com, ticker symbol, crow. One of my favorite projects at this moment is indeed up nearly five percent on the day as the overall crypto market is pushing up. We are beginning to take steps in the right direction, but i do want to go ahead and set some very proper expectations from this point on. It is still way too early to say that crow has truly set itself up for a massive bullish run for a full on rise in recovery, and the same applies to the entire crypto market. So i want to go ahead and break down exactly where we truly stand at this moment and where i personally expect this to be moving throughout these next couple of hours and days, im going to keep it short and sweet. If this is your first time on the channel, do me a favor like the video, helps reach more people and subscribe to the channel for more updates on crow, and if you want six totally free stocks worth all the way up to three thousand dollars, use that Link down below sign up for evil deposit, just one dollar onto the platform and again youre, going to get six absolutely free stocks lets go ahead and get right to it, guys recapping our numbers. We are up a little bit over four percent or nearly five percent. Our volume is flat right. Our volume is absolutely flat. Our trading activity, looking bullish consisting of 72 percent legends buying crow at this moment and 28 paper handed weenie babies that are selling their position on crow.

Of course, if you dont find value in crow, then dont partake in it right its as simple as that im not here to try to sell you on it. If you dont find value in crow, you know there are so many other opportunities that the market currently offers im bullish on it right, but i dont really care whether or not you find true value im just here to share my opinion and express why i personally Find value in crow, so at this moment bitcoin is up a little bit over five percent here, a theorem at the general eleven hundred dollar mark curdano at 49 cents, deutsche quinn here at six cents. Here she knew up 43, absolutely crazy, aggressive run up throughout these last uh 24 hours for shiba inu. Right again, if you dont find value in crow, you can come out here and be like you know what i find value in ethereum, im, gon na partake in ethereum, and it just so happens to be at a discount. You can be like you know what i find value incordano and it just so happens to be at a discount right. So this is when you can afford uh to be selected when it comes down to the technical side on crow, not sugar coating it. We are still showing signs of continued consolidation. You can see that we continue to make low points. High points, low points, high points right, showing signs of continued consolidation.

I expect crow to either. You know continue to move sideways here. I do like the fact that were slightly positioned above the simple moving average line. So in this regard we are showing some bullish shines. I expect either continued consolidation or a bit of an uptrend here right right. I dont expect a massive sell off or anything like that, and i also dont expect a massive bullish one. I either expect a gradual option here for us to continue to push up as the overall market is pushing up or you know worse comes to worse. Just some lame consolidation and really, if youre, asking yourself, why is it that we are up on the date if we take a look at the nasdaq market, the index that much of the stock market follows specifically the tech sector, you can see that we ended up Pushing up today right, you dont, need to know anything about technicals. You can see that we ended up pushing up today and given the fact that bitcoin has a very close correlation uh to the nasdaq market, we ended up following that lead right. Bitcoin ended up pushing up today as well, uh up now at 21 000 along that general area. Here uh and the overall market is of course following the lead of bitcoin, so crow in turn has pushed up. If you take a look at the entire chronos, blockchain here were up a little bit over four percent, eight percent – sorry uh, eight percent here some of my favorite projects would be, of course, vbs finance and tectonic.

Those are the projects that im currently holding positions on. Those are the ones that i personally find the most value in right, theyre, both a part of the decentralized finance space, of course, theyre. Both businesses weve covered price targets on tectonic. It has a potential uh. You know price target of over 150x from where it currently stands in the case of vbs finance. If we were to reach the market, cap of uniswap wed be looking at, at least at least a 13x from where we currently stand right. So these are the projects that im personally invested in and, of course, im also holding a position on crow. Lastly, guys if youre asking yourself is it time to buy crow at this moment, i personally find value in it right, even uh, even though weve pushed up here throughout these last 24 hours in the big picture, if youre a long term investor. I do believe that these prices are still a massive by the dip opportunity, but that being said, you dont need to load the boat on your position all at once, meaning, if you have lets say lets say you have 50 dollars that youre able to go into A crow with right, it could be more, it could be less. We all have different account sizes here. You dont need to go in with your full fifty dollars all at once. You can go on with ten percent of that right. That way.

If we pull back here, youre, not stressed and youre not stuck at a higher price average, and you can add another ten percent right. We continue to pull back no problem ill, add another 20, whatever it is always setting yourself up to be in a position where it can average down at any point and making sure that your potential upside is much much greater than your potential downside, so recapping. Yes, i like the fact that were pushing up on the day were taking some right steps. All right were headed the right direction, the showing some very good signs, but i still would not feel comfortable saying that from this point on crow is going to have a massive bullish run when i would feel more comfortable to come out here and be like yo Guys now now crow is really showing signs of a more significant uptrend is if we position ourselves above 21 cents. If we break above 16 were headed in a very, very good direction, but once we break above 21 now thats, where i can see, you know that potential talk of like a dollar or even getting close to that right.