Do the bulls have enough juice in the tank to bring this thing back up towards 30k or, ladies and gentlemen, is it looking more so like we could be ready for a plunge deep down into the crypto abyss, lets dive in and analyze? What is going on? Ladies and gentlemen, crypto kirby here your crypto currency expert back with another edition of the daily live stream, so lets not waste any time and get right down to it. Now, if you are subscribed to this channel, then you would know that i have been absolutely scary. Accurate here, as of late folks, just scary, accurate shout out to my vips. You guys know that i entered a bitcoin short above 27 000 and rode that bad boy, all the way deep down into the crypto abyss for an absolutely amazing epic profit lets get this crypto. Of course, if youd like to join vip, the links are down below, but lets get back to this chart its actually been pretty lackluster here for bitcoin over the past week, or so. Ladies and gentlemen, ever since that massive drop from 30k down to below 20 now, weve just been met with sideways consolidation, i mean this is normal. This is to be expected. We had a very similar occurrence right up here at the 30k trap door range. We had a definitive move to the downside, met with a multi week, consolidation. I mean this one was about a month and then we dropped deep down into the crypto abyss.

Now am i saying that we have to consolidate for more time here than we already have? Absolutely not we could plunge at any time. We could see a reaction rally at any time. Just the fact of the matter is is that, after moves of this magnitude, the market does need to cool off a bit, and this leaves us at a crossroads. Is the market ready to break to the upside, or are we more likely to continue this flush drop to the downside? Well, right here, right now, ladies and gentlemen, i dont think it would be out of the realm of normalcy if we did continue to see at least some type of relief rally to the upside we dont have to in a raging bear market such as we are In right here right now, there is always a higher probability for a drop to the downside, in my opinion. But what you have to understand here is that when we see moves of this magnitude to the downside, tons of people were just absolutely wrecked. Ladies and gentlemen, whether you were holding and now your portfolio is way down, ive got diamond hands, kirby good for you little jimmy amazing, or whether you were longing trying to catch a bottom, which i know that many of you saw your favorite influencers, analysts, content creators, Etc, saying that the bottom could be here at 30, 000 right people were loading up longs in here and they just got wrecked absolutely wrecked.

So you have to understand now that this range is very unique. You have people that were absolutely wrecked. Now, looking to revenge trade to try and recoup their losses by either shorting here at what could be one of the riskiest short areas of all time, in my opinion and or trying to now long convincing themselves that the bottom is in curry this is it dont? You see weve traded for five days around this region, well, never drop below 20k again, okay little jimmy and your 600 stimmy thats, now probably more like a 200 dollar stimmy lets get this crypto. You can tell me that the bottom is in, but no matter how you slice it its risky to short here and its risky to long here right this just isnt as prime of an area for a trade setup idea to take place. In my opinion, as it was up here and once again, ladies and gentlemen, im just pulling up the trade synopsis once more from vip, because this was absolutely perfect right. The risk was so much lower for a short up at 27 000 to then take profits. All the way down to the 20k target, just like i did there rather than shorting here or longing here when the move has already taken place and now youre, subject to all of the degeneracy, all of the potential manipulation all of the emotions and everything that goes Along with this range here now after a significant drop to the downside, lets get this crypto.

So, ladies and gentlemen, right now i just want to zoom out for a second, i showed you on yesterdays stream that for the first time in bitcoins history, we had a negative cross here on the directional movement index, the first ever on the monthly time frame, complete Bearish cross, you could see back here in 2014, i mean technically, maybe maybe we crossed, but it was very, very close right here we have a definitive cross. Okay, the orange line is bearish momentum. The blue line is bullish momentum. This is not what youd like to see in my opinion and then take a look down here at the tsi. I showed you this on yesterdays stream as well. So if youre not already subscribed make sure you hit the thumbs up, button subscribe tick, the little bell and select all so. You dont miss any more of these uploads. I showed you that here as well, the tsi is in a very, very unique spot, because right now we had a bearish cross, the red going below the blue on the monthly time frame and actually lets go to the blx chart, because it has more historic data. Here so you can see that in times that look very similar to where we are at now, meaning that we have a bearish cross and then we have widening bands here right between the two. You could see that back here. This was a raging bear market for bitcoin over here raging, bear market for bitcoin, and over here were in a raging bear market for bitcoin as well.

The thing is is that what were looking for to potentially signal that the bear market is over? Is the bullish cross? You can see right there in early 2016, bang started the bull market over here in 2020, bang started the bull market. We are nowhere close to a bullish cross here at this point in time, right its just its just not there so per this indicator, this isnt, what id like to see for a potential bottom formation. You understand, thats. Why im not really giving that much credibility to the fact that 20k is the bottom im, just not seeing it in some of the most reliable long term indicators that i personally like to follow, and that leads me to my next point – lets talk about the macroeconomic Situation for a moment now we have a war going on right, thats, putting a squeeze on energy prices, natural gas and oil absolutely skyrocketing. We have lingering effects of a pandemic going on. We have a declining global equities market. Several of the most important financial countries in the world are having an inflation crisis, lets actually roll some headlines across your screen right now. I just want you all to be very well aware that this inflation problem is not contained to the united states were seeing the same type of problems occur in japan, australia, the uk and many other countries. This is a global inflation problem right here, right now and unfortunately, for these moon boys, the hedge against inflation narrative for bitcoin has kind of gone out the window in theory throughout history.

It was a great theory right. I trust me, ladies and gentlemen, i wanted to believe in it too, just as much as the next guy or gal right, that this could be the number one hedge against inflation, and that in a time of peril and squalor for the us dollar, this could actually Be the asset to hold and watch it go to the moon as the fiat currency burns into the abyss, but its not its proven that its not at least right now, okay, so with all of that taken into consideration and understanding where we also could potentially be At here on the wall street cheat sheet psychology of a market cycle which, to me, i think, its very possible that we just broke down out of the complacency range right. You see after the peak comes in, it goes to complacency and then, after that complacency level of support, breaks, you move into anxiety, denial, panic capitulation. Just take a look at the chart here folks. I personally believe that this all here was possibly the complacency range right. All of the diamond hens they actually, even though we had dropped significantly from the top. There was still hope that this was actually going to be the bottom and become the floor to then propel us up, and once we broke through this level. Now all the diamond hands start to get scared right, and this is when you can move from complacency into that anxiety and denial range.

And personally, i am seeing some denial in the market right now. Bitcoin will never go below 20 000 kermie the 200 week moving average kirby. How about you just stop thinking about bitcoin in that little itty bitty box of yours little james, that you make believe that nothing else in the world exists besides bitcoin and crypto. How about you open up that box for a moment and understand all of the things that i just outlined for you? War pandemic inflation asset prices falling off a cliff in every market in the world, and you think little jimmy that bitcoin is going to defy all the odds. U turn and go to the moon while the rest of the world is crumbling news. Flash james. This is the most high risk asset class in the world, bitcoin and crypto, and generally, when things hit the fan, its the most high risk asset classes that sell off the hardest right. So there was a theory, keyword theory that bitcoin could basically evolve from a high risk speculative asset into a hard money, sound hedge against inflation risk off type asset when things hit the fan. That was just a theory right and now that theory has been put to the test and unfortunately its failed just is what it is, but its failed lets get this crypto. I mean many dont want to hear this truth, ladies and gentlemen, but if you appreciate the realism on this channel, please hit that thumbs up button for the youtube algorithm and make sure you subscribe tick.

The little bell and select all because this is the most must see and most realistic bitcoin analysis show on youtube period. Welcome to the channel, oh and one other thing that i forgot to mention is that were seeing the united states raise the interest rates now. So we have rising interest rates, something that bitcoin really has never dealt with before once briefly in 2018. But we were already in a bear market, and now we could have sustained interest rate hikes from here on out. As we possibly see the us move into a recession along with a global recession piled on top of it. This just doesnt seem all too bullish for bitcoin, in my opinion, so if we get back to the matter at hand, ladies and gentlemen and its well kirby wonderful, but what are you doing now well understand that this as ive explained, is a very degenerate level here. This this is d gen alley down here. Little jimmy scratching his neck. In a back alley somewhere, oh kermit got ta, make a revenge, trade right im, just trying to remain rational here. Folks, if we bounce up, you guys should know if you are subscribed to this channel, that the one day keltner channels indicator is something that im looking at for a potential top. If we are to see a reaction rally up keyword, if, if we move up right now on the daily keltner channels, the target its continued to move down folks, because this is a moving channel right, its like a moving average.

Its moved down here now target number. One is basically mid, 23, 000 range and the top is a mid 27 thousand dollar range, and if you dont understand why that this is a target range for me, you can see that all the way down throughout this bear market, the top half of the one Day, keltner channels band has acted as resistance, the entire way down. So if we are to bounce up, i would be looking for possible resistance between this range and, if that happens, i may be looking to potentially short this thing again for another, possibly juicy juicy profit lets get this crypto. Now, ladies and gentlemen, i told you before. Actually let me pull this up again. This is the type of stuff that you get in vip real time: trade, setup ideas, real time, entry, ideas, real time, potential, take profit ideas, trade alerts, everything just like that, as the don looks to potentially strike gold again. So, ladies and gentlemen, right here right now, whether we bounce up or whether we just continue to drop like a brick out of the sky im going to be formulating my personal strategy around the clock to potentially capture the majority of this next market move. Whichever way it breaks – and i will personally be keeping everybody updated exclusively in vip, as the dawn looks to potentially strike gold again. So if you are not already in my vip, ladies and gentlemen, today is the day its time to transform yourself from average joe into savage joe lets.

Get this crypto ill, see you in vip right now after this video seriously folks, this is the most must be a part of crypto vip group in the space period, if youre not already a part of it well ill see you inside right now. After this video lets get this crypto welcome to the vip and thats gon na wrap it up for today, folks. So if you enjoyed make sure you hit that thumbs up button for the algorithm thanks for that, if youre brand new dont forget to subscribe tick, the little bell and select all welcome to the channel and until next time. Ladies and gentlemen, ill see you in vip right now. After this video welcome to the most must be a part of vip group in crypto period, ill see you in vip right now. After this video lets get this crypto and until next time the dom has spoken. Be safe, be happy, be healthy, its your boy, crypto, kirby peace and love. My friends, curves, oh and before i forget, dont, fall for any of the fake kirby accounts posting down in the comment section. They create fake accounts with a nearly identical username and logo to mine. Then they reply to your comments with phone numbers and email addresses trying to get you to contact them. You can see several examples on your screen. Right now. Do not contact these people so heres. How you can verify that its my actual real account its very simple when youre watching a video on my channel, my real account will always have a great name plate behind my name.

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