Talking about those bitcoin money, printers going once again, so what do i mean? Well lets talk a little bit about the bitcoin price um. It has been hugging 20k support for almost two weeks now um this, and i just want to make clear to people that this isnt a bullish, short term video, its a bullish mid to long term video. I still think the bitcoin bottom isnt in i have a feeling its coming after this summer, sometime in september. So now lets talk about the money printers going so back in december 2020. Btc actually went from where were at right now, 20k to the double peaks, as we know, six around 64k in april of 2021 and then 69k the same year november of 2021.. So what happened during this time? What was going on? Well, the money printers were going like mad. There was 5.2 trillion in aid printed. There was 4.5 trillion in quantitative using qe and there was 3 trillion printed for infrastructure. I mean were getting upwards of 12.5 trillion in the matter in a matter of couple years. You guys, um and actually out of this 1 trillion, one trillion dollars was actually given to the people in direct relief checks. So many people actually use this one trillion. You know that the average american, the retail investor, got to speculate with and it wasnt only retail speculating crypto wall street was getting cheap money. Banks were getting cheap money and they were also speculating in crypto.

But lets talk about the retail investor because majority of wall street and banks, their money, went into pumping the stock market, while a majority of retail was the reason for the bitcoin run. So the second stimulus check that we got it came in around december of 2020 and within the month of december, after those checks went out, guess what bitcoin did it went from that 20k level, all the way up to a peak of 40k by the end of The month, so, of course you know, retail was using some of this money, not everyone, of course, but a lot of people were using this money to speculate in the crypto markets and then the third check the biggest one it was about fourteen hundred dollars. I think it was given out in march of 2021. what happened? You know um from april. You know from march to april, btc went from 45k to the initial first peak of 64k, so obviously, money, printing and direct helping of americans helps pump the bitcoin price thats obvious. So what am i talking about with this video title? You know money. Printers are going once again well, its already kind of beginning, you guys im sure youve heard um. The bitesters announcement about the federal gas tax holiday hes planning on a three month pause of federal gas taxes, which are about 24 cents per gallon to stop for up until september of this year, um. So what could happen well to fund this? Its estimated that the government is going to need to print money, printer gopro, another 10 billion dollars and thats, not it you guys.

So if you didnt know the federal tax on gas tax, it actually goes to fund something it funds, a highway trust fund which builds out our infrastructure highways across the country. Well, to keep this funded and going during the the pause, its going to cost them. An extra 6.7 billion to print it to keep this up and running, and even before this gas tax holiday was, you know, announced um. The highway trust fund has been in trouble, theyre, actually pretty insolvent theyre having to print money already to keep this going well. By 2030 i mean, even by 2024, its estimated that their annual budget is going to be running a freaking deficit and um theyre, going to be at about 50 billion dollars by 2024, um insolvent, so theyre going to have to print at least that much and then By 2030, that is going to jump up to 200 billion. So, as you can see, the money printers are going to start going to help out the regular americans again, and some people think that this is just going to be three months. It could extend for a year it could extend for longer than that they could never tax americans again on gas and just be printing money to fund the highway trust fund. So here we go you guys. The money printers are starting, but i project its not going to just be a federal gas tax holiday theyre not going to be able to slow inflation.

I mean everything is going to rise. Like crazy food, i mean, as weve seen were going to have food shortages across the strait. Things are going to get pretty hairy throughout the summer. I will tell you that right now and theyre going to do their little game of yeah were going to rise. Interest rates to try to fight this, but its not going to work, and they are going to reverse course. In my opinion, around september of this year and the money printers are going to full on turn again, which will include direct stimulus checks to help out americans. Big aid packages – and i have a feeling this is going to be the time of one of the biggest speculative asset bubbles in the history of all histories, its the last two raw, its the last one before fiat. In my opinion, collapses collapses under its own weight of inflationary policy, so um im, not the only one who shares this opinion, you guys theres, actually a person i respect in the crypto markets. They know a lot about um the world money, printing banking as their ex banker, and also the crypto markets um and how they work, and that is arthur hayes. So arthur hayes actually has a blog post. He posted about three weeks to a month ago called shut. It down and in it he holds a bunch of similar views as myself. He thinks that we are going to have one of the massive speculative asset bubbles in history.

He has a feeling the government has going to have to reverse course or americans are going to be hurt. Hard were going to turn into one of the poorest kind of poorest countries as a person. You know um one of the poorest first world countries. You know no health care, i mean eight dollars a gallon gas food goes up a hundred percent yeah. They are going to have to give relief checks. Theres, no doubt about that. So ive included arthur hayes blog down in the description. If you want to read it, i highly highly recommend it because he dives into things that even i dont understand hes a very smart guy, even though he did some shady things in the crypto industry with bitmex. He still understands it so now ill. Give you guys a little update on nft nyc. It was a great time. I went to some crepeful great events. I didnt go to the actual nft nyc event. I heard it was pretty much a chat, show glad i didnt go. I went to the side events, but i got to meet some amazing people in the crypto space um. I got to see beeple um, as you guys know, one of the more famous nft artists out there um selling pieces for millions upon millions of dollars. Um. I got to meet one of the biggest nft collectors in the space, vincent van doe and then, as many of you guys know who follow my twitter.

I got to meet one of the biggest up and coming nft artists alphacenturia kid. So it was a great time. Um but im gon na be heading to berlin in just a few days, so i will be creating content from there. Um, hopefully get that second interview with the gavin wood get them to drop. Some of that alpha alpha and yeah. I cant wait its gon na be so much fun. So again you guys the money printers are already starting theyre already starting to reverse course. They need to help out regular americans were going to see those money. Printers go br and go wild once again, as theyve dug themself too big of a hole, and the only thing to do now is to print more and print more um, so watch out again, bitcoin short term.