536. Let me quickly share my screen over here and great. There we go so um. I know that a lot of people are actually experiencing quite a bit of fomo and stuff. With the current push up in especially altcoins, you can see some of these altcoins have done eleven twelve percent fifteen percent. If i scroll down here, he has one render eighteen percent beautiful moves. This is a your typical bear market rally right that youre experiencing over here. So there are a couple of things that im looking at and, of course we do have our invalidation levels, but first and foremost, and most notably, what you can see over here is with the bollinger bands on the four hour chart. Well, firstly, you can also see the declining volume you can see that the bollinger bands are starting to contract. Now, what happens when these bollinger bands contract is its usually an indication that volatility is soon going to come to enter the market when they start pinching and squeezing, together, as they are over here, youre expecting the next couple of days? There will be some sort of a reactionary move over there now im noticing a couple of things. This white line over here its coming in at twenty two thousand six hundred dollars. That did mark our previous most important level to clear to create the next higher high and then obviously continue on with the trend. So kyles green screen is messing about guys still here, though, im still yeah okay.

So this this is coming in at twenty one thousand. Four hundred dollars over here – uh – that is your next invalidation level and if you manage to above that, then great youve made your next higher high. If not, then uh its just a series of lower highs, and essentially this is what im having a look at over here is, if i bring out this chart, which will show you some hidden, bearish divergence which is forming – and this is very important guys if you Have a look over here, you got one touch to touch and ill be looking for the third touch. If this, if price manages to clear that previous level that i showed over here, that would invalidate the hidden bearish diversions, and that would mean that essentially, we can start to look for lungs again, probably then the dip is over. However, until then, the risk does still remain to the downside, so i have a vertical line thats marked out over here on the 28th of june, and this is when i would anticipate a lot of these things to start to play out uh. This would mark the end of the month option. Expiries youve got a whole lot of different things going on and then also not to mention. It is also the bear moon, so i know a little bit of superstition, but it really does seem to work. You can have a look at the history of this every single time so bear moon comes in at the end of the month over there, and i would expect a little bit of chaos now.

Ive also marked off over here. The ethereum against bitcoin lets. Just put it here on the three day: chart: okay, like that great there we go. So you have your bart simpson pattern right. If you have a look at that over there, you have a bite simpson pattern which is forming its still showing a possible negative 25 down for bitcoin, which means altcoins will of course, get absolutely smashed. Youve lost the liquidity zone over here, uh, which is now flipping from previous support into resistance, so id expect that one more leg down – and this also does tie in with the bitcoin dominance. What i would anticipate is on this last spike that were having on altcoins dominance is falling. A little bit. Altcoins are pushing up id except expect some sort of a rejection either from the 42 percent 42.8 percent area or the current uh mid range, or we had 44.1 a push up towards the range high at 48, and possibly even above that. Ah, whilst that happens simultaneously, you can expect that you would have some sort of rejection out of that box and a push down into the final liquidity zone, so thats it for the short term time frame for the longer term investors. I just wanted to very quickly bring this out and what it is is essentially got the 200 ma. You got the 255 ma the main liquidity zone, which price has managed to hold above. However, any sort of breakdowns below that area, i would be accumulating as a dollar cost average investor dont ever underestimate the power of dollar cost averaging its going to be the same thing over here anytime, you came underneath this logarithmic growth curve has been a great time To be a dollar cost averager, and what you can do is you can literally just type into google dollar cost averaging calculator have a look at what the results are over time, even if you were investing at the exact uh pinnacle top of the move so 69k See what your return is.

You would hardly have lost anything if your dollar cost averaging on a week to week basis bear in mind im someone that looks at the charts every single day, at least maybe eight to 12 hours a day, including weekends. So i have my finger on the pulse, but for most of you out there that are retail investors youre working a full time. Job dont underestimate the power of dollar cost averaging. This is a great time to dollar cost average. If you have a plan – and you stick to it most, notably you cant dollar cost average one month, yeah leave it for another three and then pick it up again. So uh designate some money towards that. That will also help you to deal with the fomo of when you get these big moves and youre not in the market. So, lastly, make sure that you follow me on twitter have a look in the description below as well. Over there. There is my links: uh youve also got the link for bibet. If you do want to support me and follow along with any of the trades as well as the newsletter sign up, which is, we have elaborated on what i spoke about today, so thats it from me guys. I apologize for my green screen. Um dont know what happened over here today, but uh nevertheless, thats all fair in love and war, and i will see you guys all on tomorrows show and have fun.

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