Video were going to be taking a look at some of the best charts for bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and figure out what this means for you. You definitely want to stay tuned. Whats up. Everyone randall here from crypto love, todays video were taking a look at bitcoin. The latest charts, what this means for cryptocurrency and for you before we get into it guys make sure to like subscribe click. The notification bell come join us over on twitter at thecrypto. Love push the like button. Lets get to a thousand likes now today. Finally, out of single digits extreme fear, we were in single digits, extreme fear for an entire week and now were at 11, just barely outside of single digits. Extreme fear. The market down five percent. Today, bitcoin at 2403, ethereum at 1089, bmb at 214, cardano 47 cents, xrp 32 cents, solana, 35 and dogecoin 6 cents. And if you want any of these hot points today, based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, they would be nest. Protocol reserve rights, helium, chia and trust wallet, and if you want to check out token metrics for yourself, there is a one week free trial by clicking the link down in the description now bitcoin today struggling to stay above twenty thousand dollars at the moment. This is the line in the sand because, if we go below here, theres not much support other than this green line. The 280 weekly moving average, which was support right back here right now, roughly about 17 and a half thousand dollars, but trading shot on trading view is saying hey.

This is the ultimate buy signal for bitcoin that just flashed on the two week charts. If we take a look at bitcoin right here – and we also have the two week rsi down in the bottom, the previous times, we have found support right around this trend line and a reversal which were starting to see right now. This has been a great buy opportunity for bitcoin. He is saying we have a confirmed buy when the rsi breaks above this yellow moving average of the rsi, so were getting pretty close not by yet, but getting pretty darn close to a buy signal. But recently weve had three of the largest consecutive. The last three consecutive days have been the largest usd denominated realized loss in bitcoins history. This looks bad over 7.325 billion in bitcoin losses have been locked in by investors spending coins that were accumulated at higher prices. You can say three days in a row right there. We havent seen something like that in bitcoins history and as of right now we have the longest period of time below the four year moving average and it may now be acting as resistance. You can see previously. In 2015, there was one day 2015 again. Four days, 2019, zero days 2020 five days well, weve been six days so far, underneath the four year moving average and you can see here, it could potentially be forming resistance because, as of right now, the four year moving average is at 21 700 dollars.

So if we cant get back above that level, that could potentially become resistance, which wouldnt be good, bringing us to this model here, the two models show one of the countless possible medium term scenarios for bitcoin right now, weve been thinking that maybe we were having support At this max floor, but it could go all the way down to the coin. Value days destroyed floor right here in the mid 10 000 ish area, but despite where the price may go in the short to medium term, things are looking closer to a bottom because were getting closer to zero all the time that was a joke. Dont. Take that the wrong way, but the bottom is in when the derivatives market is shorting bitcoin into the dirt. After the brunt of spot selling has taken place were getting closer. We can see the perps funding rate when it gets into this reddish area thats. When we see a bottom, as we saw back here last summer, as we saw in the covet bottom and were getting closer, were turning towards that yellow orangish almost towards the reddish once everybody starts, shorting bitcoin thats generally, when the price starts to pop tiana, is saying That bitcoin is getting ready for a massive bull run when we take a look at the dema and the median when they have a crossover, as they did here in 2015, and also in 2019, that signaled, pretty close to the bottoms, were seeing.

The cross first start happening right now, signaling pretty close to the bottom. As a matter of fact, all three bitcoin mvrv cohort ratios are now under water. The aggregate market is underwater in orange, the long term holders are underwater in blue and the short term holders are underwater in red. Previously, when all three of these were underwater, these signaled, the bottoms could potentially be signaling. The bottom right now miles j, creative, saying generational, buying opportunity, or is this time different you can see these levels are the lowest the realized cap and market cap, z, score and vrv z score the lowest. It has historically been each time previously signaling a bottom and its really hard to tell at the bottom, when youre at the bottom. Its only in hindsight that you can kick yourself for not buying at those moments, because right now, bitcoin macro view, pre peaks have previously successfully served as solid support for next bitcoin cycle. We see a good chance that this mini pre peak from december 2020 will hold as a support line as well. You can see right here previous peak now becoming support previous peak becoming support. Previous peak becoming support could be happening once again, which brings us to this mega pump. The next 200 days we can see when bitcoin has gone below the 400 uh ema like it did here. It dropped sixty one point: nine, two percent to find the bottom. Well, right now, thats about where we are roughly twenty thousand dollars before bitcoin price could retrace going all the way back up, which brings us to this right here from charts, btc the get rich, quick noobs get flushed.

The msm declares bitcoin is dead. The salty no coiners take a victory lap, those with a high time preference, never learn same story different epoch. We can see here that this is taking a look at the compound annual growth rate for bitcoin 45. 29. 31. 50. 72. 87, 55. 79, 123, 89 still staying above inflation, but the charts get better because bitcoin price on this date. Yes, its lower todays date than last year. However, if we look historically, you need to have a longer time frame than one single year. As a matter of fact, the compound annual growth rate per halfing epoch well, the first one. It was 202 percent, the second one. It was 95. The third one 48 compound annual growth rate. What that means is that you actually 1.5 x, your investment per year, thats still pretty darn good for just holding some bitcoin, so thats all for todays video, if you did enjoy it, make sure to like subscribe. Click notification bell: i will catch.