Okay, so bitcoin, as you know, is the bulk of the overall market. Capitalization, in fact, lets look at that, so the entire market capitalization for the crypto market right now is 907 billion and uh bitcoin itself. Right now is ‘2 billion. Okay, so you can see that it makes up the vast majority of it. Bitcoin and ethereum combine to make up over 60 plus more percent of the entire market capitalization of the of the of the crypto market, which is why i spend a lot of time talking about them and educating you guys and just continuing, because theyre theyre relevant to Everything, even if were talking about um a a brand new altcoin or things like that, theyre relevant, okay, so heres the worst case scenario – and this does sync up with its uh its its interesting this uh this this piece of content, this information syncs up with exactly The numbers that ive been talking about – okay, so right here right now, you have to understand – and you have to realize that weve got some macro economic things at play. Okay, weve got that are that are having a massive impact on crypto stocks, everything we have inflation front and center everything costs more. Its going to continue to rise continue to be bad. We have the federal reserve trying to do their thing to slow it down. We have the fear of recession related to this inflation scenario: okay and by the way, inflation at a 40 year.

All time high. We still have the russia, ukraine war, that is disrupting massive supply chains, mostly along the food um and and raw materials. Part grain, wheat, things of that nature. We have china, covid, pacific rim, covid supply massive chain disruptions. All of this stuff is at play. These are all your macro economic things, okay and ive been talking about this in a lot of my videos, guys about bitcoin and ethereum, how bitcoin could go to 14 000 and how ethereum could go to 500, and that is most likely the worst case scenario and That is the bottom, if you will of kind of the market now ive been talking about that, i got those numbers from some people that i really really trust, who do a lot of really in depth technical analysis, and so when i saw this im like hey, I want to do a video talking about the worst case scenario so that you guys are prepared. You know whats going on thats. Why im making this video for you to keep you educated to keep you ahead of the curve so that you understand whats going on? Okay, now moving down, this is from a youtuber called. His name is nicholas merton um. Honestly cards on the table was not familiar with him. 516 000 subscribers im gon na go check out his content because im always interested in somebody producing good content. So im gon na go check out nicholas, but he basically talks about here a 75 and an 80 correction off of the um, all time highs of bitcoin of 69 000, okay, and so he basically ended up at this ex at almost exactly the exact same numbers That ive been talking about, he says right here.

If we go from 75 correction to the typical 80 correction off of bitcoins highs, which is 69 000, he said what would that look like? He said it wouldnt be just a couple hundred dollars or thousands. It would bring it from so from 75 percent off of that 69 000 would be 17.5 hes, saying hes, saying basically hes saying he believes theres an 80 percent correction off of that all time, high of 69 000, which would put us exactly right in the neighborhood Of that 13 7 14 000 range, and that seems to be again the bottom line, the that is the kind of worst case scenario for bitcoin to drag down. Now. That means that the entire crypto market capitalization would drag down even lower ethereum would drop down with it. All coins would drop down with it as well. It would pull everything down okay, but that again seems to be kind of the worst case scenario. Now, if, when we dont know okay, we keep getting these little kind of bull traps and these kind of fake outs happening here. Okay, so bitcoin right now is doing its thing. You see it 20 500, but also youll notice that in the last 24 hours bitcoin did bounce down almost to that 20, 000 and bounce back off of that support level and uh. Excuse me: ethereum did the exact same thing it bounced back to like 1073 and bounced off of that support, but again worst case 14, 000 for bitcoin, uh and 5 600 for ethereum, all right, so thats.

What i got for you as always appreciate you giving me a few minutes of your day. I know you got a choice out there.