Bitcoin is pumping which is beautiful. Im hearing amazing dubai check out my view from the balconies this epic from stargate atlantis. Look at this were going to jump into the charts for bitcoin hit. The subscribe button join 75 000 people smash up the thumbs up button dont forget on every video. If you comment on a video down below every video, my team is gon na pick five winners. Every month, two hundred dollars each giving away a thousand dollars a month lets jump straight into the charts for bitcoin, make sure to watch today. Im going to show you my trade and bitcoin, is pumping and were going into the trades right now with people and bitcoin. This is on the 15 minutes were getting a big pump from the earlier video whats. Also good is we have an in weve got this w formation starting to form if this can break the neckline right here, the target will be that 200 weekly moving average, which would take us to 22 000.. If you followed my live trade channel, i had this trade set up and that trade is pumping which is beautiful. On the 4 on the daily, the stochastic is oversold heading up, weve got weve got a long way to go before the stochastic is overbought. On the four hourly yesterday, we were overbought, but that quick correction was perfect for us to reset the stochastic. Turning to head up making higher low. The rsi is heading up the rsi on one hour, its overbought slightly, so we could pull back for a little bit.

15 minutes also pulling will pull back most likely for a little bit then, before this big move, ema ribbons on the four hourly were going into the ema ribbons lets see if they can turn every time we go into the ema ribbons we get rejected, though, so We need to break above a crypto group, but flip to a buy on the four hourly, which is rare, that that doesnt happen very often you get the crypto group in the stock master in the crypto group master course, so i would actually be going long on Bitcoin with the long, if you followed my live trades, and if you want to see my live, trades ive got a telegram free telegram group. You can join it its. The link is in the description. Theres 529 members in here this was only started about 48 hours ago and theres almost 500, plus theres more than 500 people in there so far, bitcoin long and profit. So if i make sure moving stop loss into profits, this is the bitcoin long i opened. I messaged it um i messaged about the bitcoin long uh doge long a message about a doj long. Today i messaged about the bitcoin long. I think here so around here a message about the donald train from todays video in the plus from the last video, so that trade opened at 20 200 and now we are at 20 856, which is pumping im going to show you where i would open the Trade, if you havent yet opened the trade, if you want to trade like youre.

Seeing me do in the description of this video make sure youre using the link in the description and the ping comment. Um. If you sign up to buy you get that 4 800 signup bonus when you sign up to buy bit join my trading team. Why do you use buybit if youve been using other exchanges, youre worried about getting hacked? You have high fees or you get liquidated by bit is one of the best exchanges. It has very low fees, and if you use this link, you dont have any maker fees, so its very cheap for opening trades. You also get that 4 800 bonus and its the third biggest exchange in the world, so its one of my favorite exchanges to use because its the third biggest, i know the founder of the exchange ban myself and i know its a very secure exchange. These guys are not going away anywhere anyway, so youre theyre not going away. So this exchange is very safe. Um. My trade right now on bitcoin is pumping its three thousand three hundred dollars in the profits, which is beautiful, its a one hundred and one thousand dollar trade, five bitcoin and now its in three thousand four hundred dollars in the profits right now up thirty percent, my Theorem trade is up forty, nine percent, its a ninety six dollars in the profits which is beautiful, so this bitcoin trade is pumping in here. Ive got in this account: 180.

182 694 pumping from earlier todays video up six thousand dollars from the video early day. Four bitcoin in here usd 46 000 doge, eleven thousand dodges, making big movements. If you follow my trade thats good and bit is up ten thousand six up to ten thousand six hundred. Also on finance. I have lets see whats in binance or not now. Ive got in this account its up one thousand two hundred dollars today, two hundred and seventy one thousand dollars ive got ten bitcoin in here and fifty four thousand usd, so those are pumping. So again, if you havent opened a trade where i would open a trade on bitcoin in ethereum id take, i would take the long right now. Actually, i know ill put the daily so id open the trade at twenty thousand, seven hundred when bitcoin pulls back on the hourly and the stating the stochastic id put the stop loss under the weekly and ill put the take profit at that 200 weekly moving average Line actually this is a w formation, so we could put this distance, which will line up around the same thats. The trade ill take for bitcoin, so now im going to show you how to set up the trade if you havent yet set it up so opening the trade at twenty thousand. Seven hundred stop loss at twenty thousand four hundred and the take profit at twenty. Two thousand three hundred and forty seven so risking two hundred and eighty three dollars to make one thousand six hundred and thirty six dollars, which is amazing, its a five point: seven ratio, trade which, if you know, if youre in my trading group in in telegram you Know thats a good trade.

We take trades that are more than three times ratio, so this is five so for every dollar i risk i make 5.78 in profits with 10x leverage. Thatll be 16 000 of profits. Now, im going to show you how to open the trade on by bit again, if you want to trade in the description of this video, using that by bit, link down below make sure you use this link to get that bonus and that will open this trading. Software and i would open the trade on bitcoin exactly where were sitting right now. Ive got a 9x leverage, so i would open it. No. I would open the trade at 20 000 so to how you read these trades, when i share them im going to show you its just going to load one. Second, how you read the trades is this: the top of it is the take profit. The trade opens on this white line and the stop loss is on the bottom. So those are the three points you need to know, so the trade is going to open at 20. 700 stop loss at 20 400, so the trade will open 20. 700. I would do at on this position. You have to always do no more than two percent of your capital per trade, so meaning, if you have a hundred thousand dollars, you can only do a two thousand dollar trade. If you have ten thousand dollars, you can only do a two hundred dollar trade.

So, for example, if you did, if you had ten thousand dollars in accounts, for example, you do two hundred dollar trade with 10x average ill be 2 000, so im risking 200 dollars. My take you can only risk two percent of your account. My take pro my stop. Loss is at 20 400, so 20 400 would be the stop loss and the take profit would be 22 400., so im risking twenty six dollars to make a hundred and forty seven dollars per per trade, so that risking twenty seven dollars is very little. So i remember i can risk two percent of my account so, for example, if i had ten thousand dollars to trade, that means i could do a thousand dollar trade, because if i have ten thousand dollars then i could be risking. If i have ten thousand dollars. Two percent: one percent – is a hundred dollars to two hundred dollars, so i could do if i had ten thousand dollar account. I could do a one thousand five hundred dollar trade with margin, and that would let me risk 195 dollars to make 1 100 with 10x leverage that 1 500 trade um would be thousand five hundred dollar trade. So with the ten thousand five hundred dollar trade im risking 195 dollars to make 1 100 and thats the trade that i would take on bitcoin and then i would open long and i would take this trade, so its itll be a 0.

64 bitcoin trade. The order cost will be 1 498. The take profit would be 22, 000 and id risk only so i would risk on this trade again id be risking. Oh 1. 500. So i would risk on this trade. If i did 1 500, i would be risking 184 to make 1047 thats the trade that i would take on bitcoin, which is beautiful, thats, the quick update and, in my opinion, bitcoin, is going to go for a pump. I would wait again until it pulls back a little bit, then bounces, then go long and im going to share this trade right now in my telegram and ill also be sharing other trades in here join it. The link is in the description under this video youll. See the link to the telegram and to buy a bit to start trading and make sure you sign up to baby get that four thousand eight hundred dollar sign up bonus on buy bit, which is beautiful, big congratulations. Everyone hit the subscribe button. Join 75 000. peoples hit the thumbs up button. My goal is to show you what i do, how i trade for 20 years and my my experience in the markets. Thank you for for watching.