My name is frankie candles, and this is your nightly. Crypto news wrap up lets get it. Protests have long been banned in mainland china, but in recent days many chinese have stood up for their rights. The earliest protest was in hunan. After four rural commercial banks suddenly froze all deposits. In mid april, they advised customers that they were upgrading internal systems. Upgrading internal systems more like running away with your money, the signs the protesters are holding read return our deposits, thousands of people in the hanan and enwi provinces in china have been unable to withdraw their funds and its pretty obvious that this is a clear cut case Of a bank run its reported that the protesters have been cut off from at least 178 million dollars, and the majority shareholder of six banks in question. Son zenfoo is on the run from the police for serious financial crimes. Many disgruntled customers affected by the bank run traveled from their rural areas to central china to get their money back, but they were only met with the red travel restrictions on their covet 19 phone apps. This story highlights a few relevant talking points, one its messed up, that the chinese authorities are manipulating a tool created for public health to prevent people from voicing their opinions and getting their money back. If the code on the app goes red, you cant enter a public place or even get on a train number two, just like how theres been insolvency issues in crypto like with luna and celsius.

That can happen with normal banks too, and in both cases. These examples will be pointed to as an excuse to crack down on regulation. Why crack down on crypto, when the dollar is falling? Its simple the third party intermediaries that crypto eliminate fund the legacy system. Why is this relevant ill answer that, with another question whats the common ground in crypto regulation between the us and china cbdcs? Does the cbdc stand for central bank, digital currency or corruption by designcoin its messed up that our media villainizes china, but we follow their lead to prevent our population from financial freedom through over regulation lets, pass it over to frankie candles for a market? Watch. Thanks frank: all right guys lets jump in and do a little market watch here. Weve got bitcoin coming in at 20, 666 ethereum coming in at three dollars. Now we are getting some relief on bitcoin, so lets go ahead and check our top movers waves up about 41, almost 42 percent on the day, shiva inu up about 28 on the day, hey cam hate on sheep, for pumping silica up 21 iost up 12 unit. Swap up 12 hot up 9 and file coin up 9 as well. On the day guys, we have seen a little bit of relief on bitcoin, which is nice as weve seen a complete bloodbath in the recent past, but uh we are actually cooling off. Just a little bit, but i am hunting for possible long opportunities uh.

Hopefully, we can see that bullish divergence on the daily play out just a little bit more and get a little bit of relief, but as always be careful out there with the longs. We are in a bear market. If you guys want to follow me, its frankie candles on youtube or frankie underscore candles on all socials back to the news. Thanks, frank cardanos, long awaited basil, hard fork planned to roll out on june 29th has unfortunately been delayed to the last week of july. Although this is the most tested upgrade in cardanos history, its been reported that seven bugs and additional time to test is whats holding back ada from entering the basho era. Cardinals founder charles hoskinson stated on his youtube page that, after what happened to luna, we should probably measure three times and cut once given the nature of things. He also stated that the basal hard fork is the most significant one theyve ever done and that the stakes have never been higher. Personally, i dont think this is a big deal for the future of ada. I would rather have them take the time to get it right. Instead of rush it and drop the ball. Take all the time you need charles well be here if youre in the ada gang. Let us know in the comments and if you havent seen our new two part interview with charles hoskinson, there will be links in the description. I want to take a second to be real with the bit squad.

Please know that absolutely nothing is more important than your mental health. I personally know what its like to hit rock bottom and if crypto is the vice that has brought you down to your bottom. There are people you can talk to. I say this because ran a story this morning that rehab centers are seeing an uptick in patients looking for help to control their crypto addictions. This really struck a chord with me and since were in a bear market. I know a lot of people out there. May have lost a lot of money and as a day trader, i definitely know how that feels. If you dont know how to implement risk management in your routine or if youre trading, with the only money, you have its okay to walk away from this industry. Its not for everyone, crypto was built off max payne. Only those who know how to cope with the volatility will make it. If you have a problem trading crypto, please talk to someone its okay to ask for help. There is a way out and if you do have a problem, the first thing you must do is be honest.