What were doing is were doing our second edition of guess. What well games thats exactly what it is its a game that weve created for members of our community to prove that there are crypto pros and to win up to 1 500 immediately immediately immediately. So how do you get involved? Well, its so so so so so simple! All you need to do is you need to have a buybit account that is opened with our referral link if you dont know where to get our referraling from you go to any of our videos. So here we go. This is the video you go to this link over here. You sign up for this link and you deposit money into your account and once youve signed up and deposit manage your account. You are ready to play whale games, thats it and prove to us that youre, a crypto master and you can win 1 500. So im going to give you guys one or two more minutes to sign up and to get ready to go, and then we are going to start our our game of world games for today. Lets do this lets. Do this get out of bed its time to win a thousand dollars? Lets go, go, go Applause, Music, get the out of bed. Go Music, get up! Oh Applause, Music! Alrighty! Alrighty! Are you guys ready? Are you guys, ready to win 1 500 and to prove to us that you guys are crypto pros its a very, very, very simple game? All youre gon na need to do is answer seven questions the fastest people to answer the questions and answer them correctly are going to be the leaders our winner is gon na get a thousand dollars.

Our number two is going to get 500 and you know lets give away 250 to our number three. What do you say frederico? Should we do this all righty, all right, youre ready lets. Do this lets do this? Let me just get the game ready remember in order to sign up now. Let me say this very, very, very very clearly. So, in order to sign up, you need to put your name and then your bybet user id number, because that is how we know, which account to credit with the winnings. So dont just put your name and dont. Just put your barbit user id number, because i wan na know who im speaking to i wan na know who the winners are its simple, simple, simple, so to join the competition. All you need to do is go to join my quiz dot com and enter the code game code 959784. Well, give you guys a couple of minutes join my quiz. 959. 784. I can guys your name and your bible user id number, your name and your bible user adi number, your name and your bible user id number, your name and your bible user number do not just put your user id number and do not just put your name. I want to know your name and i want to use our number and i see you guys. Logging on, like absolute djs, 300 djs are 350 regions are on the stream seven questions.

Seven questions are gon na, get you one thousand five hundred dollars its gon na. Take no longer than three minutes and were gon na have our winners. How many people are gon na get onto the stream today? We only got weve got a space for a thousand today right, only a thousand people, so its the first thousand djs that are going to log on to join my quiz, dot com and sign up with nine five, nine, seven, eight four, only a thousand digits who Put their name and their binance there by bit by bit use the id number will be eligible to play. Okay, im going to give you guys there we go here, we go theres. I know. Theres 2 000 people watching come on come on, come on, come on. Come on come on lets. Give it one more minute. Lets give it one more minute, one more minute, one more minute, one minute: seven questions for you hand picked by our man frederico to prove to prove that you guys are crypto pros to good guys. Put your name and your buy bit user id, because if you just put your name and you win, i dont know which account to credit and if i dont know which account to credit, then i cant give you a price wouldnt that be said, wouldnt that be Sad, like i mean i just saw a guy its going too quickly. Ive got this boris, boris doesnt have a barbed account virus, wont win 10.

9. 8. 7. We have a thousand contestants okay, so we have a thousand contestants. I see uh papa ganoush. I see greg, i see quentin rodriguez, i see justin warming up, i see milos, patrick hot, okay, patrick. We need to have a discussion, patrick if you win. How am i gon na know who to give the money to or where to put the money? I dont have your baba. The car number uh dylan, you. I see your car number de revlin never heard that name before. Oh then were just talking to a whole lot of numbers. Weve got marvin v who cant win because it doesnt have a bar with a card number. All righty lets go, go, go. Are you ready? Are you ready? Are you ready to start the quiz? Should we start? Remember youre racing against the clock. You got to get the answers right, theres, seven, questions youve got to get the answers right, but you also got to be the first person to get the answer right to win and you got ta have a bible account and its got to be using our link, Which i showed you in the beginning of trip, so are you ready to do this frederico? Are you ready guys? Are you ready lets start? The game whale games is now underway. Music. First question: how many bitcoins does microstrategy hold? Is it 129? 218. 19. 281. 929. 120 or 219 192 bitcoin how many questions? How many bitcoin do microstrategy hold Music only 830 of you managed it, and the answer was of course, 129 814.

Our leader is hans, see that was lets. Take a look at our leaderboard and see how were doing on the leaderboard over here all right, so in first place right now we have hans v that but he cant win, because he doesnt have a bible account. Then we got tana. Then we got brian. Then we got tequila, then we got marry and then we got ben. Then we got nimesh all right im going to turn you guys into crypto geniuses. I i know its going to happen. I know its going to happen. You cant get in because only a thousand people can get in at a time and weve already got a thousand contestants, but dont worry, because if you didnt get into this one, you will get into the next one. All right lets go next question: are you guys ready five, four, three, two one Music, all right. The question is which of these old coins did not exist in 2017 and there are four logos on the screen. One of them is, i know the ethereum logo, but the rest is up to you three two one. Oh, oh only 857 people managed on time which of these altcoins did not exist in 2017. Oh 10 is in the lead now, tanners indeed, hence is gone. All right, the answer of course, is axe, infinite manero did exist, ethereum did exist, z, cash did exist, monero monero, i mean uh, um axi, actually didnt exist alrighty and lets just quickly.

Last look lets. Take a look at our leaderboard. Okay. I want to see a little bit: okay tanner is in the lead. Mark is near number two, but mark doesnt have a bar, but a car number then youve got justin, troy youve got ed, youve got nemesh, you got tina and then youve got aj and crypto max. All right lets go. Go. Go were going to go to question number three of our seven questions. Question number three is Music. All right based on yesterdays show what is gareth solos next target for bitcoin? Is it 12 000 22.5, twenty five thousand or is it? Fifty thousand gareth soloway has been a bull. Did he change his tune? Did he change soon? Well, he didnt watch the show. Yesterday i cant help you and again 853 people. 853 people lets see what happened. Do we have a new leader we do? Aj is now the leader it is coming up. It is coming up tina tina, just behind gary soloways next target for bitcoin is 25 000 lets go straight into the next question: um Music alrighty. The next question is which exchange is closely linked to the stable coin. Usdt is it binance? Is it stx? Is it kucoin or is it bitfenix come on come on come on 770, 780, 800.3, Music, 837 people actually managed to earn. Your time is up. Lets have a look here: Music aj is still number one. Aj is still number one, aj is still number one.

The answer, of course, is bitfenix. The creators of bitfenix are the creators of tether, um theres, some kind of public holding there paolo arduino, who is the cto of bitfinex, is also the cto of tether. So that is where were at uh lets. Take a look at our leaderboard one last time before we get into the next thing. Okay, so aj is in the lead, some numbers and then crypto max you cant win is in third place. Alrighty lets go next question. Next question next question: three: two one lets do this lets: do this lets? Do this come on d jones? The person in this picture is the ceo of which crypto company or fund. Is it a 16z? Is it three arrows capital? Well, three arrows capital is buried. Is it multi coin capital or is it grayscale? I wonder who it is Music lets see who it is all right. So i know it is. It is, of course a16z aj is staying on top oh aj is staying on top aj aj is staying on top aj all right. Three, two one for the next question, Music, on which date in 2018 did bitcoin hit its lowest point. Was it the 15th of december? Was it the 21st of december? Was it the 21st of october 2018 or was it the 14th of december 2018 on which day did bitcoin hit its lowest point? In 2018, after the brutal brutal, brutal uh rise up? The correction time is up.

I want to see if aj kept his lead. Music, i mean aj is a machine ajs, a machine aj were on to you bro. We know what youre doing bro. We know what youre doing bro aj. We know what youre doing were watching. You were watching you watching it all right. Last question for today, four well games today is which of these crypto channels is the best by far, is it old coin daily? Is it bit boy crypto? Is it welcome back to crypto zaras im george were all george or is it crypto mata, or could this be a trick question? Could this be a trick question Music, all right, aj, aj, im on to you, i want to see if aj is aj, the winner is aj the winner Music aj all right. So our winners, Music, 54 people, said bitboy crypto. What 54 people said? How did they buy what accounts 54 people said, but quick, okay, the people that said bitboy crypto. We have to take money out of your account, uh the people that say, cryptos or us will take money out of your account. Uh just leave your buy bit. Numbers leave your barbed numbers there, people that said all coin daily. Let us know um uh. Well, we will take money out of the account. That is absolutely crazy. That also brings us to the end of this edition of whale games. Okay, so Music, i mean hold on, we have a problem here.

We have a serious problem. Okay, we have a problem shut up. We have a problem. The problem is that our community only got 43 percent right. So now the questions okay from now on the questions are going to be based on shows, but i mean that this does show you that only 43 of our community got this right. The winner is aj, aj got uh gets a thousand dollars in second place. We have vince who gets uh 500 and in third place. We have two five, nine two one, five, seven seven now remember. If you wan na play with us, were gon na be live three four five times a day, its so simple. All you do you go to the description below you sign up with this referral link for buy it, you deposit money into your account, and if you deposit money into your account and you win, then you can win uh a thousand five hundred dollars and the stakes Are gon na keep increasing and increasing in increasing, so its just a way to get you guys? Crypto educated have some fun in the spare market and change lives. Um with the banter oh firm. I should have spun the wheel. I didnt spin the wheel too late. Okay, well also spin. The wheel later on in todays, show well spin the wheel so that you guys uh, one of you guys with a buy better cut, can actually uh well double thats.

How well double the portfolio? Well, just spin, the wheel, yeah we got it. We got it, we got it all right, guys, listen, love! You guys, madly! I will see you guys again for the show, later, its a massive massive massive show, im going to show you why there are certain coins that you just have to be buying. I know thats crazy, but you have to be buying these coins today. So i will see you guys again later until then have fun trade well and im glad we could change the few lives on what was just a normal day.