Had some people email in theyre like hey, can you know travis explain to us a little bit more how to read our metrics and um kind of give you guys insight of how theyre built? I think that would kind of give you guys some confidence um into how to use these a little bit more correctly, to help make money in order to access these. This is it guys. Our pricing membership is over here you for 95, a month the bitcoin 88 ill go. All these metrics are lined up with each of these coins, so each of these coins has their own metric and thats. All on one page, you guys can scroll through telegram access, master class, community chat inside tips and we go live every month with all of our members, as always guys. Its not financial advice just want to make that very clear, but lets dive in here. These are the charts that i use and theyve helped us. These metrics have literally helped us, go 123, wins with only one loss, and that was on luna, and we use this for our scalping strategy, which has yielded 32 percent profit within the last 35 days. If we end up winning solana today, that will be 36 percent profit in the last 35 days, just putting us a tad bit over one percent a day using these metrics. So without further ado guys, you ready lets just uh dive in ill talk to you guys about this, so well go from top to bottom.

The top line up here is simply whats called a reference. Is either a market cap strength or a dominance chart. This is showing you guys lets, say theres a trillion dollars in the overall crypto market. Out of all the money out there is that conglomerate of all that money. Is there money moving into bitcoin or out of bitcoin relative to the overall market, cap and thats? What this shows us, so money currently has been moving out of bitcoin right now during the last i would say about seven days and its actually moving into altcoins right now, and we can see this because bitcoins moving down ada is starting to move up. Algo even is actually seeing moves back up, so this is partly where i come up with the hypothesis of that. We could be seeing an altcoin rally here soon, because money is coming out of the the major bitcoin its actually moving into altcoins right now. Okay, so that just shows you guys confidence lets, say your favorite coin in the world. Let me scroll down here something random lets say its dot. This would show you guys trader confidence. If money is moving into a coin, it shows people have confidence in it, so they start placing their money there. Where people place their money is where they place their confidence. Okay, its an easy way of looking at it. So are people confident about your coin. If they are this orange lines, gon na be moving up.

Okay, now lets go back over here. Lets. Take a look at this lets, go back to bitcoin and well scroll down. What is this down here? Well start here, well end with the big boy right here. In the middle, this is very simple down here. This is just showing you guys the exact data of long and short trade volume on bitfinex, so bitfinex is a big exchange and, more so than it being a big exchange. A lot of people look and use the data of long and shorts for trading for bitfinex okay. So we want to make sure we have this because its it its kind of like a self fulfilling prophecy. This isnt the biggest exchange out there in the world by any means its just not, but since a lot of people have access to this and and one of the big companies tradingview, it pumps this data out a lot to people. We need to understand whats going on over there because its going to influence peoples decisions, so this shows you guys the exact volume, the exact volume at 8 a.m. Pacific standard time every morning of how many people are going long for volume and how many orders are going short volume based okay. So when this green line is above the red, that means theres a whole lot more people going long on that certain coin or token than they are going short. So you guys can use that to your advantage to say: okay, whats, the overall market forecast right now, a whole lot more people are buying right now going long than they are going short, and you can see the difference with the volume here and thats for each Of these coins, some coins dont have it just because its not available to the public, but you guys can see that on every coin.

Okay, so those two things are really cool. Now i want to dive into this all right. What is this metric im just going to try to explain this to you guys without giving away the secret sauce? This is two metrics in one. So lets explain this first. This is a fear and greed index as well. It is is a metric to help gauge the percent likelihood of a reversal either moving back down or moving back up. Okay, so lets start over here when this line over here, you guys can see it says max grid over here, okay, thats associated to this line. You see max sphere thats associated to this line, thats, why its its on top and below these lines, when this orange value line pushes up and gets very high up here to max greed. This is when a lot of people are very um. I would say: excited theyre, greedy theyre in euphoria, thinking, everythings just gon na go to the moon. Smart money looks to sell at these places and if you guys were ogs, we used to have something called the well institutional, smart money, guys that metric was good, but it had some flaws and if you guys were actually with us on the inner circle meeting, i Had thursday a gentleman brought it up and i was able to explain that to him and even he was like this does look better and it is actually better data that were using so the indicators we had before or metrics that we had on our website.

They were good guys, but this is actually better than anything we had before. So those of you guys who are transitioning over, we put it into one chart, but it is better data. I know this because we compared it to our last ones, and i would not have published this if it wasnt more quality data. This actually predicted the highs and the lows of cryptocurrency better than our past emotional index. Well, institutional, smart money, as well as trades in favor as well, so lets get into this. The way you guys read, this is simply looking at this as a percentage base. So if this market right now was lets, say its going up here, this shot all the way up to about a 90, i would say 93 94 chance of a reversal back down red is simply looking for moves back down and green looking for moves back up. Okay, now is this metric 100, accurate by no means ive coded indicators for a living for tradingview.com users, and i would know more than anybody the accuracy of metrics and indicators, ive literally ive coded hundreds of them. Okay, an indicator that is 80 percent. Accurate is very, very good, i would say, were pushing close to 85. Maybe were pushing the realm of 90 on this and weve compared this to the rsi and its better, its better than the stochastic, its better than the money flow index, the mfi its better than the macd, and it is also more accurate than the chalkin money flow.

The cmf okay, we compared it to all of them because were like if we cant beat the indicators you guys are using, we shouldnt put it out here. So what you guys need to understand about how its calculated is this – and this is what a lot of you guys came here for how is this blue line calculated this calculation? The algorithm that we coded in here actually looks at past structure and data to see what is the behavior like of trading in a certain range. I dont want to give it all away because its part of our code, but it is looking at the behavior in a certain period of time, and let me give you guys an example lets say in a period of time its looking at this okay, its it. Actually looks to see how high the structure moved, how low the structure moved, and it starts literally tracking human behavior, of where people look to sell their positions for marketing dental where people look to buy okay thats the best way. I can say this without like totally giving away the secret sauce and it will actually adjust live with the algorithm to say: okay based off the past and literally guys, im showing you that, but this thing is pulling a lot of data just so you know, okay, So when trends change, this metric will also change with it. A lot of indicators are just like: okay were just going to use the same parameters and its for every single candle and were going to show overbought and oversold.

No, this actually tracks the actual trend and structures in the past and adjust accordingly. That is why it is better than a lot of these other indicators you guys are using because those dont incorporate that theory or the principles either into that code. So again, let me explain this. This is actually looking at the behavior of price at certain levels and its looking at the behavior of up and down movements in a past duration period and its also adjusting with every single new bar that comes in its looking at new data. Okay, so you know coming over here: the the price was moving up and it took all this data. It was taking way data way back here, moving in here and said: okay based off all the structures that have happened in crypto and how people trade – and this is including wells as institutions – this is retail traders thats. Another thing i like about this is were not pinning this just to wells institutions, because even retail traders are one of the biggest whales out there thats a misconception. Oh lets just trade with the wells. I didnt actually like that. We just said wells, institutions and everything was about wells. People dont understand that the collective community of retail traders is huge and they are actually a big well in this game. So what we did is we said: okay lets not separate. It lets code all of it together into one and lets track all of the money, because even retail traders were play into um.

How crypto moves you guys all know about amc right and gamestop. Those are retail traders, those werent big investors. So that is how this is calculated when this starts pushing up to the high percentage. Here of you know, 95 plus, you guys really need to be watching for drops back down when this starts pushing up into like the 90 category. You need to be looking for. Droughts back down on the market when this got down here to the lower levels. This is where, honestly, i bought with you guys down at this level and were actually in the profit on all four trades right now that i came with out on thursday. I use this metric to give me confidence, and you guys can do this with all of them. Okay, last but not least, uh real, quick. These are just buy limits. Theyre spread out algorithmically at really really what good supports, as well as resistances and its also calculated based off fibonacci retracements. Okay, and it puts you guys above certain levels where bots are going to try to get in. So you can get in just a little bit higher all right, its really crazy how that works. I want to finish with this the the point: okay heres, another question: okay, travis: why did you take six or seven different, metrics and narrow it down into one chart? Well, first of all, you guys have four different metrics youve got one metric here.

Youve got the fear and greed index here so thats two then youve got three and then youve got four. So basically youre not missing out on a lot. We coded everything that we had before into this and honestly made it better. But here is why i like this the most i think trading should be kept simple with time, but it should be kept complex with the metrics complex, meaning, not overdone, but complex, meaning it needs to work really really really hard for you to give you the best Entries and exits, so we put all the complexity into the chart here and we took out all the labor that you guys had to do scrolling through six to seven eight on some coins, eight different metrics and then making a decision. Its like you had to scroll down and move back up with this. You literally can come in the morning. Look at one. You know what they call above the fold. You guys get everything you need for bitcoin or right there like thats it im telling you guys. You can compare this to glass, node, crypto, quant, well, map. You guys will see that this has. A lot of these calls are a lot more accurate than that and its just how we coded this um. You know hundreds and hundreds of hours of coding. You finally eventually find what works and – and this has just been what has worked for us and its the best thing that weve ever coded thats.

Why we released it to you guys. So when i get up in the morning i say all right: i like to look for scalping trades and go for four percent in the market. So if i get up in the morning and say all right lets get in here and get down into these trades and lets use risk management and use three different, buy limits and get into the market great. If this is sitting down between the 90 and 100 percent chance of moving back up, this has a decent chance of moving back up or moving back down. So i simply just use this to do the heavy lifting for me, and i say: do you have a higher chance of moving up or higher chance of moving back down and what degree of confirmation do i want do? I just want a 70 confirmation. Do i want an 80, or do i want a 90 to close to 100 confirmation were gon na go back up. This is where you guys can start having more confidence in your trades. So when i wake up – and i say – okay were sitting between 1900 im, taking a scalping trade, just simple as that im just going to take a scalping trade and im going to use the metrics up here, set a four percent. Take profit and im gone im playing with my kid im going out. You know, driving my car like having fun like im playing golf, its the simplicity that you guys will eventually come back around to be like.

Oh, i get it its simple to get up in the morning check for 15 minutes to say: is there a good trade setup get into the trade setup and then you guys are looking to take profit at four percent. These are huge moves in here guys. This is the one day time frame. These are youre, definitely getting four percent out of these moves. So if youre watching this, this is going to help. You guys predict the market up before it happens before it moves up and before it moves down again. Is it 100 accurate? No, but it is the most accurate indicator i have been able to use, and this is after coding, hundreds of indicators guys for tradingview.com users. So i hope you guys can trust this come out here and try it. Bitcoin is open to everybody. So you can check this out and then once you guys have a membership, all the other coins unlock and literally like all of these guys unlock it. Its pretty ridiculous and so weve got some other things in the making that i cant talk about right now. But if you guys stick around uh it can its gon na get pretty awesome, whats whats about to happen here. If we can get something to work, so ill leave a little cliffhanger there, but um those of you guys have a membership keep trading. Let me know if you guys have any questions: email us be trade, confident gmail.

com. If you guys want to use these metrics here, you go heres the pricing there, you guys go its 95 a month, thats it access all the metrics. The telegram access, where im going to give. You guys calls on all the exits and the entries were doing for trades inside tips of trades that im taking or things i see in the market that will help you guys make more money thats in the inside tips, inner circle every month and then last, but Not least guys im just straight up, not a financial advisor all this is entertainment purposes only. I just need to say that legally, you know, weve got attorneys and lawyers on our business and theyre like hey. You have to say this: you are not a financial advisor. You dont have your series 7s license, so guys all of this. These are the tools that i use. I think you guys are really going to like it, and um weve had a lot of success from traders using these. So you guys can take a look at the testimonials and um enjoy everything you guys see over here. All right guys have a good one hope. This helps and ill see you guys in the next video links to this is in the description as well as the indicators are in the description as well: theyre, 82 off 3.99 instead of 2200, and you guys get lifetime access, one time, payment, source codes and indicators.

Didnt go over them in this video, just letting you guys know that the deals we got going on right now, if you guys want to snag those – and we use these with the actual uh scalping strategy. So i talked to you guys about scalping strategy, the indicators and the membership, because we use the metrics are used for scalping thats.