My name is davinci jeremy im in the pipe 5×5 staying alive here in dubai. How you doing today, wow! Well, you saw what happened on a weekend right. I know it was kind of scary. It was touch and go fair for a second but uh. We made it through this. The the weekend bitcoins over 20k so were all happy about that ethereums over eleven hundred eleven hundred dollars, yes, its not where we want it to be, but hey its better than you know better than the lower than bitcoin being lower than its last all time high. I just really stunk anyways. We got a news rant for you all, so stay tuned pay attention its going to be lots of fun. I always have fun with these news. Rants – and this is going to be no different – were going to talk about a little bit of the fallout of all the different uh, cryptos and stuff like that, and also um were gon na, be talking about. You know ponzis and uh tulip bubbles – oh my god. Dont get me started Laughter, but before that i got a little bit of announcement. Thank you guys all for joining wow. I cant believe it. How much you guys have how many people have joined. Thank you very much. Its amazing, you guys are gon na im. Sure were gon na win big in this um. You know. Competition were at the world series of trading at bybest, so make sure if you havent signed up that you do right away.

Oh, my god, before you lose out your spot and make some to make a lot of money. Okay, um coming to see massive otc moves during crypto market route, most volume weve ever seen this year. Okay, so uh otc right means over the counter trading right, uh. Basically, when somebody uh wants to buy uh or sell bitcoin, they can do so uh without going to an exchange. They actually go to um. You know somebody who you know can do exact change or trade at a specific, fixed price. They dont um. This doesnt cause um whats. It called uh slippage uh, where you know the price, because what a lot of people dont understand what the pricing is of any asset right is that you know theres, always a buy and a sell order and stuff like that. You can see you can see that here in this example, this is um. You know a certain number of of bitcoin that you can um you can buy. I think this is the buy one right, and this is the ones you could sell and so yeah you either um you have, you could either um, and so, if you dont have enough right, if theres, not enough volume in the exchange, what happens? Is you actually move the price with otc? You dont move the price so otc, so i just wanted to give you guys an understanding of otc uh so that what now theyre seeing is that wow theyre just moving so much crypto right, theyre, probably even doing a discount and stuff like that, because people are Just you know want to get out and cash out into uh local currencies, so yeah theyre, seeing massive massive volume during this.

This collapse, so yeah not a surprise at all. Okay, the crypto crash and all the ponzi schemes topple, eventually, okay. So what does this ponzi? Dude is talking about glass. Steagalls, larger purpose was to put an end to the great the giant ponzi scheme that had overtaken american economy in the 1920s that led to the great crash of 1929. This is rubbish. This is rubbish. This is garbage. This is what they teach you in school. This garbage – and i hope you unlearn here to unlearn anything that youve learned in school. This is garbage right. Everything that caused the 1929 crash was the the free money, the easy liquidity that the federal reserve created right. They created that and they took it away in 1929. They did that on purpose, bernankes written that about that in his memoirs. Of course, you wouldnt want to read that nonsense, because its very boring this is this is historic fact does not lie. This is not fiction. Its just that the central banks want you to believe a false narrative in history. Why? Because, if, if youre a cancer right in a human body and you feeding off the bad that human body right, you dont want that that human body to take you out. So you need to like give it some false information, Music, Laughter and thats, what they do right. They are cancer in society and theyre, providing false information to the society. So they are not to blame for what has happened and they are to blame for everything that has happened in our economy, because when you control, when you control any sector of the economy, there is actually imbalances right.

When some one person controls it, no matter how um beloved you think they are, there will be imbalances because they cant have all the information that the general public has so thats. Why we need free markets right right, thats, why? You know the soviet union didnt work right because they controlled everything right they just but were just controlling what what the central banks are controlling what whats. Fifty percent of all the come on economy is money, anything that exists all the 50 of it is money and they are controlling it. So obviously this creates imbalances in our economy and thats what they did. So this is the real ponzi to end it off. The real ponzi is the federal reserve. They. We need to end that pond. So once that ponzi ends which it will end, it will end in the spectacular bubble and boom. Then we can start with a real economy. Okay, oh kevin oreilly says he wont, sell any crypto despite downturn just have to stomach it. I have to agree finally once with kevin oreilly im, not you know what, if you watch my show, you know theres no loss, love between us. We dont, we dont see eye to eye so much but yeah. I have to agree with him here. Youre just gon na have to stomach this this this downturn and yes, it can be. I feel it i feel you like. On the weekend. I was like. Oh damn all right! Well, in 36 days, im gon na be in istanbul, uh turkey, so uh.

If youre interested in being part of that you can do so. There is a coupon code below its called dav one. Five five uh use that to get 15 off the uh, the tickets so hope to see you there. Oh oh this irks me. I am perk Laughter if the crypto crash is another tulip bottle, thats, really good news for those who dont know for those who are unfamiliar back in the 17th century, man around 1636 right to 1637. I think it was that uh the tune up prices went haywire. In fact they because they found them in. You, know asia, and then they brought them over and its like. Oh, my god so rare, and then this this the prices went crazy, but they. What they failed to remember, is that we can grow those we can grow as many as we can. You cant do that with bitcoin, so comparing bitcoin with you cant not only get more bitcoin than 21 million. You cant um get more bitcoin than the the that thats being produced, the amount thats being produced every day. The amount is being produced every week or every month you cannot get more thats a huge difference right, a massive difference: colossal, comparing um uh. You know tulips to bitcoin its annoying at least stupid right as you notice reading here, as you will notice. Sorry, as you will have noticed, recent online discussions about bitcoin fall falling through the 30k, then to 20k barriers frequently referred to the well known speculative mania of the amsterdam tulip bubble in the 17th century, and then they got this icon here.

Well, i really bought tulips and again bitcoin the same. This is the same same same god. They said that last in the last, if youre around for 2017, they were saying the exact same thing and did tulips ever come back the day ever like last time did the last time when a tulip hit the all time high, which is the price of a Mansion did it ever get back to the price of a mansion? Oh it didnt, oh really, wow wow, so so bitcoin always going back to its all time. High. I guess its not a tulip yeah, buddy Laughter, all right, um, crypto billionaire says the fed is driving the current downturn. Okay, you know the ftx, you know i um ceo hes, saying: okay, you know what its all the feds fault um, but um. Yes, hes right, but he hes not right about. You know the interest rates getting caught raised right, causing this right its not when you get cheap money right to bail out a problem right that was caused by cheap money right. That is the problem, so its like, you know giving somebody a bunch of alcohol and then, when you stop giving them the alcohol, they complain about the fact that you know what im im having a hangover and its not because i drank too much is because you Stopped giving me alcohol Laughter, oh damn so yeah. The cause of this downturn is the over stimulation in the economy, with cheap money, all right, uh, crypto, industry, braces for fallout.

After a weekend, meltdown bitcoin fell as low as 17 628 under pressure from central bank rate. Heises yeah yeah that had nothing to do with it. Um the bitcoin price was headed that way, but based on the charts and based on how we um you know, they provided many many opportunities for people to manipulate the price down its okay. Manipulation cannot last. It can only be a temporary thing, so it doesnt really matter now. Um theres been a lot of fallout, though right weve seen already right. The celsius is still not up back up and running and uh yeah weve. Seen like you know the um whats it called. Oh, oh man, i cant believe i got sucked into luna and i bought luna, but whatever oh well, its water on the bridge and um yeah luna went down, and so so many others right so a four hour was it three hours, capital and stuff like that? They went down and theres, probably gon na, be a lot more. Oh ive heard about nexo actually going down as well its like thermal nuclear fallout on the crypto, and we havent seen the end of it right. Um um were probably going to see some fallout later on, maybe some of its going to occur later down in the line right, as some people can borrow money for a while and keep themselves afloat. Whilst you know um once they wait for um things better days to come, but what happens when those better days dont show up and they cant cover their loans, an interesting thing case, but lets just see what happens? Who is going to be whos, going to fall out were going to were going to see lots of fallout in the future right? Because you know when theres a nuclear explosion right it doesnt.

It kills a lot of immediate people and then a lot of people die later on, so lets see who dies later on all right this year, and this will be attributed to to whats happening today, um and so because its its been its been. You know, like rowan buffer, said when the tide goes out. We are end up seeing whos swimming naked and theres a lot of people who are naked, who are um naked short or naked long, or something like that, exactly not naked short naked long and yeah. They get theyre getting liquidated, im, sure youve heard about the solana liquidation thing: oh my god thats another nonsense. They wan na uh, their d5 is broken and they have to liquidate somebody on the otc market. Alrighty um Music, bitcoin, uh, btc website traders, bitcoin well whip, saw traders to 100k. This year says: blockstream ceo, adam beck heres, how okay, okay, im not going to go over how i its gon na, be a hard one to sell because heres, why one were going into a recession, um and theres, going to be a lot of liquidity withdrawn from All um risk assets so dont be surprised if 100k does not happen, is it possible? Yes, is it likely? No, so dont bet on it right, um its again im, not saying it wont happen, im not saying it wont happen right because it can happen. Just unlikely. Alrighty with that said, thank you all for watching remember to get hold of your bitcoin, because its not yours in your hand, its not in your your phone on your hardware, wallet right, uh somewhere, where you have control of it.

Well, you know what then, eventually the government will have control of it, because they can just write a law and say thats.