thicker line and then maybe have just a brighter color just to kind of put that on there and press ok. So you can change these around as you want. If you want to know more about technical analysis and putting lots of indicators on the charts as well ill ill leave some videos in the description for you that go through that more in depth as specific guides. But you can use you know, indicators and also drawings. So i have a trend line here, so you can kind of draw the trend line uh as you wish. If you want to know how to draw trend like trend lines, ill leave that link in the description as well but um that is all there. So you can use the chart exactly how you want if you put moving averages on there or anything else, its the same as all other platforms. So you have all of the indicators there that you would want to use. Mexi also have an earn platform as well, where you can actually invest some of the tokens that you have, or at least participate in some of the staking rewards that they may pay. This is going to be different depending on the token. What type of token it is and if it gives staking rewards or if its a staking product or a savings product, but if you come up to earn right here, you can come over to the mexi staking.

So we can come down to here to this one right here which is staking it will go through to this page here, so you can do locked staking. That means, obviously you lock up the tokens for a certain period of time. You can see that uh, polkadot, ethereum um and some other proof of stake. Cryptos are here. Bitcoin is not proof of stake, but obviously they lend it out or do other things. You can see its sold out right now, so you cant use that one. But if you had polka dot in here um you can press stake now and it will show you that you can get around 10 to 12 percent apy for the amount that you stake. So if you have polka dot in your account, you can just come and you know put an amount in that you have um read the um, you know terms and conditions obviously agree to them and press confirm and stake. Now. What you can see is that theres, a lock up here so the redemption date would be what in around um. You know a months time or something like that. So you have to lock up the dot for a month, and then you get this apy, which is a yearly apy. So if you had a hundred dollars in there, youd get 10 on that. If you locked it up for a year, so youd obviously have to lock it up for 30 days 12 times to get that um thats just done as an annual amount um, but you can see which cryptocurrencies are supported here.

Flexible staking is different. Obviously, theres no lock up so choose a lot more different cryptos. So, for example, us dollar tether is paying two percent as a flexible stake right now. So if you have us dollar tether in your account anyway, youre not trading that can be flexible. Press trade right here and you know you – can um, essentially unlock it instantly or maybe wait a few days to actually get that unlock, just agree to the terms and conditions press confirm and stake so thats, a flexible token yield will accumulate after one days. But you can take it out. Right. Flexible staking can be cancelled at any point of time, so good to differentiate between flexible and locked um, but staking. Obviously, if youve got cryptos in your account anyway, then you might want to stake them either in the flexible or the lock staking option ill leave the link to mexi. In the description like i said, they have sign up offers and deposit bonuses. So you can see what the best offer is at the time uh that youre watching this by clicking that link in the description. If you need some extra helpful uh training, tutorials ill leave them all in the description as well.