I am not uh in my studio if youre new to the page go ahead, hit the like subscribe and notification bell. Uh josh and i were meeting for lunch and uh. We were having a conversation, and i said we we need to have this conversation with the good people uh. So anything we say is not a suggestion to buy, hold or sell make sure you do not fall for any spam. In the comment section and at the end of this video make sure you check out all my links below so um, there was a theres, a grilling going on uh in the senate, uh with jerome powell. It was when i left it its probably over uh, but while they were talking to jerome powell, the stock market was going from red to green. The pre marcus was was down. I dont know how low it was down, but it was down by 300 points when i looked at it and as the grilling uh the question and answers as they call it, i call it a grilling as it proceeded the market started to turn green. Now we dont know where its going to end at the end of the day, so im getting this one out early today, but uh they were just talking about inflation. One of the senators asked is raising the interest rates going to affect gas and food and the fed said no and um. Remember you got cpi numbers consumer price index and then you got core cpi numbers and i dont agree with the way that thats set up and a lot of them dont, because we dont buy new and used cars every day, and i know that you know its About pricing and how much you know the the cost is, but the things that we consume every day is gas and food uh.

The fed was sleep at the wheel. One of the senators uh made a valid point that if we could see there was the valid point that his constituents were coughing up bones that one center is one country center. My my people are coughing up bounce that country dude whatever he always has a catchphrase. He always has this catchphrase, but it its its hes, always dramatic, hes hes, a drama queen whenever that goes a drama king, so but its just showing um um. They were asking some of the questions that we wanted to ask right and the fed is using everything in their tool box right, and so i just wanted to say this. The feds job right now by raising these interest rates, as asinine as it sounds, is to essentially make you and i poorer right, and this is one of the things that we were discussing thats. What raising the interest rate is doing? It is killing the demand which brings down inflation, so if we make it harder to buy houses which has doubled this year, if we make it harder to buy cars, if we make it um harder to purchase those things, you know flooring windows roofing. If we make it harder to purchase, then that will kill the demand which will start to pull down inflation, follow and thats literally his job. His job is not to save the stock market. His job is to save the overall economy. Now.

This is not a feel good drug right, so you got sickness. This is not like taking marijuana thats going to make you feel good. This is not it, meaning the fed, raising interest rates and quantitative tightening what it is is its chemo. So you take a poison to kill poison thats right, but the poison that hes giving us, which is the keyboard, is also killing us and so thats, where we are as an economy. If you really look at it, what you got to say about that? Well, i was just going to comment that um uh, we were talking well, you got a phone call or a text message in the middle of our breakfast yeah and it was international contact. Yes, and he asked you uh did we make a bottom right? Was this last and you know we were talking about, did we make a bottom right and uh to be honest with you uh its very likely that we didnt and im going to tell you um its very possible during the conversation the market did begin to come Up right – and i think it came up because the fed said that he believed that the interest rate hikes that they had done were working right and that it was a little bit of a dovish comment right. It would have been different if he had said uh. No matter what were going to keep pressing in on this agenda right right, but uh, we were talking about bitcoin and crypto, and that and then traditionally, coins will drop greater than 90 percent in a bearish winter right and almost all of the level ones that i Watch and that im buying and dca into came just shy of 90, they literally hit 88 or 89, and that bug bugged me because it left the the the thought that this hadnt reached its full downside.

Uh possibility now that doesnt mean that im not buying um. But i will tell you that what im not doing is lump sum investing another topic of conversation that came out youre talking about crypto, now crypto im talking about crypto. Another topic of our breakfast conversation was a good buddy of ours and uh. He larry shared a conversation he had on the phone with him yeah and that same friend had texted me and the conversation said: hey josh. I saw your video about three cryptos to invest in, should i just get 1200 bucks of each of them right now and uh larry said to me, i was sharing that with larry and larry was telling me. I had the same conversation with him with the same friend yeah that we talk about often yeah. We both told him the same thing and consistency is good yeah. I said i said man. I read the text message larry, i said man. I really wish you would just put in 25 books a day if you have to exactly right now. He has more money than most yes and i said, or put in a hundred dollars on saturday when the market tends to be going down its more volatile on the weekend exactly um, but so let me add to that. So as far as crypto im im, i share with you guys, im doing 25 hours a day on like five different crypto right. You pick the one but its all the bigger main crypto right.

I am going to double that, but then im not gon na start buying when i feel that we are really hard into a crypto winter. When things pull past the 90 percent im im right there with you, then im going to saturday. Remember i told you guys. I i, if im buying crypto on the weekends, is saturday nights and thats when they we tend to have these dips. Okay and so thats then ill see theres more people investing monday, tuesday wednesday. There, then they take profit exactly towards the weekend. The weekends and thats just the cycle of crypto that were in right now exactly so, if you want to dollar cost average into crypto uh, and you only have one day to do it, i im doing it because i cant suggest it im doing it. On saturday nights right and actually one of the cryptos that im dollar cost averaging in so now that bitcoin has come down. Remember i had stopped with with bitcoin, because i had everything i had enough, but if it continues, if it breaks down and it breaks beneath, if, if i see where its going to the 14 000, then i may start buying some more uh bitcoin but im going To start dca ing weekly on saturday nights, larry, may i throw out okay, so i want to be clear that even though im saying that the market still could have this breakdown further, i actually am imagining right now that there is more potential to for a relief Rally you want to call it a dead cat bounce were not going to all time highs right now, right, but theres more opportunity.

I i mentioned on one of my uh channels that a lot of the guys that i follow, who short yeah they closed their shorts. When it got down to seven, you know got it down below eighteen thousand bitcoin they closed it, they closed it and they started with some small longs. Now. All of those guys are in a good profit now right. So when we go a little higher yeah, like you know, if we get a relief rally that lasts, you know a week or two here: theyre going to start taking profits and then its going to cool off that relief rally right now, its still looking like september And october would be a little bit more. You know that we may bottom out before then and then have some opportunity. You know longer opportunities to the upside yep. I um. What have i been saying since the beginning of the year? I i was saying fourth quarter. Second, half or fourth quarter and for me its easy, there is no way i dont think that we will be in a crypto bull run and in a recession. At the same time, you know i just dont, think it it. I dont just think that i want to throw in the last topic of our conversation: well get everything we covered over breakfast yeah, which was tesla and lucid. Yes, what were your thoughts on that? Well, tesla and lucid yesterday and today were two of the leaders that were coming so my thought on tesla and lucid thanks for bringing that up.

My thoughts on tesla and lucid is, is those are the ones that im really not dca in right now heavy? I am within uh, i think in one of my portfolios, my five dollar a day challenge, but as far as buying heavy, i am going to start buying those at the bottom of the market, meaning i dont. No one knows when the bottom is, but when we are 100 in a full recession, i already think were already in a sulfur session were going to call this um. Our breakfast recap breakfast last thing because were running close on time mullen larry mullin, we talked about. Look at it look at it. Mullen is running hot right now. It was a few days ago im not telling you to buy molin all right, tesla, lucid, look at the last couple of days. They were running hot. I am going to wait. Larry im going to wait to the to. We are absolutely in a recession when the gdp numbers come out and when were absolutely in a recession, whether its now or q2 of 2023 – and i am going to start to buying in because they will get beat down. The most so im not buying it right now they will get evs in the entire ev industry uh, especially the ones that started as specs, because they are they. They are extremely expensive and they have no cash all right. They have no earnings, yeah, all right and so im gon na start buying them heavy when they are beat down the most and im getting those for long term, actually short long term.

I believe that by the end of 2025, most of them, if you look at them, most of them will be in profit or close to profit, ebitda and so thats. My long term plan i plan on making a fortune on for the evs by being patients right now, because the market rewards you for being patient. I intend to do the same. I want to throw out that some of you are going to get an opportunity to get out of your mullen position that youre under on yes and while you are are looking at it and it finally breaks even theres going to be a lot of folks. Saying. Oh were going to go back to four or five and i would say, be very cautious about that yeah. I believe that mullen is going to get you in a bull trap because it its already been able to already been in both traps. So i, like, i said before in previous videos, for those of you that are bag holders in mullen that you got mullen and youre bag holding. When you see these bumps is coming up right, just like uh. What was that was up 30 like uh? Oh, i dont even want to mention it on this video. Let me throw. Can i throw some technicals if mullen had held 220, then it would be moving in a correct progression, uh charting wise when it broke 220. It really spoke to me that it was a broken stock.

It came all the way back down, you know below two dollars and now at this point, if you get an opportunity to get out consider getting out and then then we you watch the charts and you see where is it building support so far its not built Support anywhere there you go so, and so, if you were bag, holding and youre getting green im suggesting yet again to take profits and um and get your exit plan. This is not for you to be anybody to be buying right now, its time to be exiting right now, because i believe it has a lot of downward there theres more downside to it, especially during the recession. We can get 56 cents on that absolutely easy larry. We just took everybody to breakfast with us: there you go, we might start doing this after the technical tuesdays because were phasing out a technical, tuesdays uh. Well. Well, just try to do this. Every so often uh uh were gon na cut it off right. There good people, listen the links below deposit weeble and moo moo, put a penny in both get free stock, weeble up to twelve thousand dollars of free stock, uh moo moo up to twenty five thousand dollars of free stock. If you got one get the other uh click, my links below so two things click those two links. My in my description, deposit make the deposit today and then there is a link for joshs page under that.

So make sure you stop click those links and then go over to stocks with josh like and subscribe to. His page also lets get it going. He actually has some great videos on safe, wallets, uh, a wallet actually and uh how to cash up in the bare winter, exactly in crypto. Exactly so were cashing up in moomoo and were were were were, were active on in uh weeble, but were cashing up in mumu, and we plan on making a lot of money and we plan on helping you guys make a lot of money were going to leave. It right there good people, live, love, life and learn. Whats. Your sign offer hey man.