Just last week, bitcoin fell over 20 to 18k. Before coming up a bit. Ethereum fell over 25 to under 1 000. The last time they were, this low was in 2020, where everyone would like songs, songs. Every day after the crash mas be like the koala, the koala, i told you guys that crypto is not suitable for you just kidding. They never said that, but i can imagine them thinking about that anyway, in this video i want to talk about this whole crypto crash. What happened? Why did that start crashing and, more importantly, whether im still bullish about crypto or not, but before i start, i would greatly appreciate it if you can have to tap the like button and subscribe if you havent done so in return, i will show you, guinea, pigs, Eating all right lets start right now. So, as you might already know, the crypto world is like a big roller coaster ride. In the six months, the entire crypto market lost over 50 percent of its value. We found that stable coins were so stable. After all, when usd collapsed and bringing down luna along with it, one of the biggest investor three arrows capital is facing insolvency now, but wait thats not all. Just last week the crypto landing platform celsius suddenly frees withdrawals knocking out roughly 12 billion dollars in user assets and there are many layoffs in the crypto industry. Coinbase costs, 18 of their workforce profile, cut 20 percent crypto.

com rate of 260 employees and going forward. I would expect more bad news to come, but why is this whole crash happening? Basically, its the same exact reasons why stocks are crashing? First, you have inflation all the way to 8.6 the highest. It has ever been in 40 years, thanks to post pandemic demand and the russian ukraine war. Gas prices have hit an all time. High food costs have gone up 10.1 percent year over year, shelter costs went up the fastest in one month. Second, you have the fed, reducing monetary supply and increasing interest rates in order to slow down inflation. Theyd be like i dont know how much is enough, but i will rate hike you and crash the market along the way. Then we have recession fears right now. We dont know if we are in the recession yet because we will only know if theres a decline in gdp growth rate for two consecutive quarters. The last one we had was a negative quarter, so we will need to wait for the report for the upcoming quarter, but even so, there are already a few signs that suggest we are already in a recession like consumer sentiment, dropping to record lows the lowest. Yes, ever been so far. Also the gdp tracker predicts that we are on the brink of a recession. Then youll be like i thought. Bitcoin is a hedge against inflation. How can my bitcoin fall faster than my tesla stock? Well, yes, but no bitcoin is still considered as a risky asset class and when you have fears in the market risky stuff, like growth, stocks, meme stocks and crypto will be the ones that fall the most one year ago, when crypto is still going to the moon.

Micro strategy, ceo michael sailor, be like sell. Your house, sell your wife or in crypto, okay. He didnt really say that, but heres what he said, but take all your money buy bitcoin then take all your time figure out how to borrow more money to buy more bitcoin, then take all your time and figure out what you can sell to buy bitcoin and If you absolutely love the thing that youre that you dont want to sell it go mortgage your house and buy bitcoin. If you listen to him, you have lost more than 50 percent of your money. You will lose your house and, of course, your wife will not be happy, but what does he think about crypto after the crash check this out? Over any time? Frank, two years, four years, eight years, bitcoins the best performing asset. I cant come up with a better idea if your time horizon is one month that looks like a volatile risk asset, but if your time horizon is 10 years, it looks like a risk off store of value asset. So the the crossover point is four years nobodys. Ever lost money investing in bitcoin for four years. He feels that bitcoin is the best performing asset based on his past performance thats. Why hes so confident in it but heres? The issue bitcoin was first launched in 2009 from 2009 to 2020. We had the best blue market. Ever we were seeing tons of people getting rich over stocks and crypto, but of course, just a ten year performance is not enough.

You need way more data than just that warren buffer kung kong once said when the tide goes out. You will see whos been swimming naked, you will see which landing platforms have been doing regular stuff, which projects are not sustainable and which cryptos are just created for pumps and doubts. This crash is important because it reminds people what can happen when times are bad and we shouldnt mortgage our house to buy crypto, because you know crypto doesnt just go to the moon. Sometimes they can crash too great pause. Just in case you havent heard reboot is the latest stock broker in singapore with fibo. You can buy your us stocks, u.s options and hong kong stocks for a low fee of zero dollars. Yes, you heard that right, thats, zero dollars. They also have fractional shares which lets you buy your stocks with just five dollars amount money. Then, of course, you might be wondering whats the welcome gift im glad you asked if you sign up with my link down below deposit at least two thousand dollars, then make six buy trades on either u.s stocks, epfs or options. Youll get 100 worth of apple shares. This promotion ends on 30th june yeah. With that being said, lets get back to the video so heres. The question: am i still bullish about crypto or do i think crypto is just a ponzi scheme: theres no intrinsic value, yes, im still bullish about crypto heres. Why? First value of crypto thats this whole debate about whether crypto has value or not and its not just normal people who thinks that warren buffett, kung kong, said that crypto doesnt produce anything its a red poison square.

So heres my argument, my white rice doesnt produce anything. In fact it will spoil if i just leave it sitting there for one day. But why does white rice cost money? Because you can use it so simple? You can eat it. You can make it fried rice with it. You can even rescue your iphone with it. This is the same for crypto. They have value because they have utility for bitcoin its, not really created to hedge against inflation in bitcoins. What people say: bitcoin is a peer to peer electronic cash system. Thats the original goal in afghanistan after the taliban took over people were using crypto to move money around in china. People were using crypto will transfer money out of the country, but now the purpose has evolved a bit. People like you and me: dont, really use bitcoin to move money. Instead, we just buy crypto and pre pray that the price will go up. Thats all so to us. Bitcoin is an investment asset for cryptos, like ethereum theres, a lot more utility than just transferring money over, because ethereum is a programmable blockchain. You can use it to make applications like finance web browsing games, identity management right now, theres about 45 billion dollars in ethereum alone, and to say that, yes, no value is a bit lamer, but for other crypto like elon, sperm and shiba inu, they totally have no Utility other than just to pump and dump many of this crypto wont survive this crash, so just think of the crash like a hand sanitizer that kills 99.

9 of the germs. Only 0.1 percent of the cryptos that real use will still be around second crypto adoption. There are many signs that show that crypto adoption is going up check this out. The number of active bitcoin addresses has been going up over time same for ethereum total value log has been going up too, though it has come down quite a bit. Thanks to the crash, but its still higher than 2020 levels, more companies have started using bitcoin since two to three years ago there were even two countries – el salvador and central african republic. They made bitcoin legal tender, although with the crash things arent, looking so good for them now, but but thats, not the point, the point is crypto. Adoption is going up, also crypto are already being taught in schools and we have crypto events going on every year. All this just says one thing theres a lot of interest in crypto and i certainly dont see this interest going away just because crypto is crashing. Third, the future of crypto, as you might imagine, crypto, is still a very young technology. Scams and red pools are happening. Every other day, crypto is still super volatile, but this is just the beginning. Blockchain developers are hard at work behind the scenes. Us has already started to look into how to regulate crypto, which will make crypto a lot safer and transparent. When that happens, you will start seeing even more crypto adoptions, like institutional investors or even sovereign funds, putting money into crypto so heres.

What im doing personally im only investing in the top few cryptos, bitcoin and ethereum are my sheriffs best. They are considered the blue chips in crypto and im quite sure that they will survive this crash im also invested in cardano and solana, but i see these two as a more speculative bet. I plan to only hold up to 10 percent of crypto in my portfolio. Nothing more that way if crypto goes to the moon great, but if they go to zero i will still cry, but at least i will lose everything also ever since celsius pros withdrawals. I realized that its not a good idea to creep cryptos on online platforms, so ive moved all my cryptos to a co wallet, because, if earning five percent on my cryptos means that i can lose 100 of them thanks, but no dance id rather not earn that Five percent, so if you want to avoid the risk – and you want to keep your crypto safe, just get a ledger – i have a link down below if you want to buy it.